FM Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Buying a Computer (2)

The way Fang Yuke asked about computers was extremely different from the way he spoke to me. Too many times, he would speak sarcastically whenever he spoke to me. Otherwise, he would speak to me crazily. Right now, it was the first time I had seen his professional image. I could even envision what he would be like after working. He cross-examined everything from hardware to software. The boss knew he was an insider and did not give him too high of a price. An hour later, the computer was sent to the ground level of my dorm.

I greeted the dorm manager while Fang Yuke heaved my computer upstairs.

It was almost as if he had been to my dorm before since he found my spot the moment he went in, and began to unpack the installation.

All the others in the dorm were there. The moment they saw a strange guy come in, their gossiping nerves were mobilized.

Julie first pulled me aside: “Didn’t you go with Xiao Xi? Why did you come back with someone else? Who is this handsome bro? Why is your face so red? Do you have some relationship with him that you can’t tell other people? If you confess I’ll be lenient. If you don’t, I’ll be strict.”

Wang Jie and Wen Tao also came over to hear my explanation. I knew this type of feeling, being hung up by the gossip– that was a type of condemnation. Their curiosity had been teased. Seeing their desires grow, I laughed uncontrollably: “Why is my face so red? You can try heaving a computer underneath the bright sunlight. As for who he is? Haha, I will be responsible for telling you guys: He is a legend—-”

Wen Tao couldn’t stand it: “You can continue on with your nonsense. But, what kind of unexpected luck do you have that you can know this handsome bro?”

I pretended to angrily say to Wen Tao: “Don’t you love the literary arts? Why is your way of speaking just as rough as my mother’s? Plus, on what basis am I not allowed to know hot bros? Backing up another step, the “grass” over there already has a master so don’t even try to make a move.”

Everyone was disappointed. I had completely distinguished the gossip. But Julie still didn’t stop and continued to ask: “Who is his real master?”

I looked towards the right dorm and pursed my lips: “It’s the dorm next to the dorm next to us. She’s called Ru Ting. She’s the pretty one.”

“Is she the one with two dimples?”

I nodded and prepared to completely destroy the flame of gossip that had formed.

Julie said, “If it’s really her then forget about it. I even thought that master of this famous piece of grass was you. Then I would still feel as if there was a sliver of hope. If you, like this, managed to hook in that handsome bro, it would really boost the morale of all the single ladies in town too much.”

“Inner quality, notice my inner quality! So what if I’m like this? Just wait until I get Xiao Xi into my hand. I’ll be the first one to show my photo in Peking Uni’s BBS.”

“Haha, then you can win instant success. Right now, a lot of netizens are scolding university students pretty fiercely. They’ll scold Peking Uni students even more harshly. Your pic will definitely be able to be reposted numerous times. The heading will be “10 years of a female student from Peking Uni are just like a day of craziness. The males even cannot help but be forced to give themselves wholly to the gals for more happiness and good fortune”.”

I was so amused that I laughed. I looked back and saw Fang Yuke had already finished downloading the various softwares. He asked me: “Do you usually use xx or MSN?”

“xx, support domestic products!”

“Do you use outlook for emails or do you go directly to your 163 inbox?”

“I’ll use whichever is more convenient. I’ve never used outlook.”

“What browsers are you accustomed to using?”


“What kind of video player do you use?”



I felt he was doing this on purpose. Fine, just keep on showing off.

When Wang Jie heard this, she immediately walked in front of Fang Yuke: “Hello, can you help me look at my computer? My computer has been a little slow recently. I think it’s been infected by a virus.”

Fang Yuke nodded and said, “After a while, I can help you kill the virus. Wait just a moment. I have to help her download some things.” After he finished, he said to me, Don’t you usually read online novels? You can use XunLei to download it or use BT to download it. But it is a little bad for the computer, it is a mutual way, so—-”

I interrupted him: “Even if you say this, it is of no use. I don’t understand it. As long as I know how to download it and how to use it, I’ll be fine.”

