Fleeting Midsummer Chapter 6+Status Update

Hello guys!

I’m finally “back”. The end of November was a terrible time to come back since finals are coming up. Yay. Lol I posted this exactly before the end of November.

More info on schedule and posting will come out after the translation spree held by volaretranslations (which I am participating in!). *happy dance*

Even though I didn’t exactly finish everything up as I previously thought I would, it was nice to “catch up” (which I put in quotation marks because I didn’t really finish anything *smacks head*)

Lin Lin is still adjusting to school, just as she tries her best to combat Ru Ting. Lol. I have to wonder though…is Ru Ting actually vying after Fang Yu Ke?

Here’s your much awaited chapter! Btw I have new editor(s) who will be introduced next time~