Chapter 28 – Training Subject Number One!

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“Now, follow me everyone, and we’ll begin the first training of this morning!” After she put away the dagger, Xue Ying turned around elegantly and was the first to walk out of the classroom, and behind her was a group of Savage Class students that didn’t know what to make of this.

The vast and mighty group passed through the academic buildings of the entire ‘commoners district’ all along the way, and they walked directly toward the large square in the academy, whereas, this square that seemed like an expanse of flatlands when looked at was precisely the destination of the Savage Class this time!

“There’s only a single training assignment this morning. Those who complete it may leave class earlier, whereas, those that are unable to complete it won’t have rest time at noon and will continue until they complete it. If it isn’t completed when afternoon classes arrive, then the remaining amount shall be accumulated until after the afternoon classes.”

“Big Sister Xue, what happens if we’re unable to complete it after the afternoon classes end…?” Fang Ye seemed to have finally asked his first question for the sake of making a display of himself.

“Then don’t sleep nor rest until it’s completed!” Her icy cold voice resounded out, and it caused Fang Ye’s neck to instantly feel cold. I’ve asked something wrong….

“What’s the contents of the training?” As a tomboy, Xu Chen was lucky and didn’t draw misfortune from Xue Ying onto herself.

“Running! Run around this square. Everyone will run five circles! Bai Xiaofei, you four will do double, 10 rounds!” As soon as he finished speaking, the entire 16 of them revealed astounded expressions at the same time.

Around this place?

Five circles?!

We’re only given the time of a single morning?!

That can f*cking kill, alright?!!!

This was the thoughts of most of the people, whereas, Bai Xiaofei’s group of four already wished for death.

If running five circles was said to be potentially fatal, then one could basically order a coffin if one ran for ten circles. Moreover, no matter what, they could only dream of having lunch today….

“What? Did all of you not hear what I said?” Xue Ying’s icy cold voice resounded out once more, causing a feeling of coldness to crawl up all their backs at the same time, and it felt as if they were standing on the edge of a precipice and were looking down.

For a time, utterly no one dared to speak, and even Bai Xiaofei was no exception.

But, no one went to carry it out as well. Because, as far as they were concerned, this was an assignment that was utterly impossible to complete. Not to mention puppet masters, even Wu Chi’s legs were trembling with fear at this moment.

“It’s fine if all of you don’t want to move. I can’t help all of you make the report that you’re dropping out right now. All of you can pack up your things and leave tonight. I’ve extremely happy to live a life of retirement than be the teacher of a group of trash!” Xue Ying’s tone was especially serious, and it was utterly not like she was frightening them.

Subsequently, the first person to move appeared, the tomboy Xu Chen.

It wasn’t that she was cowardly but she didn’t want to leave.

Entering Starnet Academy looked to be simple, yet there were countless people of the same age as Bai Xiaofei and the others on the continent. However, only a mere few were able to enter Starnet Academy.

So, to some extent, graduating from Starnet Academy meant that one was already leading before others in life by an enormous step!

Gradually, all the members of the Savage Class moved out one after the other, and they started the assignment that was utterly impossible to complete in their opinions. Bai Xiaofei and the others were naturally no exception because being expelled on the first day was something no one wanted to experience.

After everyone started running, Xue Ying slowly revealed a satisfied smile, and then she followed up to them….

Along with the passage of time, the large group of 16 had been gradually and completely dispersed into a few batches.

Running right at the front was Wu Chi, Shi Kui, Bai Xiaofei, Xu Chen, and Chen Hui. Amongst them, Chen Hui was completely relying on his will to forcefully endure, whereas, Wu Chi and Xu Chen had body constitutions that surpassed the others in the first place.

Besides that, Bai Xiaofei relied on the energy he stored from taking painful advantage of Qin Lingyan, but even then, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t relaxed at all.

His physical strength was capable of being keeping up yet his muscles and tendons were truly unable to endure repeated tempering.

Behind the group of five was Zhu Si’si, Xing Nan, and Ming One and Ming Two who formed the second group.

