Chapter 15 – Self Introductions!

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“Alright, I’ve finished speaking. Now it’s time for self-introductions. Remember to make it interesting. After all, all of you will be fellow miserable kids during the next three months.” Xue Ying’s smile carried a trace of deep meaning as she passed over the authority to speak.

But, nobody seemed to be willing to receive this baton pass….

“We’ll start from you, Bai Xiaofei!” Xue Ying seemed to have expected this scene since long ago, and she pointed Bai Xiaofei out before the scene became embarrassing.

Luckily, Bai Xiaofei could be considered to be cooperative this time, and he stood up at the first possible moment.

After all, his mood was good….

“Hello everyone, everyone has probably heard my name, Bai Xiaofei. I’m an Illusion Stream puppet master of the Proficient Rank that’s from a nameless mountain valley. I hope everyone will give me guidance in the future.” Bai Xiaofei sat down as soon as he finished speaking, but Bai Xiaofei’s self-introduction that could be considered to be normal gave rise to animated discussion of the group of students instead.

It wasn’t because of anything else but the words Illusion Stream.

The uselessness of the Illusion Stream in the early stages was famous. So, Bai Xiaofei had already been labeled by everyone as the last in the class, even if he was at the Proficient Rank….

After Bai Xiaofei sat down, Xu Chen leaped up and interrupted the discussions of everyone, and her confident voice reverberated in the entire classroom.

“Xu Chen, I’m from the Heavenstar Kingdom. I’m an Onslaught Stream puppet master of the Mastery Rank. The reason I came to Starnet Academy was for the sake of making myself stronger and to get to know some formidable students.”

Onslaught Stream and Mastery Rank, if nothing unexpected happened, then Xu Chen absolutely possessed the highest combat strength in this class.

When they thought up to here, all the students couldn’t help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva.

This Big Sister can’t be offended in the future!

But, none of them had heard of the Heavenstar Kingdom. Besides the few Empires, the remaining small kingdoms in every corner of the continent were truly too numerous. Especially in the surroundings of Starnet Academy, it was even a park of kingdoms.

“I’m Fang Ye, the future inheritor of the Brightmoon Merchant Group, and I’m a Ranged Stream puppet master of the Apprentice Rank. Everyone can come look for me at any time if you have any financial troubles. Anything that can be solved with money isn’t a problem.” Fan Ye’s confidence was far above Xu Chen, and it was even to the extent this confidence of his was already slightly blind, but everyone had to admit that this blind confidence had conquered many people.

“Wang Hang, Assassin Stream puppet master of the Apprentice Rank. I’m just the bodyguard of the Young Master, so everyone doesn’t have to care too much about me.” Wang Hang directly sat down after speaking a few simple words.

Subsequently, Shi Kui, Mo Ka, and Wu Chi introduced themselves successively. The three of them were from the same kingdom yet they didn’t know each other before they arrived here in the academy.

Shi Kui was determined to become an outstanding Puppetsmith, whereas, Mo Ka wanted to become a top Alchemist instead.

The most pitiable amongst them was Wu Chi. As a possessor of the Heavenly Origin Physique, he was unable to pass the first barrier to controlling a puppet, the interlinking of the mind. In the end, he could only be a pure martial artist. But, Wu Chi could be said to be worthy of his name1, and he’d attained the rank of Martial Artist at the mere age of 16.

But, Wu Chi was only pitiable in Starnet Academy which was a place where puppet masters were everywhere, and in the entirety of Starnet Continent, puppet masters only occupied a proportion of less than a thousandth because most people that wanted to become stronger could only walk on the path of a martial artist.

The martial artists on the continent were similarly divided into nine ranks which were respectively the ranks of Apprentice, Martial Artist, Martial Warrior, Martial Master, Grand Martial Master, Grandmaster, Legend, Martial Saint, and Martial God.

But, the last three ranks were basically existences that only existed in theory, and in the entire continent, those that were capable of attaining the rank of Grandmaster in the path of martial artists were already top existences.

But, there was one thing that was the advantage of being a martial artist!