Fang Yuke ignored me, and walked to Wang Jie’s computer to begin his work.

After he came back to examine my computer, my BT had already finished downloading. Peking Uni’s wifi was really quick. I double clicked on the downloaded file and turned around to say to Fang Yuke: “Isn’t it easy? After it’s downloaded, it can begin to play.”

Fang Yuke ignored me and only stared at the screen, as he looked at me.

On the screen, a guy and a girl were naked, as they moved around on the bed, the most important parts of the body revealed. I was startled, and immediately stood up. The mouse was also knocked onto the floor.”

A “Come on!!” sound came from the computer as well as other similar sounds.

My face was all distorted. At the side, a few dormmates came over, hearing the sounds. At this, I reacted and immediately took the mouse and tried to exit the screen but my hand shook too much and no matter how hard I tried to click on the red ‘x’ it was not successful.

The guy on the screen had already ejaculated, and the video ended. The total time was 1 min 10 sec.

My mouth was a little dry. I cleared my throat and said, “No wonder it was so quick. It turned out the file was so small, just a few megas. Haha.”

Fang Yuke didn’t speak.

At this, I realized that my words were a little prone to interpretation: “My meaning was, I originally didn’t know it was such a small file. No, I meant that I do not regret it, I wouldn’t have wanted a file that was longer. En, no this isn’t it. I meant that in the future, I don’t want to download these types of little files.”

Fang Yuke couldn’t help but laugh.

“Idiot.” Fang Yuke laughed, and came in front of my computer and deleted the video. Then he lowered his head and said to me: “This matter, is it, the heavens know of it, the earth knows of it, and you and I know of it?”

I nodded.

Fang Yuke suddenly became warm and said, “I just knew you would have a lot of problems. In the future, don’t download random things. If you want to look at anything, just tell me. I can download it and give it to you. I used to use MSN. I’ll register for a xx then. Oh.”

My ear was a little hot. Before, he had such a poisonous tongue that I knew how to react. But in a moment, he became so warm that I wasn’t used to it. Plus, the topic had arisen because of that video.

I touched my face and felt it was too hot. I immediately found an excuse and went to the bathroom to wash my face.

When I returned, Fang Yuke had already finished registering for xx. He looked at me, and had the cold-killer face again: “Your xx number?”

I gave him my password. He entered my password in. “Invincible King Kong Beautiful Maiden” became the only name in his Friends circle. I saw that his name was “Heart Jumps”.

Oh, please don’t make such a sentimental name, okay? Did watching that porn video make your heart jump so much that you had to call yourself this? I think in the future, you are going to think of the joke that happened just now, you little rascal. My shame, ah, my shame!

Thus, I said to him: “I’ve seen a lot of these videos. As a great boy, what is your heart jumping at? Quick, change your name.”

“None of your business. This is my freedom.” Fang Yuke disdainfully said. “Who knows who watched those type of videos.”

I felt that he had exposed my big talk. It was a little awkward. So I could only say: “I meant that I have already understood these matters. The passionate intercourse of a male and female is something that will happen sooner or later.”

I didn’t know when Julie came along, but the moment she heard what I said, she immediately glanced at me and then at Fang Yuke. At last, she couldn’t help but say: “Lin Lin, where did you go last night? Did it already happen? With who? Who? Who?” She hugged my two hands and began to shake it up and down.

I was a little dazed by all her shaking: “What what? Nothing happened. Just now, a very normal thing happened that should not have happened so I was just commenting on it with a few words.”

“Oh.” Julie was a little disappointed. She suddenly thought of something and said to Fang Yuke, “Lin Lin is a very traditional person. Don’t mind too much on the words she just said. Right Lin Lin?” Then, she confidently helped Fang Yuke reply: “But then again, no one will really notice your ideas.”

I was wholly defeated, so I raised my hand in surrender and said, “Heavens ah, please grant me my intact corpse.”

