Great Demon King Glossary

Great Demon King Glossary

Last Updated Apr 8. 2017


Angel (安杰拉): Traitor in Balthazar City

Ansidesi (安斯迪斯): A three eyed demon god

Calvert (卡爾費特): Enemy of Lisa Addison’s family, Bob Ascher’s loyal dog in the Gryphon Legion

Caernand (卡爾南德): Calvert’s only son, his manhood was destroyed when he tried to rape Lisa

Battlewolves Mercenary Company (戰狼傭兵團)

Blanche (布蘭琪): Female elven archer in the company of the wizard Felix

Bob Ascher (博比阿斯基): Chief of the Gryphon Legion, father of Claude and Clark

Bryan: Orphan whose uncle sold him to slave dealers, which in turn sold him to Babylon Academy. Errand drudge for the necromancy major, a subcategory of the department of dark magic. Died when Lisa’s wraith attacked him

Candice (坎蒂絲): Mage swordsman hired by Phoebe, part of the Battlefire mercenary band (戰火傭兵團)

Caspian (凱斯賓): A druid within the Dark Forest

Chu Cang Lan: Demon practitioner who grabbed Han Shou as an insurance policy in a fight to ascend to the omen realm. Presumed dead due to failed demonic technique of body stealing

Duke (杜克): Thin, frail man with a compassionate smile on his face and robes rimmed with gold. Carries a staff that was embedded with a ruby, sapphire, and topaz

Dylan: Murdered by Duke and Erick for the possession of a jade box

Erick (埃里克): Senior knight, serves Duke

Felix (菲利克): Thin, small old mage. Adept in wind magic

Gabriel (加布里爾): Great swordmaster, Clark’s master

Howard (霍華德): Water magus by Bob Ascher’s side

Lord of the Flames (火焰領主): Located in the place of extreme fire and commands the scorching demon generals. Evolving five times would give it power and divinity like a demi-gods, “Emperor of the Flames (火焰帝王)

Rose (蘿絲): Evil goddess of the dark elves, cursed a bow so that the wielder would have their life force sucked away to shoot out a terrifying arrow

Valerie (瓦萊麗) – Middle aged woman with an excessively curvy body, owner of Lielan Garments (萊蘭服飾行)


Babylon Academy of Magic and Force

Alex (阿萊克斯): Teacher of the dark major

Alva (阿爾瓦): Department of dark magic errand boy

Amy: Necromancy apprentice

Athena: Necromancy apprentice

Bach: Necromancy apprentice. Seventeen year old son of a small noble family

Beacher (比其爾): Light adept mage and teacher

Borg: Fellow errand boy. ~20 years old, over 170 cm tall

Cal: Warrior student. Thin, ~20 years old

Camilla (凱米拉): Dark major teacher, member of the “Black Underworld” organization from the Kasi Empire

Carey: Fellow errand boy. ~20 years old, over 170 cm tall

Clark Ascher (克拉克): Earth rider knight, graduate from Babylon Academy. Ardent Fanny pursuer

Claude Ascher (克勞德): Sergeant level knight. 18, long silver hair. Youngest son of the chief of the Empire’s Gryphon Legion (獅鷲軍團) and ardently pursuing Irene

Deo (迪歐): Dark major archmage

Derek: Journeyman mage majoring in necromancy

Deron (德隆): Light major student who fought in the annual battle between the dark and light major

Emma (艾瑪): Dean of the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, space grand magus

Fanny: Necromancy major teacher. Mid twenties, adept class, tall, lithe and a head of light purple, wavy hair.

Fitch: Necromancy journeyman mage. 176 cm tall, light blue hair, bad tempered, leader of Bach & co., has a crush on Fanny.

Gene: Necromancy major teacher. Male adept mage, has a crush on Fanny.