Originally, Zhu Si’si and Xing Nan ran the fastest. After all, both of them were from a place like the southern territory that was covered in large mountains and Zhu Si’si was a Blitz Stream puppet master. However, a swift speed didn’t mean one possessed good endurance, and she was surpassed by the first group in the end.

The people behind the second group couldn’t be described as groups any longer. Because, besides Wang Hang that was accompanying Fang Ye, everyone else was ‘struggling’ by themselves. Especially Mo Ka who ran at the back, he was completely unable to see the location of Bai Xiaofei and the others now.

“If you don’t have the physical strength then run slowly, and if you can’t run slowly then you have to endure! If I see anyone stopping or walking, then I’ll add on another round to that person every time I see it!” Right when Mo Ka was about to stop and rest, the urging voice of Xue Ying who was neither out of breath or flushed sounded out before it, and it instantly severed this incomplete thought of his.

What a joke. If another run were to be added, then it wouldn’t be about whether he would die as even his organs would fall out. In other words, he would die with a mangled corpse….

One circle, two circles, three circles….

When they arrived at the fourth circle, Chen Hui who was unable to persist any longer had directly become a member of the third group, and it was even to the extent that because exhaustion, he directly slid back to fall behind Mo Ka.

“All of you must learn to properly distribute your physical strength no matter what situation you’re in. If this is a battle, then you’ve already lost your ability to resist before the enemies have been completely wiped out, and you’re very clear what that represents, right?” As Xue Ying spoke, Chen Hui hadn’t spoken a single word during the entire process, and a trace of redness from embarrassment appeared on his serious face.

“I can’t, I can’t go on any longer….” As she gasped heavily for breath, Duan Yi’yi had become the first person to fall to the ground because physical strength was absolutely a weak point towards her who was in the Support Stream.

But, Xue Ying had utterly no intention of being compassionate towards women, and she flashed to arrive by Duan Yi’yi’s side before looking directly at her with a cold expression hanging on her face.

“One extra round. If you still don’t stand up, then you don’t have to eat and sleep today.” Duan Yi’yi crawled up difficultly with tears in her eyes, and she didn’t even dare glance at Xue Ying before continuing to limp off forward.

Moreover, those that were exhausted like Duan Yi’yi wasn’t a special case. But, with Duan Yi’yi as their predecessor who provided them with a valuable lesson, no one dared to stop, and no matter how unwell their bodies felt, they were still persisting.

During the entire process, anyone that passed by would turn around and look, and some people would even ridicule the actions of the Savage Class.

But, ridicule like this had completely vanished when the members of the Savage Class had persisted until the fourth round ended.

The persistence of the 16 of them that didn’t conform to logic was sufficient to make anyone shut their mouths because most of them were unable to run four circles around this square!

When the fifth round began, all those in the first group had already surpassed those at the back by an entire circle, whereas, at this moment, all those that were running at the back were limping female students…. Err, and Mo Ka….

“Each one of you bring another along and help them finish their runs!” When they passed by the female students, Bai Xiaofei slowed down and pulled Lin Li who was right at the back.

Wu Chi and Shi Kui hesitated for half a second before doing as Bai Xiaofei said, and they respectively brought Zhu Nuo and Duan Yi’yi along with them.

On one hand, it was because they had to listen to what Bai Xiaofei said, on the other hand, since in their opinions, they would die no matter what, so why not do some good deeds….

After the three female students were brought along with them, only Mo Ka that was out of breath was left for Xu Chen.

After a moment of conflict, Xue Chen still stretched out a helping hand.

“I’ll bring you along for a circle, don’t lose face for the male students.” As she gasped heavily for breath, Xu Chen pulled on the corners of Mo Ka’s clothes, but, Xu Chen never expected Mo Ka’s reaction.

“Help Qi Wei who’s ahead. She isn’t in a much better state than I am, and I can deal with it myself.” As he lightly struggled free from Xu Chen, Mo Ka kept the last bit of dignity he possessed, and he squeezed out a smile difficultly.

Just like this, the members of the Savage Class started the most difficult journey of today!

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