Fang Yuke laughed for a while and didn’t speak. He prepared to take his things and leave. I was conflicted for a long time on how to show my gratitude, so I decided to specially bring him to the cafeteria to eat dinner. Right as he left the dorm, I heard a very familiar voice say: “Yuke, why would you be here?” I turned and saw it was Ru Ting.

Heavens, why didn’t you even leave me with an intact corpse? You know that this encounter will cause this woman much resentment right?

I immediately smiled to Ru Ting and said, “What? Today I borrowed your Fang Yuke. I don’t really understand computers, so I had to trouble him to help me buy a computer. I didn’t have time to invite him for a meal. There’s nothing like the present, so why don’t we all go eat dinner today together.”

Ru Ting made a show of sudden realization: “Oh, Yuke is pretty great at computers. All right, where will we eat? Then I’ll hitchhike on Yuke’s portion and eat a meal from you.”

“Hitchhike then, feel free to hitchhike. I’ll let you take advantage of my willingness” I laughed. My heart was bleeding. I had just bought a computer when I was __ by someone. What kind of fate was this? “As for the place, you can arrange it.”

“All right. You guys are both Southerners. Then let’s go to Su Zhe Hui. It isn’t far from here. If we get a taxi, we can get there in 10 minutes.

F**k! Really cheating me of my money. Your guys in your household are really worth too much money, right? After a lot of time we’re just going to go to Su Zhe Hui and pay? I courageously laughed: “All right, let’s go to Su Zhe Hui.”

Fang Yuke suddenly said, “I’m hungry, we can eat whatever. Why must we get in a car to go to eat? Let’s just eat at school. I want to taste the broiled fish.”

  • The dish he is referring to is actually a famous dish made in Sichuan, broiled in hot chili oil

He was really worthy of being someone in the same hometown. When he had a goal, he chased after it. I pretended to be very conflicted: “Then what will I do? Then it’ll be too casual.”

Ru Ting looked at Fang Yuke. She looked a little unhappy but still said, “Then let’s eat at school.”

Thus, the three of us went to the school cafeteria.

It was exactly 12:00. The cafeteria was very noisy. In the high density environment, I quickly found a few classmates who were about to finish eating. I kept glaring at them until they couldn’t stand it and left quickly. The girl who was about to leave even said, “Do you let people even eat? Glaring at us like you’ve never seen food.” I pretended I didn’t hear it and quickly took my key out and threw it towards the table, proclaiming my sovereignty over the table to everyone. From far away, I waved my hand to Fang Yuke and Ru Ting, indicating that they should follow. Ru Ting leisurely walked over, like she was walking on a red carpet.

I kissed up to Ru Ting and waited her to sit. Then, I flatteringly asked: “What do you want to eat?” In fact, I really wanted to whip myself. The other party was so much more noble and grand. Why should I try to get the desired outcome in such a lowly way? Did I really look like a servant’s honor and glory? I didn’t do anything against her. At the most, I only borrowed Fang Yuke for half the day. Was it worth it?

Ru Ting lightly said, “Anything is fine. As long as it doesn’t have green onions, scallions, or garlic.”

F**k! All of these dishes have green onions, scallions, or garlic, okay? You really are picky.

I immediately said all right, “Then you wait here. I’ll wait in line and buy it.”

Fang Yuke also stood up and said to me: “I’ll go with you. Can you carry three people’s meals all by yourself?”

“You guys sit down. I can go. I can definitely carry it back.” I can even use my foot to carry it back. If you help me carry it, and give this noble lady the cold shoulder, can it be even clearer than that?

Fang Yuke ignored my words and walked towards the window without turning around.

As I watched Ru Ting’s face I began to panic. I didn’t dare say more words and quickly went in line to buy food. Fang Yuke asked me: “What do you want to eat?”

“Whatever.” I said absent-mindedly.

“There is no dish by the name of whatever.” Fang Yuke rebutted ruthlessly.