Han Shuo: Young man in his twenties from Earth, accidentally reborn in Bryan’s body in the world of the Profound Continent

Irene (艾琳): Novice light mage. 17, blue short hair, daughter of the Kamplin family

Jack: Fatty and fellow errand boy. Not a slave, one of Bryan’s few friends

Jeff: Errand boy. Fifty some years old, in charge of registering human targets at the martial arts school

Keelung (基隆): Light major student, almost an adept mage, captain of the light major team

Lisa Addison (阿迪森): Necromancy novice mage. Young lady from a noble household, 162 cm and regarded as a beauty

Phillide (弗雷德): Dark major student

Vida (維達): In charge of all the trivial matters in the Academy

Voigtlander (福倫達): Light major archmage


Boozt Merchant Guild

Andrew (安德魯): Founding elder of Boozt Merchant Guild

Cara (卡蘿): Grover’s mistress

Darnell (達內爾): Loyal Grover lackey. Senior swordsman, couple with Yuna

Ellis (埃利斯): Wind mage working for Grover in the Boozt Merchant Guild

Fabian (富賓恩): A short, stocky rich fatty that Han Shuo met in the Dark Forest, member of the Boozt Merchant Guild (布斯特商會)

Farmar (法瑪爾): Guard in the Boozt Merchant Guild

Giles (賈艾斯): Guard in the Boozt Merchant Guild

Grover  (格羅佛): Phoebe’s uncle

Phoebe (菲碧): Young miss of the Boozt Merchant Guild. Aloof, arrogant, brown haired and a beauty

Yuna (尤娜): Loyal Grover lackey. Fire adept mage, a couple with Darnell


Angel Empire

Yolanda (尤蘭德): Sky rider


Brettel City

Faulke (伐克蘭): Earth rider sent to Han Shuo by Lawrence

Fulkin (福卡林): Leader of the mountain people in the surrounding mountains

Kallas (卡拉斯): Steward

Redbeard Troda (红胡子涂罗达)

Turiaf (圖里亞夫): Mountain people, veteran miner


Brut Merchant Alliance

Cameron (卡梅隆): Person in charge of the Brut Merchant Alliance

Marceau (瑪索): Fire grand magus

Duke Ashburn (亞希伯恩公爵): Grand duke in charge of Lancelot Empire’s operations, his younger sister is the Queen

Leah Cain (利厄凱恩): Great swordmaster who fled to Charles’ banner after offending lightning sacred magus

Mr. Aubrey (奧布里先生): Space archmage

Reynold Dila (雷諾迪拉): Lightning sacred magus


Calamity Church

Belinda (貝琳達): Girl that Candice was escorting into Valen City

Clarendon (克萊頓): Necromancer who tried to take control of Han Shuo’s soul but had his soul taken instead, in service to the Calamity Church (天災教會)

Death Guards (死神衛士)

Edwin (埃德溫): Old man with a knobbed cane

Fereeca (富利卡): Oldest of the three brothers working for Belinda

Gabrield (加布力爾): Great swordmaster and Clark’s master

Johnny (強尼): Thunder mage

Wolf (沃澳夫): Grand magus necromancer, merged his body with that of a lich, alive for hundreds of years


Church of Light

Ferguson (弗格森): Grand magus of the Church of Light, Florida’s grandfather and high hopes of advancing to sacred magus

Red Archbishop Kosse (紅衣大主教占科斯): Wields the “Revelation” artifact (啟示錄)

Temple Knights (神殿騎士): Temple Knights were a group of dedicated fanatics completely faithful to the God of Light. They themselves possessed extraordinary strength. Only when the God of Light recognized their existence and bestowed a blessing upon them, could they be qualified as Temple Knights. The favor each Temple Knight earned was different in accordance to their strength of their faith as well as their own efforts.
The strength of the Temple Knights could be distinguished based on the amount of the God’s favor bestowed upon them. The Temple Knights who only received a hint of favor would have the insignia of the Holy Grail on the armor’s chest. Those who received a lesser amount would have the olive branch insignia, those with a lot of favor had the cross insignia.


Dark Forest Characters

Angelica (安吉莉卡): Young elven maiden lured in by Medusa’s siren

Angelo (安格魯): Part of the group that tried to rob Han Shuo after Han Shuo obtained the Fruit of Dagmar

Aphrodite (阿芙拉): Female adept mage traveling in Odysseus’ adventurers group

Bard (巴德): Thunder journeyman mage in Odysseus’ group

Bennett (班奈特): Dwarf that was saved by Han Shuo in the Dark Forest

Benedict (本尼特): Young elf who tried to buy weapons from the dwarves

Calvin (卡爾文): Chief of the dwarf village

Caspian (凱斯賓): Great druid within the Dark Forest, worships the the nature divinity

Dana (黛娜): Female dark elf in charge of the group of dark elves that Han Shuo and the forest trolls run into

