Chapter 10 – Putting On A Show!!!

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Compared to the classroom block, there was obviously much lesser people in the office block. Especially the area nearby the principal’s office, it was extremely huge yet there wasn’t even a single person to ask the way from.

Thus, Bai Xiaofei wasted a long time and energy before he found where the ‘go straight and turn right’ Bai Ye spoke of was.

Bai Xiaofei took an extremely deep breath before lightly knocking on the door.

“Enter.” The voice was extremely gentle, and it was extremely different from the unapproachable image Bai Ye had described.

Bai Xiaofei felt slightly relieved as he pushed the door open and entered.

The furniture and decoration within the principal’s office was extremely simple, and there weren’t any unnecessary things.

Behind the wide office table was a woman that looked to be extremely amiable who was smiling lightly as she looked at Bai Xiaofei, and her face that had experienced the carving of time still faintly allowed others to distinguish her former beauty.

“Hello Vice Principal Luo, I’m a student that’s participating in the entrance exam, and I’ve come to pass the final test here.” Bai Xiaofei made a rare display of being an obedient child.

“Little fellow, you’re really good. It has been a long time since a student with results like yours has appeared. This is your enrollment form, and you’re a student of Starnet Academy as soon as you finish filling it up.” Luo Xi’s gaze was filled with praise as she passed a form to Bai Xiaofei.

“Thank you, principal.” After he received the form from her, Bai Xiaofei finished filling it up in less than a minute.

He had to thank his second mother for this because if it wasn’t for her persisting that Bai Xiaofei should learn how to write, he would probably be illiterate now.

The amiable Luo Xi started glancing through the form after she received it from Bai Xiaofei, yet she’d merely taken a glance when the amiableness expression on her face froze.

In the next second, the angel instantly became a devil!

The smile and amiableness vanished without a trace, and it was replaced by a warped face that was covered in rage and resentment.

“You’re surnamed Bai?!” As she roared furiously, Luo Xi instantly tore the form Bai Xiaofei had filled up into pieces, and then she glared at him with her pair of sharp eyes as if she wanted to see through him.

“I didn’t notice it earlier but this face of yours causes me to have the urge to tear you up into pieces just like I did to this form of yours. Get out! So long as I’m in the academy, you can dream of staying here!” Luo Xi who was angered to the point of trembling seemed as if she would carry out her thoughts in the next moment, and Bai Xiaofei was able to sense her fury that seemed to be material from far away.

But, when faced with this sudden turn of events, the astounded expression of Bai Xiaofei’s face didn’t turn to panic, and it turned into a touched feeling of appreciation!

This time, it was Luo Xi who was stunned.

“Are you pretending to be pitiful? That’s utterly useless against me!” Her rage was interrupted yet her attitude towards him still remained, and Luo Xi still spoke with a cold voice.

“Principal Luo! To tell you the truth, I’m just like you. Actually, I really hate this surname of mine as well, and it’s my shame!” As he spoke, a wisp of deep hatred and resentment appeared on Bai Xiaofei’s face, and its degree wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to Luo Xi’s rage.

“I’ve never met my father, and my mother disappeared without a trace not long after giving birth to me. What I hated the most was my mother always said I looked like him, and I detest using this name that he gave me!

“I’ve thought about changing my surname on many occasions, but I can’t.” Bai Xiaofei’s sorrow transformed into rage as he spoke, and his completely red eyes had tears that swirled around ceaselessly within them.

“My mother wouldn’t allow me to change my name no matter what because she said it was my one and only form of proof when I find him again in the future, and only in this way would I be able to pass on what she wanted to say to him.

“So, I can only live while carrying this name that I utterly detest because I must complete my mother’s last wish….” His rage transformed once more into sorrow and tenderness as Bai Xiaofei controlled the changes of his emotions perfectly.

“I only had a single objective when I came to participate in the academy’s test this time, to transform myself into a formidable puppet master so that I’ll be able to fiercely teach that fellow a lesson if I see him again in the future!” Bai Xiaofei wiped off a bunch of tears as he spoke, and his eyes were filled with firmness.

“I don’t know why you hate this surname, Principal Luo, but if you’re really filled with hatred towards it, then you really ought to allow me to enter the academy!” Bai Xiaofei’s hands were already pressed on Luo Xi’s office desk when he finished speaking, and he met Luo Xi’s gaze directly.

Gradually, Luo Xi who’d struck the table and stood up earlier had sat down because her gaze had been examining Bai Xiaofei all through the course of his speech.

After that, the office fell into silence.

A long silence.

But, the silence wasn’t unusual to Bai Xiaofei at all. Because so long as Luo Xi left her furious state, then it was a victory for him.

Now, he’d already attained his objective.

“Fill up another form. I’ll be paying attention to you. Don’t let me find out that anything you said today is a lie!” Finally, Luo Xi spoke to break the silence, and she passed over another form to Bai Xiaofei. But, the form this time seemed to be different from the previous form.

However, Bai Xiaofei didn’t have the mood to care about all this because the expression he required at this moment was a pleasantly surprised and touched expression.

“Thank you, Principal Luo!” As he spoke word by word, Bai Xiaofei appearance of smiling through his tears fully expressed the feelings he had to display.

After he walked out of Luo Xi’s office, Bai Xiaofei suddenly had the urge to let out a long and loud howl, but he restrained the urge.

Not for any other reason but because he was afraid of letting the cat out of the bag….

But, he’d already thanked every single person in the Gorge of Heroes in his heart.

After they found out that Bai Xiaofei wasn’t able to sense his Origin Energy and for the sake of making him not feel a sense of loss, the group of people in the Gorge of Heroes that had been rejected by the people of the continent had done their bests to teach him various types of ‘knowledge’ so that he could divert his attention.

Of course, everyone reaped the consequences in the end….

All in all, the Gorge of Heroes had already tempered him into a jack of all trades that could survive in any environment!

Bai Xiaofei held the stamped form in his hand as he ran excitedly towards the registration point because he had to take the things that belonged to him from there.

On the way, Huskie that had ‘gotten lost’ for a long time had finally found his master, and he made circles excitedly around Bai Xiaofei.

“Not bad, you did very well in your mission today. I’ll take you to have a feast when I’m free.” Bai Xiaofei held Huskie in his arms, and he was the first person to arrive at the registration point. The person in charge of the registration was a female senior that possessed an appearance that wasn’t bad.

“Senior Sister, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong with this form of mine?” Bai Xiaofei who was originally in the best of spirits saw the female senior in charge of the registrations frowning, and he realized something was wrong at the first possible moment.

“There isn’t a problem, but it’s slightly strange.” The female senior looked once more at the form, and then she suddenly revealed an expression of sudden understanding.

“Bai Xiaofei…. AH! I understand now! Did you go see Vice Principal Luo?” The female senior’s gaze carried a trace of anticipation as she looked at Bai Xiaofei because she looked forward to her answer being correct.

“Yes, what about it?” Bei Xiaofei felt slightly perturbed.

“Then it’s correct! No wonder you’re the first to come here yet have been sent to the Savage Class.” The female senior in charge of registration revealed a shallow smile as she felt delighted with her intelligence.

“Alright, these are your things, here you go.”

After he received the things passed over from the female senior, Bai Xiaofei asked with a light voice. “Senior Sister, what does the Savage Class mean?”

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