Chapter 13 – Savage Class Assembled! (Part 1)

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After being angered by Bai Xiaofei to the point of speechlessness, Xue Ying continued her long wait, but it was slightly better this time.

The commoner’s district finally had students entering it, but these students just didn’t belong to her class.

“I’m not waiting anymore! I’m not! I’ve waited for so long yet not a single one has headed over here!!” The exasperated Xue Ying kicked away the wooden door that had just been repaired by Bai Xiaofei, and just at the second before the wooden floor was about to collapse once again, Bai Xiaofei took a large stride and charged forward to save it from untold miseries.

“Big Sister Xue, you have to be patient. Our class is so special after all, so it’s normal that others would arrive late.” Bai Xiaofei rubbed Huskie’s head as he said, “Huskie, what do you think?”

“Woof! Woof!” As a professional actor, Huskie’s level of coordination with him was absolutely a full star performance.

“Then you two can wait for them. This beauty is going to sleep. Remember to wake me up when everyone has arrived.” The furious Xue Ying had already completely given up on remedy, and she laid on her soft fur chair before quickly entering dreamland.

“Third Mother once said that magnanimous people sleep faster the more furious they are, looks like this Head Teacher….” Bai Xiaofei let out a long sigh as he seemed to have already foreseen his future life.

“I hope there’ll be some good classmates!” As he muttered to himself, a trace of anticipation appeared on Bai Xiaofei’s face because his Second Father had once told him that classmates were the people most worthy of being waited for, and they were also the easiest to make friends with.

On the other hand, friends were creatures that only existed in the current Bai Xiaofei’s imagination….

“I told you since long ago! Wrong direction! Wrong direction! But you just wouldn’t listen. Look, now we’ve instantly become those at the very back!”

Bai Xiaofei was drawing circles before the entrance when the clear and resounding voice of a woman sounded out. When he followed this voice and looked over, a petite young woman was pulling the ear of the handsome young man beside her whose body was bent at the waist, and they walked towards the Savage Class while scolding him continuously.

Moreover, based on their attire, they seemed to be from the southern territory.

“Fellow student! This is class 456, right!?” At the instant he saw Bai Xiaofei, Xing Nan seemed to have seen his savior, and he hurriedly approached Bai Xiaofei and escaped the devilish claws of the young woman by his side.

“Exactly, this is class 456!” Xing Nan’s fervor caused Bai Xiaofei to be stunned as he’d felt that he himself was already sufficiently capable of acting familiar, yet this person before him was obviously superior.

“AH! I knew from a single glance that you’re surely a great and brilliant classmate of mine in the future. I’m Xing Nan, and I’m from the southern territory. This peerless beauty is my fiancée, Zhu Si’si.” After he bombarded Bai Xiaofei with a pile of things, even Bai Xiaofei considered himself inferior.

This time, it was in terms of flattering.

But, Bai Xiaofei did commit their names to memory.

“I’m Bai Xiaofei, I’m….”

“There’s no need to say any further. Let me guess, you’re surely the class monitor, right!?” Originally, Bai Xiaofei intended to say that he was the first to have arrived in this class, yet never had he imagined that Xing Nan had misunderstood and didn’t give Bai Xiaofei the slightest opportunity to explain.

“Class monitor, take good care of us in the future. It’s the first time both of us have left the southern territory, so if we do something that doesn’t conform with the customs here, I hope class monitor Bai can guide us!” As he held Bai Xiaofei’s hand, Xing Nan sent another bombardment at Bai Xiaofei to the point of directly causing Bai Xiaofei to feel dizzy.

“So only you can speak huh!? So only you know everything huh!?” Bai Xiaofei hadn’t even had the time to speak when Zhu Si’si had taken a large stride to charge over before pulling Xing Nan to the side by the ear.

Now, Bai Xiaofei understood why Xing Nan spoke so swiftly. It was because he would be utterly unable to finish what he wanted to say if he spoke slowly as the free time Zhu Si’si gave him was limited.

