GFS Chapter 30 Release!

Tutturu, kurisu desu. So yeah, we have reached chapter 30 already and is about 7% of the way done, yay! I will like to thank all the translators and editors that have contributed in their respective ways all the way up until now.(That includes active and inactive translators, btw. Big applause to them!) I know that it is still too early to do a victory pose and open the champagnes, but hey, we should still celebrate all the small thing in life, yes?

In other news, as everyone can see, it is also this time that we have got a sponsored chapter! Now before you wonder when the sponsored chapter will come up, it will be done once I am done with the chapters I promised for this week, which is about 2 chapters more? Anyway, you guys can rest assured that it will be up this week too. So stay tuned to that!

Now, what did I miss? Yes, the chapter! Without further ado, this is the 30th chapter and the 3rd chapter of the week, enjoy!

Chapter 30: Surprise

TL: Kurisu
ED: Turtle Stomper, Deyna