Chapter 103 – Sudden Enlightenment!

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Could it be that he’s Old Man Revelations?!

The Old Man Revelations that’s one of the three great Legend Rank experts?!

Such surprise reverberated in the minds of everyone, and only Bai Xiaofei himself had different thoughts than them.

F*ck! What’s this old pervert doing here!?

“All of you are Little Fei’s classmates, right? Hmm, not bad, all of you are good seedlings with limitless futures since you dared to come temper yourselves in the Infinite Mountain Range!” Old Man Revelations combed his beard while revealing a sage-like bearing, and he was filled with the imposing aura of an expert.

“Gran… Grandpa, are… are you really Old Man Revelations?” Mo Ka gulped down a mouthful of saliva and represented everyone in asking this question.

“What? Could it be that there’s a second person called Revelations in the continent? I have to go pay him a visit if I have the chance because it’s rare to find another with the same name.” Revelations roared with laughter, and a magnanimous image instantly penetrated deep into the hearts of everyone.

But, if they knew where the attention of Revelations’ gaze was and what he was thinking at this moment, this image would probably collapse instantaneously.

Stinking kid, you really are not bad! Such a short period of time has passed, yet you’ve already found another two top quality beauties by your side.

Revelations’ eyes were extremely discerning, and he practically instantly determined the attitudes of Xue Ying and Lin Li towards Bai Xiaofei at first glance.

Looks like the stinking kid’s cultivation technique is going to advance again soon!

When he thought up to here, Revelations couldn’t help but reveal a slight smile.

“Then… then you’re Big Brother Fei’s… Master?” Mo Ka asked once more while his gaze moved up and down between Revelations and bai Xiaofei, and the words ‘disbelief’ were practically carved out on his face.

“What? Did the stinking kid cause trouble for all of you?”

The lack of denial was affirmation. For a time, all of them were stunned on the spot at practically the exact same time.

What the f*ck! Big Brother Fei really kept a low profile!!

In this way, isn’t out class strongly related to two of the three great Legend Rank experts?

Is this a sign that we’re on a path to become heaven defying!!

“No, no, no! Big Brother Fei is simply awesome!!!” Besides feeling pleasantly surprised, all of them hurriedly stood up for Bai Xiaofei, causing Bai Xiaofei to reveal an embarrassed expression.

“Big Sister Xue, take them all and return first. Gee… Master  might have something to discuss with me. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” He was truly unable to continue listening to Revelations bewitching his classmates, so Bai Xiaofei turned around to speak to Xue Ying that was slightly stunned, and Xue Ying agreed in her daze.

After a short moment, Xue Ying led the members of the Savage Class that were reluctant to leave to vanish from Bai Xiaofei’s field of vision, and Bai Xiaofei’s expression instantly took a 180 degree turn.

Yes, it became even more sly….

“Master! What wind blew you over!?”

Motherf*cker! Why wasn’t this wind stronger? How nice would it be if it blew you away!?

“Aren’t you my only disciple? The New Student Competition is about to arrive, so I have to see if you’ve made proper preparations. Otherwise, what would I do if you lost face for me?” Revelations put on a serious expression as he spoke, and it received a reaction filled with contempt from Bai Xiaofei.

F*ck off! How could you coming to see me possibly be for something good!?

“Don’t worry Master, I’ve already fully prepared myself. So long as nothing unexpected occurs, taking the top three positions isn’t a problem.”

If you don’t f*cking disturb me, then I’d be able to firmly take the first!

“Hmph! Just look at that little ambition you have. You’re satisfied with just the top three? If you don’t take the first, then you can clean up your neck and wait for death the next time we meet.” Revelations grunted coldly and put on the appearance of a strict master.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll surely work hard. But, Master, all of them are real Master Rank puppet master, whereas, even though I’ve just arrived at the Master Rank, I don’t have another puppet besides Huskie.” Bai Xiaofei complained of his hardships, and then his eyes suddenly lit up.

The second puppet! I can ask this old pervert about it!

Bai Xiaofei had thought about it carefully, and since he’d obtained the Lunisolar Brilliance cultivation technique until now, he’d always been conscious, whereas, he was only unconscious for a period of time during the day he’d just met Revelations. So, if there were any special circumstances, it had absolutely occurred on that day!

In other words, Revelations surely knew what had happened!

“How could I possibly not know what you’re thinking? Look, I came to give you a second puppet!” As he spoke, a cage suddenly appeared in Revelations’ hand. Within the cage lay a black cat that seemed to be in deep slumber, and its soft and shiny fur caused Bai Xiaofei to know it was high quality goods on first glance.

But, Bai Xiaofei’s attention wasn’t placed on the cat in the cage, and it was on Revelations’ reaction.

As expected!

He know that I can form an agreement with a second puppet!

He knows exactly how I improved the grade of my cultivation technique!

Bai Xiaofei was elated in his heart and hurriedly calm down his feelings while trying his best to steady his breathing.

“Master, didn’t you say that I have to do that with a girl before this cultivation of mine can advance in grade? I….” At the instant Bai Xiaofei asked this question, Revelations instantly cried out in his heart. Shit!

You stinking brat! You actually dragged me in a trap!

“I told you before. The beast in you awoke that day and I found you a Transmogrify Rank Magical Beast in my desperation, and it helped you deal with your problem while advancing your cultivation technique at the same time.” As he spoke of the same thing once more, Revelations revealed the intention of not wanting to explain any further just like that day. But, unlike that day, Bai Xiaofei’s reaction was different.

On that day, Bai Xiaofei thought that Revelations was talking nonsense, but it wasn’t the same this time.

“What sort of magical beast was it?” Bai Xiaofei’s question caused Revelations to be slightly stunned, and then he couldn’t help but become suspicious.

Why’s the stinking kid asking this?

Could it be that he has encountered that little fox?

Impossible, that little fox would have absolutely annihilated him if they met!

As he thought like this, Revelations recalled the ferocious attitude Hu Xian’er had towards him on that day. She absolutely had the intention of annihilating both of us to keep us quiet!

“Master?” Bai Xiaofei called out when he saw Revelations showing no reaction after a long time, and he pulled Revelations back from his thoughts.

“A fox, a violet colored fox. But, I don’t know exactly what type of magical beast she was. After all, I don’t know much about Transmogrify Rank magical beasts as well.” Revelations spoke truthfully, and this time, it was Bai Xiaofei who was shocked speechless.

Violet colored…. Fox…. Fox shaped…. Transformation Stream…. Magical beast….

A string of information combined together, causing a clue to slowly converge in Bai Xiaofei’s mind, and then a drop dead gorgeous smiling face floated up into Bai Xiaofei’s mind.

If it’s really like this, then everything can be explained!

Why she specially shot at glance at me when we first met!

Why she suddenly stopped when she was about to strike a killing blow after I peeked on her bathing!

Why she would suddenly bring people over when I was in confrontation with those seniors and was even willing to expose her ability in the Transformation Stream in order to attack furiously!

He was instantaneously enlightened about everything at this moment!

“Stinking kid?” This time it was Revelations that called out to Bai Xiaofei, and as he looked at Bai Xiaofei’s eyes that were stared wide open, Revelations felt that he seemed to have said something wrong.

“Thank you, Master! See you, Master!” Bai Xiaofei who returned to his senses pulled over the cage in Revelations hands at the first possible moment, and then he ran off and vanished in the blink of an eye.

There were some things that he had to seek confirmation on right away!

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