God of Illusions Launch and Event

It’s me InVader invading Volare with my second novel, God of Illusions, by Seven Little Eagles!!

If my name seems familiar to you, then it’s probably because I do Talisman Emperor on Wuxiaworld as well. XD

I’m not going to go into detail explaining what the novel is like because I’d prefer if you read a few chapters and see if you fall in love with it like I did.

I’ll be starting out with 25 chapters that I’m uploading right now, and I’ll be doing 7 chapters a week at the beginning. As usual, the max will go up to 14 chapters per week, and it will depend on either Patreon support or me randomly raising it like I did for TE.

Now moving on to the event~
First event – I’m in close contact with the author of this novel, and he specifically requested that he wants to read the comments. So here I am asking you to comment with any feedback you may have about the novel. I’ll be giving out 5 GI chapters if everyone is able to leave around 3-5 meaningful comments on each chapter until the end of July.

Second event – I’ll be benchmarking the views of GI with TE, and I’ll reward the readers of both novels when the views hit a certain target at the end of July(Percentages are based on adjusted first month view figures). The amounts are listed below.

  • 2 GI and 2 TE chapters at 20%
  • Another 1 Gi and 1 TE chapters at 40%
  • Another 1 Gi and 1 TE chapters at 60%
  • Another 1 Gi and 1 TE chapters at 80%
  • Another 5 GI chapters at 90%

In total, these two events will be providing a total of 15 GI chapters and 5 TE chapters in August if all the conditions are met!!

Good luck and enjoy!! 😀 CLICK HERE TO READ!