Datara (達達拉): Demon of raiding worshipped by the forest trolls. Han Shuo’s little skeleton was mistaken for it and brought to their sacred ground, obtaining its “Purple Demon Eye”

Fronze (非朗斯): Part of the group that tried robbing Han Shuo after he obtained the Fruit of Dagmar

Gordon (戈登): Journeyman swordsman traveling with Odysseus and Aphrodite

Leon (里安): Adept mage, part of a group that tried to rob Han Shuo after Han Shuo had gained the Fruit of Dagmar

Nia (尼婭): Female elven archer traveling with Odysseus, Aphrodite, and Gordon

Odysseus (奧德賽): Senior swordsman journeying in the Dark Forest with six others

Trunks (特蘭克斯): A 27/28 year old youth with silver hair, found riding a Manticore within the Dark Forest. Magical creature hunter


Dark Mantle

Allis (亞力): Journey swordsman

Amyes (埃米亞斯): One of the three heavyweights of the Dark Mantle organization, in charge of surveillance and investigation of all nobles and officials

Cecilia (塞西莉亞): One of the three heavyweights of the Dark Mantle organization

Chester (切斯特): Bandit in the Dark Mantle organization, stands guard at a stronghold entrance in the capital

Candide (坎迪達): One of the three heavyweights of the Dark Mantle organization

Chrissie (克麗絲): Rank three Dark Star, fire journeyman mage

Emily Betteridge (艾米麗女士): Dark grand magus, part of the McGrady Guild train traveling through the Dark Forest. Married to the second son of the Betteridge family, headed by Mister Hahn (哈恩)

Helene (依蓮): Chubby, middle aged hotel owner who works for the Dark Mantle but knows no offensive magics


Seven Duchies

Helon Duchy of Helen Tina, Bavenden Duchy of Alec Ambridge, Boulet Duchy of Burt Zili, Bonton Duchy of Randy Allard, Narsen Duchy of Benedict Sackville, Etman Duchy of Argi Gilles, and Bisli Duchy of Nehem Beige: 海倫•蒂娜的希倫公國,亞歷克•安布里奇的巴文登公國,伯特•齊利的保萊塔公國,蘭蒂•阿拉德的邦頓公國,本尼迪克特•薩克維爾的內森公國,阿爾吉•基蘭斯的伊特曼公國,內厄姆•貝奇的比斯利公國


Helon Duchy

Helen Tina (海倫蒂娜): Duchess of Helon Duchy, rides a fire phoenix

Helon Duchy (希倫公國)

Kabbah (卡巴)


Kasi Empire

Bradley Pillon (布拉德利皮隆): Grand duke, younger brother of the king, Brady Pillon (布雷德皮隆)

Sophie (蘇菲): Knight and amateur summoner


Lancelot Empire royalty

Adela (阿德拉): Earth major adept mage who works for Lawrence

Ayermike Cotton (阿尔梅里克·柯顿): Legendary demigod existence that helped establish Lancelot Empire. He beat back barbarians and helped the first king greatly. Abruptly disappeared, his tombstone was found in a forbidden area that restricts all fighting aura and magic. Powerful creatures had been dying to the specters within for five hundred years

Bollands (博蘭茲): Lucky’s master, now follows Lawrence’s master Karel Ascot. A thick, bloody aura wreathes around him

Karel Ascot (卡羅拉阿斯科特): Lawrence and Phoebe’s master. Sacred swordmaster. Born a commoner and rose to fame after many great deeds. Saved the Lancelot Empire from falling to the Kasi Empire and was hailed the “Protector of the Kingdom”

Charles (查爾斯): Eldest prince

Divac (迪瓦茨): Senior swordsman who works for Lawrence

Eevee Egadi (伊布埃加特): Finance minister of the Empire and Lawrence’s father

Jino (基諾): Expert sent to guard Lawrence

Lawrence Egadi (勞倫斯̶埃加): Sergeant knight, golden curly hair. Illegitimate third son of the king

Lucky (拉奇): Assassin who works for Lawrence

Uhtred Lancelot (烏特雷德蘭斯洛特): King


Bimson City

Colbert (考伯特): First target on Candide’s hit list. Swordmaster, raped and murdered seven girls, currently residing in the outskirts of the Empire’s Bimson City, mayor of Billow, Baron