“Err…. Do both of you want to get familiar with the class first? But, don’t make too much noise, the head teacher’s temper isn’t good, and she’s sleeping right now.” Zhu Si’si’s watery eyes obviously lit up when she heard the words ‘headteacher’.

“Thank you, class monitor!” After she expressed her gratitude, Zhu Si’si pulled along Xing Nan who was much taller than her as she charged hurriedly into the classroom, and Xing Nan’s howls returned to calm under Zhu Si’si’s icy cold gaze.

Bai Xiaofei heaved a long sigh of relief as he suddenly felt a feeling of escape. But, an indescribable feeling of joy gushed into his heart right after the feeling of escape.

So these are classmates?

Looks like Second Father really didn’t deceive me, classmates are really interesting….

Bai Xiaofei revealed a silly smile as he thought, and the nearby Huskies barked along with him.

The feelings of puppets and master were linked, so Huskie was able to clearly feel Bai Xiaofei’s feelings at this moment.

On the other hand, Xing Nan’s group of two was only the beginning because their arrival indicated the other members of class 456 were on their way.

“If it wasn’t for us bringing you along, the both of us would surely have been able to be faster.” After another short period of time, a deep voice that carried slight grumbling resounded out, and along with the appearance of this voice was three young men around the same age as Bai Xiaofei.

“Oh, then how would the two of you pass through the entrance without me?” As he struck the head of both the ‘brawny cows’ on either side of him, the thin and slovenly young man at the center spoke with a disgruntled tone.

The argument between the three continued all the way until they noticed Bai Xiaofei, and all three of them were stunned at the instant they saw him.

“Hi, I’m Bai Xiaofei.” Bai Xiaofei chucked as he tried his best to reveal the most ‘friendly’ expression he possessed, but the reply he obtained in exchange for this wasn’t very fervent this time.

“Hello, hello….” The slovenly young man was stunned for a long time before replying, whereas, the other two by his side kept completely silent.

“I’m Mo Ka, they’re Shi Kui and Wu Chi. This is the Savage Class, right?” Mo Ka made a simple self-introduction before directly going to the point.

“That is true, but don’t say that once you enter the classroom. Our Head Teacher doesn’t like that name.” Bai Xiaofei smiled again before moving to the side because he was able to sense that Mo Ka’s group of three didn’t want to talk with him.

The facts proved what the foster fathers of Bai Xiaofei had once told him. There’s a difference between people….

After the group of three entered the classroom, Bai Xiaofei put his feelings in order before starting to continue his wait, and he was still filled with anticipation towards the people that might arrive next.

“People have started arriving huh!?” Before Bai Xiaofei could await the next wave of people, Xue Ying had suddenly awoken and charged out while filled with happiness.

“Yes, haven’t a few already entered? Aren’t you going to foster a relationship with them?” Truthfully speaking, bai Xiaofei was slightly afraid of Xue Ying because when dealing with someone that didn’t do things like a normal person, he had to be careful at all times.

“What? Isn’t it good that your beautiful teacher is accompanying you?” Xue Ying walked over to stand before Bai Xiaofei as she spoke, and then she lightly placed her hands on Bai Xiaofei’s shoulders while her brows that moved up and down transmitted a trace of allure.

Bai Xiaofei gulped down a mouthful of saliva as he looked Xue Ying in the eye, and a trace of a crooked smile appeared on his face as he looked at the beautiful face right before him.

“My Third Father said that if a woman wants to tease me, then I shouldn’t hesitate to take her because I wouldn’t lose anything anyway.” Bai Xiaofei made the gesture of stretching his hand towards Xue Ying’s slender waist as he spoke.

Right at the instant when Bai Xiaofei was about to succeed, Xue Ying’s figure dodged away to instantly distance herself from Bai Xiaofei.

“Offending a teacher. I’ve made note of this offense of yours. Kid, you better be more obedient from now on!” As slight complacency hung on the corners of her mouth, Xue Ying looked at the batch of new students that had just walked over.

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