HSSB Glossary



Ah Hu– Simple and honest fellow, Yan Zhaoge’s attendant. Currently in the Heavenly Connection Stage, the peak of the Martial Scholar realm. An expert in his own right. Deserves a category of his own

Artifacts – These are the magical weapons and armors of the Eight Extremities World, containing spiritual qi. They exist above the ‘mortal tools’ of the ordinary world.  Their creation requires a martial practitioner versed in artifact forging. From least to the most powerful: mortal tool, demi-artifact, artifact, spirit artifact, sacred artifact, divine artifact

Divine Palace – This is an extraordinary martial organisation of the past.  Yan Zhaoge was a member of this place and worked in its book storage building.  Basically almost any relic or skill book from this place was a priceless treasure.  The martial arts collected there were the best from an era of peak prosperity.  Yan Zhaoge has tons of these books memorized


Eight Extremities World – This is a cultivation world full of martial practitioners, spiritual treasures, and fantastic creatures.  The world is divided into 8 Domains, each of which is further divided into Regions.  So far it appears these territories and their placement seem to be based on the Bagua, so the territory names should match the eight trigrams of the I Ching.


The eight territories should be Heaven, Wind, Water, Mountain, Earth, Thunder, Fire, and River






Elders – First Seat Elders>Principal Elders/Disciplinary Elders>Acting Elders

Great Calamity – Some mysterious disaster that ended an era, destroyed the Divine Palace and killed Yan Zhaoge.  Yan Zhaoge is working hard to figure out what happened

Martial Practitioners– These are people who pursue the martial dao.  They are divided into several major realms.  Martial Artist < Martial Scholar < Martial Grandmaster < Martial Saint. Each of the realms are divided into many different levels.  They generally consist of 4 stages– 3 major stages and the ‘peak stage’ of that particular realm.  The major stages each have 3 phases – early, mid, late.  Thus there are a total of 10 levels in each realm.  The last level of each realm is also the fourth and final stage, with the most difficult bottleneck to overcome

Would-be Main Characters– A major plot element in HSSB. Currently only including the now deceased Ye Jing and Zhao Hao, the reincarnation of the Pill Fire Divine Sword Gao Zhe. Antagonistic towards Broad Creed Mountain, he is currently residing at Infinite Boundless Mountain


Sacred Grounds

Broad Creed Mountain(Heaven Domain)

Location: Broad Creed Mountain

Prominent Figures:

‘Exalted Hantian’ Zhan Dongge, aka ‘Mr Dong’. Died from the invasion of the Flame Devils, with the end of Broad Creed Mountain’s golden age

‘Heaven Diviner’ Zhan Xilou, his brother. Kept Broad Creed Mountain afloat amidst its slump following Zhan Dongge’s death

Sacred Artifact: Clear Qi Robe

Profound Art: Clear Qi Profound Art

Maiden of Extreme Yin: Feng Yunsheng, new direct disciple of Broad Creed Mountain. Formerly of the Sacred Sun Clan. Lost her Extreme Yin Physique in Hell, also badly injured and chased around for two years by Xiao Shen. Possesses a straightforward, valiant character

Eight Extreme Arts: Vajra Body, Tushita Palm, Wind Fire Calamities, Big Dipper Sword, Golden Curtain Palm, Chaotic Elements Uniting Blade, Eight Sceneries Spirit Blade

Clan Chief:

Yuan Zhengfeng. Currently stuck in the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster stage due to past injuries. He intends to enter death seclusion to attempt the breakthrough, handing down his position to either Yan Di or Fang Zhun

Broad Creed Three Heroes:

‘Iron Lion King’ Shi Tie, First Seat of the Disciplinary Hall. Vajra Body maniac. According to Yan Zhaoge, he would have been just as outstanding even having trained in other martial arts. Tough and unyielding

Yan Di, First Seat of the Martial Inheritance Hall. Yan Zhaoge’s father and late bloomer, currently the strongest of the three, even able to dominate a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster of the Sacred Sun Clan, Pan Botai. However, make no mistake-he is proficient in defence as well

‘Hidden Dragon’ Fang Zhun, First Seat of the Assignment Hall. Once the greatest talent of Broad Creed Mountain’s current senior generation, an all-rounder. Was once fully of the moderate faction but has taken up a tougher stance over the years. Scholarly and refined

Other Elders:

Fu Enshu, another of Yuan Zhengfeng’s personal disciples. Was infatuated with Yan Di but it didn’t work out. Taking on Feng Yunsheng and Sikong Qing as disciples

Yan Xu, former Disciplinary Elder of the Eastern Tang(deceased). Had a hand in what happened to the immigrating Yan Family that year

Wen Ningzhi, former Acting Elder of the Spirit Wind Canyon and Yan Xu’s old subordinate. Was kicked out by Yan Zhaoge

Cui Xin, Elder of Assignment Hall and Yan Xu’s past Master. Was investigated due to Yan Zhaoge. Very minor character

Elder Qin, First Seat Elder of the East Heaven Region, aka East Elder. Appeared for Feng Yunsheng’s matter and the later abnormalities in the Sealing Dragon Abyss. Tall and burly

