GFS Chapter 27 Release!

I gonna rush soon, so I will be posting this chapter here real quick!

In this chapter which is part of a two parter, Yuan Zhou had finally decided to spend the money he had earned up to this point. This serves as a good distraction since most of the story up till now is more about restaurant management, which while interesting, gets stale really quick. In fact, the chapters after that are mainly about him dissing the food of other chefs instead! That truly makes me anticipate the next chapter, doesn’t it?

Anyway, there’s only $25 dollars remaining for the next sponsored chapter, so if anyone wants to read the chapters in advance, you know what you should do 😉

Without further ado, this is the 5th chapter of the week, enjoy!

Chapter 27: Buy, buy, buy! (Part 1)

TL: Kurisu
ED: TurtleStomper, Deyna
Special Thanks: Prady