Deborah (狄波拉): Water archmage in Bimson City, killed a family of eighteen people three years ago in a magic shop because of a magic staff. Successfully escaped punishment. Residing in the house of Count Chapman Dean (契布曼狄恩伯爵)


Ossen City

Boris Carlin (鮑里斯•卡林): Highest commander of the city’s Northern Guard. A count and Lawrence’s uncle

Gilok (吉隆卡)

Shadow Ghost (殘影): Killer organization


Soul Destroyer mercenary band

Grant (格蘭特)

Linley (林雷)


Valley of Sunshine

Adam Menlo (亞當•門羅): Head of the House of Menlo

Andy (安迪): Fire archmage of the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band

Annie (安妮): Late daughter of the old chief of the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band

Arthur (亞瑟): Wind archmage in the House of Menlo

Asa (亞撒): Thunder archmage who joined Rainbow Sickle mercenary band half a year ago. Ruthless and cruel, gets along with Florida well

Billy (比利): Old, crippled mage in Janet’s group

Caloric (卡路里): Orc warrior, House of Menlo

Camby (坎比): Elderly man in charge of looking after the Dark Mantle stronghold in the valley

Florida (佛羅里達): Chief of the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band (虹鐮傭兵團)

Gustav (古斯塔夫): Male leader of one of the largest mercenary bands in the Valley of Sunshine. Nicknamed “The Butcher”, incredibly cruel and ruthless

Hagen (哈根團長): Chief of the Raging Flame mercenary band

Harris: Vice chief of the Cairo mercenary band

Janet (珍妮特): Female leader of one of the largest mercenary bands in the Valley of Sunshine. Comes from a family of robbers and has more principles than Gustav

Katar orc tribe (卡塔爾部落): A small tribe that had originally lived in frosty desolation. They’d overcome countless hardships to immigrate to the Valley of Sunshine and take up residence within one of its mountain ranges. There were only five, six hundred orcs within this tribe, but all of them were highly capable warriors that were tough to take on.

Laureton (勞雷塔): Chief of the Cairo mercenary band

Maxine (瑪可欣): Amazing female elf archer versed in water, thunder, and wind magic. Florida’s fiance

House of Menlo (門羅家族): Minor noble family in a small kingdom that attempted a coup. They lost to the royal family and fled to the Valley of Sunshine with 300 soldiers and a stolen fortune. They rebuilt themselves in the valley but recruiting over a thousand experts of various professions, becoming one of the four main powers within the valley. Now the richest power within the valley. Head of house is Sawyer Menlo (索亞•門羅). Fondest goal is to gain power within the valley and return to their home to become king



A Magical Dictionary: 魔法字典

Beginner Magics of Necromancy: 初級亡靈魔法

The Foundations of Necromancy: 亡靈魔法基礎

The Descriptions of Dark Creatures

Necromancy Magic: 亡靈魔法


Druid Magic

Blessing of life (自然祝福)

Lifewater (生機水)



Knight: Knights are divided into:

Knight apprentice (見習騎士): Pale-blue fighting aura

Companion-at-arms (初級騎士): Dark blue fighting aura

Sergeant (中級騎士): Pale-green fighting aura

Senior knight (高級騎士): Dark green fighting aura

Earth rider (大地騎士): White fighting aura

Sky rider (天空騎士): Silver fighting aura

Sacred knight (聖騎士): Gold fighting aura

Divine knight (神騎士): Incredibly rare existence, once in a hundred/thousand years

Mage: Magic practitioners are divided into:

Magic apprentice (魔法學徒)

Novice mage (初級魔法師)

Journeyman mage (中級魔法師)

Adept mage (高級魔法師)

Archmage (魔導師)

Grand Magus (大魔導師)

Sacred Magus (聖魔導師)

Divine Magus (法神)

Swordsman: Swordsmen are divided into:

Swordsman apprentice (見習劍士): Pale-blue fighting aura

Swordsman-at-arms (初級劍士): Dark blue fighting aura

Journeyman swordsman (中級劍士): Pale-green fighting aura

Senior swordsman (高級劍士): Dark green fighting aura

Swordmaster (劍師): White fighting aura

Great swordmaster (大劍師): Silver fighting aura

Sacred swordmaster (聖劍師): Gold fighting aura

Divine swordmaster (劍師神): Incredibly rare existence, once in a hundred/thousand years

Battlefire mercenary band (戰火傭兵團): Hired to protect Phoebe

Black Underworld (黑冥): A secret government organization for the Kasi Empire

Body of divine favor (神恩之體): People born with an innate talent for training fighting aura or practicing magic

Brut Merchant Alliance (巴特商盟): Alliance formed by mercenaries and merchants. It is a country.

