GDK Chapter 357 & Future of GDK

*rubs hands gleefully* This battlefield! Silly dukes. This chaos!

Translated by: Sae and etvo

Edited by: Deyna

1.5 years. I was thinking earlier today on how long I’ve been translating Great Demon King, and my gosh, I started in late 2015 when I first saw it in WW forums. From when we started off with 3x a week when I was still working and elevating it to 7x+ a week when I quit at the beginning of the year, we’ve come a long way. Thank you all for being along for the ride and your continuous support. 🙂 I’ve so immensely enjoyed bantering with everyone, reading comments, and goggling over developments in the novel.

Tumultuous tidings have descended upon our community, resulting in various reactions and opinions. I’ve always been a fan of using action to support thought, and so here’s mine. I heavily dislike the situation that has developed from a particular company, and with the potential threat of legal action in the future, I am saddened to announce that I will be ending my translation of Great Demon King after 1.5 years and 1/3 of the novel. This phase out will occur slowly and the novel will continue into June, I will attempt to find the best stopping point. The queue will be cleared and the donation button is deactivated, immediately.

Upon my termination, other translators are welcome to pick up the novel, but my work remains mine. Please give me due credit, and you’re welcome to use the glossary. I will be taking a small breather and then double my efforts on SOTR, refocusing on another novel as well, of which might be incredibly different from GDK. I hope to eventually pick up another swords and sorcery type novel again, I do so love this genre.

[edit] I was ridiculously rude and overlooked my team. I’d like to thank Based Tzuyu, my main editor for about a year, and later on Deyna for the past six months. My absolutely amazing group of translators Sae, Selutu, ed, Jason, and ComradeYang who, through our combined efforts, made a daily diet of sometimes 8K character chapters possible. Thank you so much team. 🙂

Now we end it with art that I’d commissioned for my Patrons. Say hello to Fanny!

The words above represent etvolare the translator and do not reflect on the company as a whole. volare translators have and are entitled to their own opinions. 

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