Chapter 22 – It Might Not Be The Case For You!

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“This is the right attitude.” Bai Xiaofei sat on the one and only stood that could still be considered to be clear, and he slowly revealed a smile. “You’ve noticed as well. Our dormitory room had become like this because of all of you. So, I decided to transfer all your Starnet Stones over as compensation.”

“You!” Bai Xiaofei had just finished speaking when Zhang Qingshan instantly glared his eyes wide open.

“What about me?” Bai Xiaofei tilted his head to look at Zhang Qingshan and forced him to swallow the words he wanted to say back into his mouth.

“Feel free to voice your complaints. I, Bai Xiaofei, am extremely magnanimous, and you can ask my roommates if you don’t believe me.”

When he looked along towards the direction Bai Xiaofei pointed at, Zhang Qingshan saw Mo Ka and Shi Kui who were weighing iron rods in their hands, and Wu Chi who was cracking his fists.

“Our Big Brother Fei asked you something, do you have complaints or not?” Mo Ka’s extremely intimidating appearance that was like a ruffian made him look utterly unlike a normal Alchemist, and Zhang Qingshan would be even more willing to believe it if Mo Ka was said to be a gangster.

“I don’t have any complaints.” Zhang Qingshan gritted his teeth as he spoke, and his face had already turned livid.

“That’s good. Since you have no complaints, then let’s discuss the next matter.” Zhang Qingshan’s face couldn’t help but jerk when he heard that Bai Xiaofei didn’t have any intention of letting the matter come to an end, but he had utterly no other choice besides accepting this.

“You ought to have able to smell the stench on your body. If you don’t have my assistance, then this smell will at least be able to be maintained for a week before it disperses. You surely don’t want this, right?” Bai Xiaofei grinned as he spoke.

“But, I, Bai Xiaofei, don’t have the habit of helping others for no reason nor rhyme. So, I’ll trouble you and your seven brothers to help clean up our room. Oh, right, I left four Starnet Stones within your jade token, so help us change our sheets while you’re at it.” Bai Xiaofei patted Zhang Qingshan on the face and signaled to Wu Chi to undo the ropes on one of them.

“I’ll leave everything else to you. We’re going to have a bath first. I hope all of you will have finished cleaning up the room when we return.” The expression of the person that was released had already turned livid, yet even though he’d cursed Bai Xiaofei wildly in his heart, he utterly didn’t dare make any rash moves at this moment because not to mention anyone else, just Wu Chi would give him enough trouble.

After he watched Bai Xiaofei’s group of four who’d plundered them clean left the room, the first person to be released undid the ropes on Zhang Qingshan.

“Big Brother Shan, are we really….” He hesitated to speak, whereas, Zhang Qingshan gritted his teeth as he took a glance at the room that was covered in dirt, and then he smelt the stench on his own body in the end.

“Clean up!”


“Big Brother Fei, what was that you tossed out earlier?” After they left the dormitory room, Mo Ka and the others seemed to have become chatterboxes that couldn’t stop asking questions all along the way, and they seemed as if they would absolutely find out what colored underwear Bai Xiaofei wore if they had sufficient time.

“A special tool made from stinkweed and devil pepper juice.”


“Devil pepper?”

Shi Kui and Wu Chi each asked about one, whereas, Mo Ka had a puzzled expression.

“Plants native to the Infinite Mountain Range. We have a Grandmaster Apothecary where we live, and he’d basically figure out the properties of all these plans. I just slightly modified them.” Bai Xiaofei grinned as the geezer that put on an angry expression at the slightest provocation couldn’t help but appear in his mind.

“Amazing! Amazing! As expected of Big Brother Fei. Big Brother Fei, where are we going now?” After the incident today, Mo Kai could be said to be sincerely convinced, and he called Bai Xiaofei as Big Brother Fei wholeheartedly.

“We’re finding a place to bathe of course. Didn’t you notice that everyone who encountered us on the way went around us?” Bai Xiaofei gestured for the three of them to look at the surroundings as he spoke. Sure enough, not to mention another person, there wasn’t even anything living within an area of 30 meters.

“Wait, Boss, don’t dogs have keen senses of smell. Why isn’t your puppet affected in the slightest? Isn’t it an animate puppet?” Shi Kui looked at Huskie who was jumping about all around them, and he felt everything he knew had been overturned once again.

The puppets on the continent were divided into two types, animate and inanimate puppets.

An animate puppet required a puppet master to form a contract with an intelligent living being and establish a spiritual connection before transforming the living being into the puppet master’s own puppet.

No matter what living being it was, once it transformed into a puppet, everything related to it would be bound to the puppet master, and it would die if the puppet master died.

But, it isn’t completely a bad thing to become an animate puppet. Another great distinguishing feature of animate puppets was growth. Animate puppets were able to receive benefits when a puppet master became stronger, and at the same time, they were able to rely on the method of improving a puppet to improve themselves.

All in all, it was the utilization of freedom in exchange for the chance to become stronger.

But, most living beings were unwilling to become puppets, so, the number of animate puppets were very few when compared to inanimate puppets.

Inanimate puppets were comparatively simpler, and when inanimate puppets were mentioned, then Puppetsmiths had to be mentioned. Simply speaking, inanimate puppets were tools constructed by Puppetsmiths, and the quality of the puppet varied according to the ability of its creator.

Moreover, when compared to animate puppets, even though inanimate puppets lack flexibility and the ability to act on their own, inanimate puppets were much easier to control and repair. Moreover, inanimate puppets had an exceedingly attractive property.


The death of a puppet master would cause an animate puppet to perish but an inanimate puppet wouldn’t. So, there were numerous clans on the continent that had one or two inanimate puppets that were passed down from generation to generation, and these puppets were usually extremely strong!

“I don’t know as well. Huskie seems to be innately capable of being immune to harmful effects, or it might be because he’s too stupid and the heavens gave him some compensation.” As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Huskie instantly barked at him with displeasure.

“Alright, alright, alright! You aren’t stupid, you’re the most intelligent. You’re the most intelligent husky in the entire world, alright?”

Huskie instantly barked happily when faced with Bai Xiaofei’s consolation that was extremely forced.

Mo Ka and the others couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat when they saw this.

Sure enough, what Big Brother Fei said is correct….

“Right, do any of you know where’s the place to bathe?” Bai Xiaofei was stunned for a moment as he suddenly recalled this critical problem, and them Mo Ka and the others were stunned as well.

I… really don’t know…

“I don’t know where the baths are, but I saw a river outside the academy during the test today….” Wu Chi paused for a moment, and then he lit up their final beacon of hope. “But, the Infinite Mountain Range is outside the academy…. If we go there….”

Mo Kai hesitated to speak yet the expression on his face had already explained everything. Unlike in the day where there were members of the academy in charge of safety, the Infinite Mountain Range was extremely dangerous at night….

“If we don’t go, then we’ll be stinking like this forever. Are you sure that our Head Teacher will be able to tolerate us tomorrow?” Mo Ka’s expression instantly turned pale as soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking.

Even though he’d merely met Xue Ying once, her insane character had already entered deep into his heart. Not to mention such a strong smell, she might even kick all four of them out if they smelt a little strange.

“Big Brother Fei, it actually isn’t so dangerous outside, right?” The consolation that came from Bai Xiaofei had already become Mo Ka’s final hope, but unfortunately, he placed his hope at the wrong place.

“The three of us will surely be fine, but your physical ability is so bad, so it might not be the case for you.”

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