Church of Light (光明教會): An organization of good in the Profound Continent, with many people worshipping them due to their acts of good

City’s Northern Guard (城北軍地)

Dark Mantle organization (暗幕組織): A secret government organization for the Lancelot Empire with three strongholds within the Empire, separated into the Dark Star, Dark Moon, and Dark Sun divisions. Each division is further divided into 1 – 5 stars based on contribution to the Empire

Divine Brain Fruit (圣腦果): Fruit that can forcefully expand the human brain and that looks like a small human brain

Druidic Order (自然神教)

Druids (大德魯伊): Can turn into trees and bears and communicate with trees

Swordsman Association (劍士公會): Organization that keeps records of swordsman levels and is the venue to advance one’s level after graduating from the Academy

Mage swordsman (魔劍士): Someone who can cast magic and can fight

Magic Association (魔法公會): Organization that keeps records of mage’s levels and is the venue to advance one’s level after graduating from the Academy. Novice mages would have one small, exquisite magic staff embroidered to their shoulders and each successive level will increase the number of staffs embroidered

Magic crystal cannons (魔晶炮)

Magical yuan: Foundation for training one’s magical force

McGrady Guild (麥迪商會): A merchant guild on the same level of existence as the Boozt Merchant Guild

Mystical metal (玄鐵): Precious material used to forge magical treasure. Its density and hardness are unsurpassed, but its weight is the lightest amongst metals

Paladin (武士)

Redbud Wine (红蕊血)

Space ring (空間戒指)

Soul Destroyer mercenary band (魂滅傭兵團): Han Shuo and Trunks’ mercenary band

Warrior (戰士): Warriors are divided into:

Warrior apprentice (實習戰士)

Novice warrior (初級戰士)

Mid ranked (中級戰士)



Black gold ore (烏金礦)

Black iron ore (黑鐵礦石)

Mithril (秘銀): Ultimate material used in forging weapons and armor

Scarletheart iron (赤心鐵)

Whitelight silver (白光銀)



Angel Empire (安杰拉): Divides the Oden Empire from the Lancelot Empire

Babylon Academy of Magic and Force: An academic institution for training students to become knights and mages. Owns the most land in Lancelot Empire with western European architecture. Divided into the following magic departments:


Department Subcategory Majors
Dark Necromancy

Martial arts school: A place for cultivating warriors and knights existed within the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. Warriors were commoners and trained to follow their liege.

Balthazar City (巴爾薩澤): A city in the southern reaches of the Empire

Bimson City (比姆森城): A city in the north of the Lancelot Empire

Brettel City (布雷特爾城): City bestowed to Han Shuo after he was given the title of count

Cemetery of death (死亡墓地): Located within the Dark Forest, a wise mage who studied necromancy for many years once stayed within the Cemetery of Death

Cesar City (西澤城): A city in the Kasi Empire that is separated from Valen City by the Kerlan mountain range

Dark Forest (幽暗森林): Forest to the south of the city of Zajoski

Drol (多羅鎮): Town, otherwise known as town of Depravity (墮落鎮)

Gourd Mountain (葫蘆山)

Judiciary (司法): Lancelot Empire’s justice courts

Kasi Empire (卡西帝國): A rival empire to Lancelot Empire

Kerlan Grand Canyon (科爾蘭大峽谷): Grand canyon on the western frontier of the Lancelot Empire that separates the Lancelot Empire from the Kasi Empire

Kerlan Valley (科爾蘭山谷): Mountains to the west of the city of Zajoski

Lancelot Empire: An empire within Profound Continent

Maya School of Magic (瑪雅魔法學院): Located within the Kasi Empire

Mt. Ordas (奧爾達斯山): Mountain at the back of the Lancelot Empire’s palace

Mt. Tali (塔里山): Mountain near Brettel City

Nirolan River (尼洛蘭河): Located within the Dark Forest near the town of Drol

Oden Empire (奧登帝國): Most powerful empire on the Profound Continent, where the headquarters for the Church of Light is located

Ossen (奧森): City in which the Academy is located in

Profound Continent: A strange land with swords and sorcery, one in which alien races run rampant

Seamist City (海嵐城): A rich city with strict defenses in the eastern part of the Lancelot Empire

Valen City (瓦倫城): A city on the west frontier of the Lancelot Empire, separated from the Kasi Empire by the

Zajoski City (扎基厄斯城): Largest city in the southwestern part of Lancelot Empire


Magical Creatures

Creatures that could cast simple magics would have magical cores within them that could be sold for varying high prices depending on core level. Cores from magical creatures were divided into six levels. Level 6 cores were the cheapest, level 1 was the most expensive.

