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Note: Will contain spoilers up to the latest RPS chapter. Although the spoilers have been kept to a minimum, it is still inevitable.


Note: The characters will be separated by the the realms (Modern Realm, Heavenly Court, Underworld & Immortal Region)

Modern World: Also called the ‘abandoned location’ by those of the Three Realms. It is the main setting of the first part of the novel.

Ye Zichen (叶子晨) – The main character of the novel.

Ye Zichen’s dormitory:

  • Kang Peng (康鹏) – The oldest of the dorm, he’s a sports major.
  • Zhu Yunbai (朱云柏) – The youngest of the dorm.
  • Zhang Rui (张睿) – The third oldest in the dorm. A glasses guy person that is outwardly cold, and passionate in private. He is also the person most concerned with gossip out of them.

Su Family:

  • Su Yiyun (苏逸云) – Another person that was assigned to Ye Zichen’s dorm. He doesn’t stay in the dorm much, and instead seems to live at home. He is known to be a playboy, and is able to use some of the Su family’s powers.
  • Su Yan (苏烟) – Ye Zichen’s current girlfriend, and the first one he got a marriage string with.
  • Su Qihu (苏祁虎) – Su Yan’s father. A military commander who doesn’t like Ye Zichen that much.
  • Su Qilong (苏祁龙) – Su Yiyun’s father. A rich businessman.
  • Old Man Su (苏老爷子) – Su Yan and Su Yiyun’s grandfather, as well as the Su family head.

Xia Keke (夏可可) – One of Ye Zichen’s girlfriends. She is a member of the dragon race. She is the reincarnation of Xia Liuli (夏琉璃), a lover of the Yellow Emperor.

Xiao Yumei (肖语媚) – A widowed woman, who started off as the biggest jeweler in Bingcheng. She is Ye Zichen’s girlfriend.

Liu Qing (刘晴) – The ghost girl Ye Zichen meets and captures in Xiao household (the home of Xiao Hai).

Xiao Hai (萧海) – A young successful businessman in his twenties. He is introduced to Ye Zichen by Su Yiyun.

Fu Chengming (付成明) – A rich young master that pursued Su Yan. Ye Zichen dislocated his four limbs for a while until Dongfang Wenyi got Ye Zichen to help him relocate them.

Dongfang Wenyi (东方文易) – Another young successful businessman. He is both a friend and rival to Xiao Hai. At the same time, he is Fu Chengming’s older cousin.

Yang Yushi (杨雨诗) – Ye Zichen’s first and ex-girlfriend. She is a famous singer.

Zu Siliang (祖思亮) – A young master pursuing Yang Yushi. At the same time, he also views Ye Zichen as a friend.

Yu (宙) – A rogue immortal in the Modern Realm that was once ordered to kill Ye Zichen. However, due to Ye Zichen saving his niece, he is now working for Ye Zichen. The romanization of the character is actually “Zhou”, but since that is too common of a surname in Chinese, and it might get confused, I opted for Yu because 宇宙 (yuzhou, which means universe) being the first thing I thought of. 

Bai Dahai (白大海) – A jeweler that was one of Xiao Yumei’s competitors. Now, he manages the merged jeweler stores that he and Xiao Yumei once owned.

Sun Yige (孙一歌) – The class representative of Ye Zichen’s class, as well as one of the four school beauties in Polytechnic University. She is a shy and timid person, and is also Su Yan and Xia Keke’s roommates.

Lin Xiyue (林夕月) – A policewoman that once worked in Bingcheng. Since then, she has moved to the capital, and gotten engaged to Zhao Ziming, her boyfriend.

Zhao Ziming (赵子铭) – A two-faced policeman who has a grudge against Ye Zichen, since he thinks that Ye Zichen is always trying to steal his girlfriend/fiancé away from him.

Gou Yuzhan (勾玉展) – The weird young man who loves eating and has a fascination with lollipops. He calls Ye Zichen “Kind Shopkeeper” ever since Ye Zichen gave him a lot of lollipops for free and for answering some questions.

Yao Yue (姚月) – Ye Zichen’s ex-girlfriend.

Lin Family:

  • Lin Ru (蔺如) – Su Yan’s best friend during high school.
  • Lin Hanben (蔺瀚本) – Lin Ru’s uncle.
  • Old Man Lin (蔺老爷子) – The Lin family head and Lin Ru’s grandfather.

Gu Family:

  • Gu Tian (古天) – A young master of the hidden Gu family. He has extremely low EQ
  • Elder Hua (华老) – An elder who has served Gu Tian for ten-odd years.

Han Family:

  • Han Qi (韩琦) – A rich young master who tried to threaten Xiao Yumei to hand over the medical company and sleep with him.
  • Han Yu (韩宇) – A rich young master and Han Qi’s older brother. He holds a position in the Han family similar to that of Su Yiyun’s in the Su family.

Zhuge Family:

  • Zhuge Kongming (诸葛孔明) – A young boy who is engaged to Xia Keke as a farce. He initially approaches Ye Zichen when he runs away from home, and pretends to be an orphan.

Heavenly Court (天庭): It is one of the Lower Three Realms.

  • Sun Wukong (孙悟空) – The monkey king.
    • Hou Brothers – Monkeys created by Sun Wukong, which he left to protect Ye Zichen.
  • Erlang Shen Yang Jian (二郎神杨戬) – Erlang Shen is the title he is most commonly known by, while Yang Jian is his name. His position in the Heavenly Court is similar to that of the head of the security department.
  • Taibai Jinxing (太白金星) – The ‘butler’ of the Heavenly Court and the person who invited Ye Zichen into the group chat. His entire family died during the Great War of Gods and Demons.
  • Old Lord Taishang (太上老君) – The pill refiner of the Heavenly Court and one of the Three Pure Ones (三清).
  • Nezha (哪吒) – Known as The Third Prince. He is the son of Li Jing (李靖), the Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King.
  • God of Thunder (雷公) – The husband of Mother of Lightning.
  • Mother of Lightning (电母) – God of Thunder’s wife.
  • Zhu Bajie (猪八戒) – The Canopy Marshal. He is the sworn brother of Sun Wukong who journeyed to the west with him.
  • Chang’e (嫦娥) – The fairy on the moon. She is known as one of the most beautiful in the Heavenly Court.
  • Immortality Peach Fairy (蟠桃仙子) – The fairy in charge of the Immortality Peach Garden (蟠桃园) of the Queen Mother.
  • Jade Emperor (玉帝) – The ruler of the Heavenly Court.
  • Queen Mother (西王母) – The Jade Emperor’s wife.


  • White Impermanence
  • Black Impermanence
  • Xie Lei
  • Xie Bian
  • King Chujiang
  • King Qinguang

Immortal Region:

  • Great Emperor Qingming
  • Suiren
  • Fuxi
  • Flame Emperor
  • Third Fatty Jin

Cultivation-Related Terminology

Cultivation levels:

  • Low > mid > late > complete stages for each level
  • False Spiritual Body > Spiritual Body > False Earth Immortal > Earth Immortal > Sky Immortal > Immortal King

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