Chapter 19 – Starnet Stone

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When Bai Xiaofei left the 100 Flavor House, only the night remained from the evening and night that Xue Ying spoke of.

Moreover, there wasn’t anyone leading the way since a long time ago.

But, fortunately, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t stupid and had asked Bai Ye for the specific route during the meal earlier. So even though he hadn’t taken this route before, no matter how difficult it was to find, it wouldn’t be as difficult as finding the Savage Class….

Not to mention Bai Xiaofei utterly didn’t have to waste any energy because the dormitory area that accommodated the new students was terribly busy at this moment.

According to the dormitory room number given to him by Xue Ying, Bai Xiaofei had quickly found dormitory number 807 that he was about to stay in for four years. But, before he could walk in, Mo Ka’s unique voice had already sounded out.

“What are both of you worrying about? That Bai Xiaofei will surely come here. Could it be that he can sleep outside!? Remember what I said, both of you just have to do as I said!” As the person with the most intelligent mind amongst the three of them, Mo Ka had very naturally become the head of their small gang, and if he dealt with Bai Xiaofei, then he would be like a fish in water within this dormitory room.

But, unfortunately, the person he wanted to scheme against was Bai Xiaofei….

“Huskie, it’s up to you.” Bai Xiaofei pressed his hand onto Huskie’s head as he spoke, and the light yellow glow that represented Origin Energy gushed into Huskie’s body, causing a blue colored light to flash. In the blink of an eye, Huskie had already vanished, and replacing Huskie was a lifelike Bai Ye!

Bai Xiaofei had always told everyone that he was an Illusion Stream puppet master, yet he’d never said exactly what was Huskie’s ability. So, the guess of most people towards Huskie’s ability was those simple illusions that ordinary Illusion Stream puppets were capable of.

But, in truth, Huskie’s ability was the rarest within the Illusion Stream — Mimicry!

So long as it was a living being that Huskie had seen, then he would be able to take the form of that being, and if Huskie came into contact with the being for a long period of time, then Huskie could mimic the being flawlessly!

The Senior that arrived when Bai Xiaofei made a move to embarrass the other Senior that led them to their places of rest during the entrance test and Qin Lingyan that led Bai Xiaofei into the entrance were both Huskie’s work.

Moreover, Qin Lingyan was the outcome of complete mimicry, and this was the reason why Bai Ye didn’t realize that Qin Lingyan was a fake.

However, Huskie had an extremely great flaw at this moment. His grade wasn’t high, and it caused him to be unable to speak while mimicking.

But, this was already sufficient for Bai Xiaofei!

Huskie who’d transformed into Bai Ye walked to stand before Bai Xiaofei and pushed open the door to dormitory number 807 first. At practically the exact same time, a resounding crash reverberated within the entire dormitory.

“Who f*cking….” The lines Mo Ka had already prepared long ago escaped his lips yet he directly swallowed back the remaining half of his lines before he could completely get into the zone.

“Se… Senior….”


The three people in the room stood up at the same moment, and Mo Ka whose face was covered in embarrassment was already slightly at a loss for what to do.

“Big Brother, what happened!?” Bai Xiaofei walked in ‘at just the right time’, and he instantly ‘understood’ what had happened after he saw the jug that lay on the ground.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Big Brother Bai is one of our own, and he isn’t like the other Seniors. Brothers, there’s no need to be afraid.” As soon as Bai Xiaofei spoke, the three of them instantly seemed as if they grabbed onto a life saving straw. Especially Mo Ka, he even shot over a gaze that pleaded for help.

“Big Brother Bai, we’re able to deal with the rest. You can return first. Senior Sister Lingyan is still waiting for you!” After he gave Mo Ka a gaze that meant he understood, Bai Xiaofei ‘thought of a method’ to send away ‘Bai Ye’ that was about to flare up.

Bai Ye turned around to glance at Bai Xiaofei before he nodded, and then he turned around and walked out. Of course, Bai Ye didn’t forget to glare fiercely at Mo Ka before he left.

“Big Brother Fei! Big Brother Fei! That senior from before….’ After Bai Ye left, Mo Ka was the first to come forward, and the terror in his eyes didn’t have the slightest intention of dispersing.