Level 5 is worth 20 gold

Level 4 is worth 150 gold

Barbed tail cat (刺尾獠貓): Three heads and a barbed tail. Pack creature

Charging bulls (奔牛魔獸): Bulls with a single horn on their head

Cyclops (獨眼巨人): It was said that the cyclops were the servants of the gods. Legends spoke of their miraculous ability to forge weapons and find special ores. They liked to eat humans and had strong bodies with stubborn personalities. Their living habits were very similar to the dwarves.

Dark dragon (黑龍): A dragon who lives underground with an incredibly durable body. Only its head and neck is slightly weaker. It can spit out a dragonbreath attack that will eat away at flesh and can also spew out a hot flame that has lava mixed in.

Dark elves (黑暗精靈): Elves who have forsaken peace, nature, and worship of the goddess of nature. They worship the queen of the night, Rose (蘿絲)

Deepwater Venom Python (深水毒蟒): Light green, spiked back ridge enormous python that spits out dark green poison mist

Dwarves (矮人): A swarthy race with long, braided mustaches and only a meter tall

Earth dragon (地龍): Gentle, easily tamed slow movers that can carry heavy burdens. Major mode of transportation for the Empire

Forest trolls (森林巨魔): Race in the Dark Forest with glistening green skin, towering bodies, grimacing faces and wielding knives studded clubs. Mortal enemies with elves. Troops divided into warriors, hunter and priests that can cast simple magic

Frost eagle (寒霜飛鷹): Eagle that spits out frost

Golden-Winged Roc (金翅大鵬): Super rank magical creature, Adam Menlo’s ste

Gnomes (地精儒): Lives below the ground

Harpy (鷹身女妖): Level three creatures, body of an eagle with the face of an exceedingly ugly woman

Maneating monsters (食人魔): Cannibal monsters were lazy pack creatures that liked to steal things. Their tough bodies gave them extreme power and damage in close battle. They knew how to use studded clubs and spears

Medusa (蛇發怪): Their blood has magical healing properties

Manticore (蝎尾獅): A lion with a scorpion tail

Mountain ridge giant (山嶺巨人): Giants that live in the middle region of the Dark Forest. Peaceful nature and doesn’t like to fight, but terrifying when provoked

Orc (獸人): They live to the territory to the west of the Kerlan Grand canyon

Scorching Demon Generals (炎魔戰將): Enormous beings made of magma found in the place of extreme fire

Twin head dragon (雙頭龍): Level two magical creature that’s not really a dragon. Can spit venom

Windblade wolf (風刃魔狼): A wolf that shoots out wind blades, green eyes

Unicorn (獨角獸): A super level magical creature with a durable body and resistant to magic


Dark Magic

Demon Entanglement (魔鬼纏身): Advanced dark magic that takes the shape of a grey cloud of air that sinks into enemy bodies, causing the rapid formation of tumors that burst with black liquid that has corrosive properties

Deep Slumber (昏睡術)

Hand of Darkness (暗黑之手)


Demonic Magic

Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens (魔動九天術): Will allow cultivator to fly

Blood Explosion Shield (血裂魔遁決): An escape technique that consumes blood essence into a string of strong explosions to enable the cultivator to escape

Body stealing: A demonic technique that allows the practitioner to plant his consciousness within another body that has the same birth date as the practitioner. Practitioner can use the body to come back to life, but the process will kill the soul of the original inhabitant

Chant of thrills (歡喜禪): A chant for dual cultivation that results in gains for both party during intercourse

Demonic Art of Assimilation (化魔決): Usable only when one reaches the true demon realm, a practitioner can swallow the enemy’s flesh, blood, and soul to heal their own injuries