This advantage was that in the first four ranks, martial artists completely crushed puppet masters of the same rank!

The reason was similar to why the Illusion Stream wasn’t looked favorably upon. If the Illusion Stream was said to be like an unarmed child in the early stages, then other puppet masters were at most children that held sticks in the eyes of a martial artist….

There was no need for Ming One, Ming Two, and Zhu Nuo to repeat themselves. Duan Yi’yi who was embarrassed to the point of not daring to speak was a Support Stream puppet master of the Apprentice Rank, and just like Mo Ka’s group, they’d gotten to know each other because of the test.

Qi Wei who never stopped speaking was a rare Transformation Stream puppet master of the Apprentice Rank, and when she revealed this, the various types of forms she might be able to transform to couldn’t help but emerge in the minds of the group of male students….

Chen Hui’s self-introduction was the methodical type that conformed extremely to his serious personality. Moreover, he was actually a rare Energy Stream puppet master, and this was something that caused Xue Ying to be excited for a long time.

After they graduated from prep school, everyone would be distributed to the various streams in Starnet Academy, and the name of the Energy Stream in the academy was called Gods Amongst Men!

The last to introduce themselves were the young couple, Xing Nan and Zhu Si’si. Being engaged at the age of 16 was simply unbelievable in other places, yet according to what they said, it was already considered to be late at where they came from.

Amongst the two of them, Zhu Si’si was a Blitz Stream puppet master of the Mastery Rank, whereas, Xing Nan was a Ranged Stream puppet master of the Master Rank instead.

After everyone finished their self-introductions, only Lin Li remained in the entire classroom as the one and only person that hadn’t stood up from her sear, but she seemed to still have no intention of standing up.

“It’s your turn.” Bai Xiaofei stretched out a finger to poke his deskmate, and the warmth and softness he felt caused Bai Xiaofei to be unable to refrain from being dazed.

“My turn… to what?” As she turned around to look at Bai Xiaofei, Lin Li asked a question that caused Bai Xiaofei to not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Your self-introduction, just say what your name is.” The gazes of everyone converged over as Bai Xiaofei reminded her, and everyone was filled with interest and ‘interest’ towards this otherworldly beauty….

“Lin Li.” Lin Li slowly spat out two words, and the expression on her face was still as stiff as when she just entered the classroom.

“Stand up and say it….” Bai Xiaofei reminded again, and Lin Li stood up along with this before repeating her name and nothing more.

“Where are you from?”

“Love Burying Mountain.”

“What stream are you?”


“What rank?”

“Master Rank.”

Bai Xiaofei asked and Lin Li answered, and everyone was stunned when the words Master Rank were spoken.

Did we hear wrongly?

That’s impossible!

But how could she possibly be at the Master Rank?!

How could an Energy Stream puppet master of the Master Rank possibly come to the Savage Class?! And she was even so slow?!

For a time, the minds of everyone was filled with question marks.

“Do I… still have to say anything?” This time, it was Lin Li instead who looked down and asked Bai Xiaofei who was already stunned, and her clear, melodious, and pleasing voice pulled Bai Xiaofei back to his senses.

“No…. There’s no need.” Bai Xiaofei gulped down a mouthful of saliva as he started to examine this young man by his side whose reaction wasn’t up to par.

“Oh…. Thank you.” The smile of a beauty was like the scene of a beautiful flower blooming, and at the same time that she expressed her gratitude, Lin Li revealed a rare trace of a change in her expression. But, merely this trace had already moved everyone present.

Exactly how much fortune have we accumulated in our previous lifetimes to actually be able to be in the same class with a girl of such a level!?

This had already become the thoughts of practically everyone present, and even the female students were no exception.

“Alright, everyone has finished their self-introductions. Next, you’ll be divided into dormitories.” Xue Ying revealed her ability of control from her age advantage once more, and she pulled back everyone’s attention from Lin Li.

Compared to the self-introductions, the division of dormitories was the main event!

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  1. Wu Chi translates to one that’s infatuated with martial arts.