I could only choose a few dishes that didn’t have green onions, scallions or garlic: Chinese brocolli edible tree fungus, celery with lilies, vinegar on julienned potatoes, and eggs with tomatoes.

Fang Yuke glanced at me: “Did you really change into a vegetarian?”

“Nonsense, wasn’t it what your friend wanted to eat?”

Fang Yuke was a little unhappy: “How would you know what my friend wants to eat?” When he waited in line, he said to the chef: “Chef, I want two chicken legs, one meal of red braised pork, a meal of quick fried diced chicken, and another portion of tomatoes with eggs, and a meal of Chinese brocoli edible tree fungus.” Then, he put his food card into the machine.

I gave him my card: “Didn’t we agree that I would treat today?”

“I’ve said it before, I’m not used to letting girls treat.”

“I didn’t treat you to a meal, I want to treat Ru Ting and treat you to a meal while I’m at it, okay?”

Fang Yuke didn’t have any way to stop me so in the end, he compromised.

After we got our meals to the table, Ru Ting was finally a little impatient, but she couldn’t show it. She could only say: “Yuke, I’m a little thirsty. Go help me buy something to drink.”

Fang Yuke asked: “Do you want some? Let’s go buy it together.”

I shook my head.

Fang Yuke got up and went to go buy the drinks.

Ru Ting began to take out her napkin and wipe the table: “Yuke loves cleanliness. This table is definitely dirty to him.”

I thought of Fang Yuke wiping the table with a napkin before. This person was clean. These traits showed that these two people were predestined to be married to each other. People who don’t belong together don’t get to live together

Ru Ting saw I didn’t have anything of a reaction and could only follow with: “Have you noticed that Fang Yuke treats you in a special way?”

I didn’t know if I should ask this question back to her or ask a different question or answer it. If I answered it wrongly, I would create a huge trouble, so I could only throw the question back at her: “What do you think?”

“I think he is a pretty good person, always warm-hearted towards everyone.” Ru Ting continued to wipe the table.

Haha, if Fang Yuke was called a slightly mean guy, then no one would dare say they were a bastard. But so as not to attack her, I continued to say: “Really? Maybe it’s because he has been told to do so. My mom asked him, but maybe he still had some pressure. Haha. I don’t know if he’s good to other people. But he has a very good temperament.” When I got to here, I wanted to vomit. What was a good temperament? Bright eyes? High nose? White teeth? I began to laugh, minding my own business.

Fang Yuke grabbed a drink and came over. He bought a bottle of green tea for Ru Ting and bought a bottle of mineral water for me. This was the difference between a girlfriend and a friend. Fang Yuke asked: “What are you guys laughing about?”

Ru Ting drank a sip of tea: “Lin Lin said you have a good temperament.” Oh, it looked like this wise and virtuous nature was innate. If I was thirsty, I would definitely gulp it down. How was it possible to only drink a little sip?

Fang Yuke laughed as she asked me: “Where did you see this temperament from?”

I didn’t pretend: “From your black glasses, I can see that you have a lot of potential and a good temperament. Definitely.”

Ru Ting laughed: “Yuke, then if you break your glasses you’ll be a bad guy.”

“I won’t break my glasses randomly. I’m afraid my hotness would scare people away.”

Narcissism, narcissism, if you weren’t narcissistic, you wouldn’t be the devil.

Aside from Ru Ting’s guarding eyes, I ate the meal quite happily. The degree of grease on the chicken legs was appropriate, the red braised meat was very appropriate. I suddenly realized something and turned to Fang Yuke’s back: “Didn’t you want to eat braised Sichuan fish?”

Fang Yuke was thrown aback, and after a while he said, “I finished buying everything already. Next time.”

Ru Ting immediately asked: “Yuke, when did you begin to like eating fish?”

Fang Yuke ignored her.

I felt there was a burst of chilly wind between these two, and felt it was still best to slip away.

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