Great Formation of the Divine Zombies and Five Elements (天屍五行大陣): After refining elite zombies of the five elements (五行尸), these elemental power wielding zombies could be combined in this formation for great power

Kelpie Possession Formation (水鬼附體魔陣)

Mental State: Some practitioners entered a demonic mental state due to fortuitous coincidence. It varied accordingly, and the demonic mental state was further split into either an aggressive or passive state. Aggressive state: thirst for and feast on blood and murder. Passive state: vague, foggy process undetectable by the practitioner, but his internal processes and magical yuan circulation would be greatly heightened compared to typical training conditions

Mystical Glacial Spellfire: A spell that creates red and purple spellfire on the practitioner’s palm if magical yuan is circulated in a particular fashion amongst the meridians. The red flame is searingly hot, and the purple glacially cold. Power will increase according to practitioner’s level. Transmutes to Purple Spellfire of Extreme Cold (極寒紫火) at high levels.

Original Demon Cave (元魔窟): A way to refine original demons (元魔). 18 yin spirits would have to be added into the matrix, with the practitioner feeding six drops of fresh blood and injecting magical yuan every day for 36 days. The 18 yin spirits would kill and swallow each other until only the three strongest remained.

Original demons are one of the four “demon generals” (魔頭): original demon, yin demon, mystical demon and spirit demon (元魔、陰魔、玄魔、靈魔)

Shura Soul Formation (修羅幻魂陣): a formation that enchants victims into a realm of illusions. This formation needs the death auras from a hundred ghosts to support it, the bones from lands of cold to form six Shura poles, and the blood of virgins as ink. Once magical glyphs were written onto the pillars, a piece of floating rock infused with five drops of blood essence from the caster would form the eye of the formation and complete it.

Once the formation was formed, any enemies who didn’t understand formations would be attacked by the death auras of a hundred ghosts as soon as they walked in. They would become disoriented and see illusions, discovering another them that wanted to kill them at all costs. Fear would cause him to sink into madness in an instant, and no matter how strong his heart was, it would be very difficult to triumph over his own heart.


Realms: There are nine different levels in demonic magic

Solid realm (固體)

Open passages realm (開脈)

Molded spirit realm (塑魂)

True demon realm (真魔)

Bloodlust realm (嗜血)

Separate demon realm

Carnal realm

Nine changes realm

Omen realm


Earth Magic

Earth Spikes (地突刺)

Falling Meteor (天降陨石)

Rage of the Earth (大地之怒)


Fire Magic

Dance of the Fire Snakes (火蛇狂舞): Able to be cast by only a fire archmage

Flame Catastrophe (火焰滔天)


Light Magic

Brute Strength (蠻牛之力)

God’s Blessing (神之祝福)

Radiant Glory (光之輝耀): “Oh noble God of Light, hear my calls. Disperse all darkness—Radiant Glory!”

Radiant Protection (光之守護): Shielding magic

Radiant Slash (光劍斬): Summons a longsword made of light. Incantation: “Razors of light, become a sword that purifies evil, cleave this pathetic life — Radiant Slash!”

Shackles of light (光明枷鎖): “In the name of the God of Light, bind all darkness, Shackles of Light!”

Sky’s Eye (天空之眼)

Strengthen Armor (強化鎧甲)

Strong Light Spell (強光術)


Space Magic

Spatial Edge (空間利刃): Forbidden space spell


Water Magic

Ice Blade Slash (冰刃斬)



Firespark Stone (火耀石): Discovered in the place of extreme fire, the ultimate material for refining weapons

Firesun Crystal (火陽晶)


Necromancy Creatures

Evil knight (邪惡騎士): Dark creatures that appear covered in black armor with dark colored skin and measuring over three meters, riding a howling beast that was stronger than a rhino and covered with brown scales

Ghoul (食尸鬼): An innocent who’d died wrongly and was subsequently buried in a forsaken piece of land

Hate warriors (憎惡戰士): Hate warriors were enormous in size, wielded metal clubs and had incredible strength in all the fat on their bodies. Their bodies also possessed extremely durable defensive capabilities, and were a common meat shield used by necromancers

Skeletal warriors (骷髏戰士): Lowest level dark creatures, acts according to summoner’s mental commands. Incantation: “Souls of the fallen soldiers, heed the dark herald’s call and reveal your existence!”