Bai Xiaofei wasn’t brought over by the seniors so he didn’t know what sort of ‘vivid’ class those seniors that led the way had given the new students, but it was still fresh within the memories of Mo Ka and the others.

In a nutshell, the seniors were directly equivalent to devils in the eyes of all the new students now!

“Don’t worry. Our relationship isn’t bad, so he won’t bear a grudge against you with me here. Not to mention you didn’t do it intentionally.” Bai Xiaofei patted Mo Ka on the shoulder and officially stepped into his dormitory.

After he looked around, there were a total of four beds. Two by the window and two by the door, and the only remaining bed was the bed behind the door that had the worst location.

“Alas, I can’t do anything about it and can only sleep here.” Bai Xiaofei let out a long sigh and was just about to sit down yet he was pulled up by Mo Ka just a second before his butt was about to descend onto the bed.

“Big Brother Fei, how could you possibly sleep at a place like this? I’ve already made that bed over there. Our beddings are all the same and there isn’t any difference between them, so you can just go ahead and sleep there.” Mo Ka could be said to be quite perceptive of what to do, and he pulled Bai Xiaofei along towards a bed that was by the window. At the same time, he secretly signaled to Shi Kui and Wu Chi to remove the traps they’d placed on that bed behind the door.

If Bai Xiaofei were to really be hit by it, then he would surely be doomed eternally.

After he sent Bai Xiaofei to the place he’d selected carefully, the waves in Mo Ka’s heart had finally calmed down slightly.

“How could I do that?” Even though he refused with his mouth yet Bai Xiaofei’s butt had already sat on the bed.

“F*ck! Is our academy so generous? The quality of these free things is actually so good.” As he patted the sheets on his bed, Bai Xiaofei was quite satisfied with the bed that he’d gotten for nothing.

“Brother, this isn’t free. A set of domestic articles costs a Starnet Stone….” The nearby Shi Kui interrupted, and it caused Bai Xiaofei to be puzzled.

“Starnet Stones? What’s that?” As soon as this question was asked, the expressions of Mo Ka and the others revealed a trace of shock at the same time.

But, in next to no time, all three of them came to an understanding. After all, Bai Xiaofei was sent over by someone, so he ought to have not experienced the extortion of the seniors.

“You surely know of Origin Stones, right?” Shi Kui spoke once more, and the thing he mentioned this time was something Bai Xiaofei was familiar with.

Origin Stones were special rocks refined from ores that contained Origin Energy, and these things had two uses on the continent. The first was as high level currency, and the second was to be used as ‘potions’ for puppet masters or martial artists. Because the Origin Energy within Origin Stones possessed no attribute, so it could be absorbed by anyone without experiencing any side effects.

But, basically all the Origin Stone deposits on the continent had been taken control of by the various Empires, so there were fairly limited amounts of Origin Stones that flowed out of the Empires.

“Of course.” Bai Xiaofei nodded, and he had a rough guess towards these Starnet Stones at the same time. Moreover, his guess was proven very quickly.

“Starnet Stones are a strengthened version of Origin Stones. Besides Starnet Academy, there isn’t any other place in the entire continent that’s capable of producing this thing.” Shi Kui explained patiently, and his eyes flickered with a trace of yearning at the same time.

Many people came to Starnet Academy for the sake of unique resources like the Starnet Stones, and there were even some people that accumulated a large amount of Starnet Stones here before earning a great deal of wealth on the continent.

“Where can I get some? Why don’t I have any?” The acute Bai Xiaofei seemed to have grasped something, and he was excited to the point he directly stood up from the bed before grabbing onto Shi Kui’s shoulder.

“When… when we registered ourselves, there was a jade token amongst the things the Senior Sister gave us. Starnet Stones that are given according to your results are within it, and you can check it by pouring your Origin Energy into the jade token.” Shi Kui who was slightly dazed spoke falteringly, and in the next second, Bai Xiaofei had already started to search through his bad. After he found the jade token, he poured his Origin Energy into it at the first possible moment.

“F*ck! There’re only 200 here.” Bai Xiaofei threw the jade token aside with an expression of displeasure, whereas, Mo Ka and the others had their jaws shocked open.

Two…. Two hundred?!!

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