Elder Kong: Sent over to watch over the Eastern Tang as Elder Qin entered the Sealing Dragon Abyss. Later entered it with Yan Zhaoge to rescue Zhao Shicheng

Elder Yin, aka emaciated Elder. Protected Yan Zhaoge in the Eastern Tang

Xu Chuan, Acting Elder of first Overlooking Abyss City and then Spirit Wind Canyon. Xiantian Martial Scholar. Slick but competent

Younger generation:

Yan Zhaoge, also known as the Broad Creed Young Master

Sikong Qing, new direct disciple of Broad Creed Mountain. Currently close to reaching the late inner aura Martial Scholar stage after just half a year. Touted by Yan Zhaoge as potential rival to Meng Wan

Lu Wen, disciple of Fang Zhun. Proficient in the Big Dipper Sword, yet defeated smoothly by Yan Zhaoge. Rivals with Xiao Shen since youth

‘Heavenly Roc’ Xu Fei. Somewhat older. Rivals with Tang Yonghao since youth

Zhao Ming, Fourth Prince of the Eastern Tang Kingdom. Elite disciple

Deceased: Ye Jing, Lin Yushao


Sacred Sun Clan(Fire Domain)

Location: World Illuminating Peak

Prominent Figure: Sacred Sun Saint (inferior to Zhan Dongge, got chased into hiding in a volcano)

Sacred Artifacts: Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, Extreme Yin Crown

Profound Art: Great Sun True Qi

Maiden of Extreme Yin: Meng Wan, extremely talented figure and current strongest of them all

Seven Great Sun Arts: Divine Sword of Dawn, Leap of the Rising Sun, Heaven Striking Palm, Light Illuminates All, West-tilting Heaven Incinerating Blade, Sunset Thousand Illusory Palms, Twilight Dark Moon

Clan Chief: Huang Xu

Grand Elders: Pan Botai, defeated by Yan Di; ‘The Sun Comes East’ Huang Guanglie, the East Coming Martial Saint

Seven Reigning Suns: Dawn, East Rising, Heaven Striking, World Illuminating(head), West Tilting, Sunset, Twilight(second strongest, does all the dirty work)

Four Rising Suns: Chao Yuanlong, Xiao Shen(deceased), Radiant Prince Huang Jie, Tang Yonghao

Others: Infinite Boundless Mountain(Mountain Domain, sits on the fence, cultivates in the Giant Spirit Profound Art with the help of Giant Spirit Magnetite), Jade Sea City(Water Domain, ally of Broad Creed Mountain, won the second Extreme Yin Bout), Heavenly Thunder Hall(Thunder Domain ally of Sacred Sun Clan), Turbid Wave Pavilion(River Domain)


Ceremonies and such:

Blood Soul Recollection Ceremony-used to replay events that transpired. Both parties can get together beforehand to falsify it

Heavenly Spring Baptism-Baptism in Broad Creed Mountain’s Heavenly Clear Spirit Spring

Qilin Spring Baptism-upgraded version with a Qilin Stone thrown in(2 left, 1 reserved for Feng Yunsheng)


Important Events:

Extreme Yin Bout-where temporary ownership of the Extreme Yin Crown is decided

Heavenly Connection Meet-where the Four Young Masters rose to prominence previously


Major enemy of all:

Decimating Abyss Organisation- wanting to destroy the world and build it back up. Has roots in various places, and caused the abnormalities in Hell and the Sealing Dragon Abyss. Was searching for the legacy of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint as well

Flame Devil World-brought about by the Flame Devil Emperor aka Heavenly Fire Emperor of before the Great Calamity


Other Martial Grandmasters:

Crimson Spirit Flag Master-chief of late Crimson Spirit Flags, enmity with Yan Di, in hiding

Ghost Hatchet Elder Han Sheng-of the Decimating Abyss Organisation, captured by Shi Tie in the Eastern Tang Kingdom. Was friends with Ye Jing

King of the Eastern Tang Kingdom- Zhao Shicheng, possessing a good relationship with Yan Di, addressed by Yan Zhaoge as Uncle



Cloud Portent Mountain-current target of Yan Zhaoge’s party, in the North Heaven Region. Where the vein of Giant Spirit Magnetite, essential for the cultivation of the Giant Spirit Profound Art, is found

Cloud Pavilion Lake-where Fu Enshu was

Eastern Tang Kingdom-where Zhao Shicheng is King, capital Jingyang City with its grand formation

Heaven Sealing Gorge-prison of Broad Creed Mountain

Hell-once the Earth Domain, now a desolate wasteland

Infinite Shadowy River-Also extending from Hell, running through Cloud Portent Territory and then the East Heaven Region

Overlooking Abyss City-where Xu Chuan was Acting Elder, right next to the Sealing Dragon Abyss

Scarlet Rainbow Sect-where Zhao Ming’s wifey comes from, in the North Heaven Region

Sealing Dragon Abyss-where there were abnormalities instigated through Hell(connected to it) with the help of the Decimating Abyss Organisation

Spirit Wind Canyon-where it was discovered that a valuable resource, Jade Essence, could be obtained from Cloud-Veined Crystals. Where Yan Zhaoge killed Xiao Shen

Zhaozhou Region-where the Yan Family came from