Specter (陰靈):

Wraith (怨靈): Same level of existence as a yin spirit

Yin demon (陰魔): A specially refined ghoul

Zombie warriors (僵尸戰士): Higher level than skeletal warriors. Dark green bodies, wielding wooden club. Incantation: “Zombie warriors of the fallen, heed the dark herald’s call and reveal your existence!”


Necromancy Magic

Acid Bog (酸性沼澤): Creates a large patch of muddy and miry bog on the ground

Agony of the Soul: A fire that makes the victim’s brain hurt for days. Duration depends on victim’s mental strength. Incantation: “Oh eternal darkness, grant me the power of death, inflict the pain of the soul on his body. Agony of the Soul!”

Bone Arrows: Materializes a sharp bone arrow out of thin air to attack the target. Incantation: “Oh endless darkness, turn into destructive bone arrows, and destroy according to my will, bone arrows!”

Bone Prison (骨牢): Creates a prison out of bones, bones can be transformed into soft and supple vines with sufficient mental strength. Journeyman level spell

Bone Shield (白骨盾牌): A shield made out of stark white bones

Bone Spears: Materializes bone spear that is stronger than a bone arrow. Caster has to be at least a novice mage. Incantation: “Oh endless darkness, turn into destructive bone spears, and destroy according to my will, bone spears!”

Canopy of Necromancy (亡靈天幕): Area spell. Battle strength and agility of dark creatures would be greatly increased beneath the coverage of the canopy and greatly decrease enemy fighting ability

Chain of Wraiths (怨靈魂鏈): A chain connecting dozens of wraiths together in an attack

Corpse Explosion (地尸爆): Explodes the bodies of the fallen. Incantation: “Oh perished soul, my will be the command, surrender your body to me, explode violently, Corpse Explosion!”

Corpse Reanimation (尸體復活): Basic necromancy magic that revives the bodies of those dead and making them a warrior for the necromancer

Dark Fog (黑暗迷霧) Journeyman level magic that creates fog within a certain perimeter, not affecting the caster and obscuring the enemies’ vision

The Eye of Darkness (黑暗之瞳): Round, green ball that is the key to finding and opening the Cemetery of Death

Great Formation of the Divine Corpses and Five Elements (天尸五行大陣): A formation formed by the elite zombies of the five elements

Life Reconnaissance (生命偵察)

Magical brand: A mark left on a dark creature by a summoner in order to summon the same creature again from the other space. Incantation: “My loyal servant, in the name of the summoner, I leave upon you my eternal mark. Dark Seal!”

Soul Erosion (靈魂侵蝕): A spell that takes over a person’s soul through necromancy magic and caster gains all secrets after target’s soul is eroded. Caster is connected to the target throughout this process, and target will be unable to escape even if caster suddenly dies

Soul Tremor (靈魂震顫):Directly attacks the opponent’s soul through one’s own mental strength.


Magical Matrices

Magical Yin Concentration Matrix: Magical treasure refining matrix. Seven yin demons are used to form the matrix that then concentrate the mage’s magical yuan in the middle of the matrix. The other ingredients slowly dissolve and seep into the main ingredient. Refining is complete after 36 days.


Magical Spells

Law of Activating Magic (“馭魔決”): a law that activates magical treasures to attack

Levitation skills (漂浮術): Mages are able to fly using levitation skills when they are an archmage



Rebirth Pill (涅丹): A pill that thoroughly excavates into all of a mortal’s bones and meridians, completely transforming their body to make it suitable for demonic and magical cultivation



Blood Essence Grass (血精草)

Goldmarrow Grass (金髓草): Formed after absorbing the rock essence within the caves for a hundred years and the yin qi of the heavens

Ninejade Flower (九玉花): Flower with nine petals as shiny and translucent as jade, emitting a fragrance that permeated the heart and soul. The Ninejade Flower could be used with several magic herbs to refine the Yuan Repair Pill, in which the Ninejade Flower was the main ingredient. This herb was normally very difficult to find.

Sunblaze Fruit (熾陽果): Someone cultivating with the fire attribute ate this fruit, then their strength would increase immensely for a short amount of time thanks to the power of the sun filtering down to them



Demonslayer Edge (戮魔鋒): A frightening weapon that can reap heads in midflight


Wind Magic

Acceleration (加速)

Grim Wind (厲風術): Journeyman magic

Sky’s Eye (天空之眼): Surveillance spell