FM Chapter 58

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Written below is a report of the crime, that has been written by the author, Broken Brain, who was an eyewitness:

Fang Yuke is someone who planned a lot. In the beginning of May in the year ‘07, Fang Yuke finally firmly abandoned all his security measures that he had in place and went into battle with a real gun, successfully planting the primordial spirit of Fang Lei into Zhou Linlin’s uterus. In July, comrade Linlin faced hundreds of congratulations on their anniversary when she went into the lecture hall. In the bathroom, she vomited so badly that her complexion became green. At the same time, a beautiful man burst into the female washroom, the high spirited Fang Yuke. It is rumored that on that day, Headmaster Xu specially explained things to the cadets assigned to Fang Yuke, so as to allow him more time to take care of that pale girl. What a great headmaster who loves the common people as his own children~ Zhou Linlin had said something right. She could really have a queenly aura. Ever since she got pregnant, Fang’s family did things for her that even her brain cells, these endangered things, did not know how to do. Calls from overseas came in three times every day. And each time they would consider Zhou Linlin’s biological clock so as to avoid disturbing her while she slept.

Zhou Linlin somewhat needed a spanking. This life was too peaceful. Thus, she said to Fang Yuke, “Let’s wait awhile before we marry.” Fang Yuke planned to marry her after he got his diploma in July. July was the month Fang Yuke was born, and it was unlikely that they would be wearing the Muslim marriage dresses in weather so cold they would shiver. Zhou Linlin’s stomach also did not need to beat like a drum and influence the sense of beauty. The most important part was that the family of three entered the marriage hall. That would be so meaningful. For the preparations of throwing his whole self into the marriage, he passed the software company, which he started himself, over to his friend to manage on his behalf.

But, Zhou Linlin actually decided to unreasonably put forth this demand. But what could you do to help pregnant women? Fang Yuke got so angry, he fumed, but he could only lower himself and softly urge her, “People will turn their back on an unmarried mother.”

“It’ll be so exciting to be an unmarried mother.”

“Oh how much my parents really want you to marry in.”

“My parents don’t want to let me go.”

“Little Fang Lei will love his dad so much.”

“I’m birthing little Fang Lei and I’m raising him. What does it have to do with you?”

A pregnant woman’s temper was greater than it had been in the past. Fang Yuke couldn’t afford to provoke me so he could only find his mother-in-law to appeal for help. Zhou Linlin’s mother was an intrepid great wife. She directly took the household register and shoved it into Fang Yuke’s hand and sincerely said that it was okay if they had no marriage, but they definitely had to go get their certificates. Otherwise, even if they had a baby, it would still be an unregistered resident and she would be letting down her daughter’s son. It was like this that setting a date it was fine to let things just take their natural course. On the day Fang Yuke received the household register, Zhou Linlin was escorted by her mother to the Civil Administration Office like a prisoner. The Civil Administration Office asked Zhou Linlin if this was something she wanted. Zhou Linlin had great tears in her eyes as she agreed, with grievances. Today, Zhou Linlin didn’t eat, watching the windows for half the day all by herself. She refused to eat anything, regardless of what Fang Yu Ke said.

It was only when night came that Zhou Linlin suddenly said to Fang Yuke with a fierce face, “If you ever force me to get a divorce certificate, I’ll definitely hack you in half.”

Fang Yuke’s exploded into laughter and agreed. When Zhou Linlin’s stomach looked like it had some general facial features, Wen Tao came back from America and invited her to afternoon tea.Recently, Zhou Linlin had been so bored that the moment she heard about a gathering, she eagerly agreed. Before she went, she even wore a relaxed great long T-shirt and fiercely sucked in her stomach, buckling up skintight jeans. Looking in the mirror, she really couldn’t tell she was 4 months pregnant. Thus, Zhou Linlin openly sat in front of Wen Tao and drank tea. Wen Tao had mingled around in America a lot, and his looks were also more valiant and formidable. Even though these words were universally applicable for female heros, in view of Wen Tao’s attitude when he was frequently being mocked by Zhou Linlin, using these words to describe him fit him the most. Because now, Wen Tao did not wear stud earrings, and had changed to wearing glasses. Wen Tao said that the night sky gave him black glasses [1], but he used it to work at Bausch + Lomb. Zhou Linlin laughed like a beautiful woman, with her blushing and blooming appearance. She scarcely realized that her husband had made an appointment with a client and was also sitting down to tea. Due to Zhou Linlin’s laughter that was way too capable of penetrating the air. When Fang Yuke heard a familiar sound and looked back, he realised it was actually his own wife trying to claim connections with people of higher status. Fang Yuke was actually planning an event during his discussion, but even when he calmed his heart, he couldn’t speak with the client. He heard more peals of beautiful laughter that brightened the atmosphere. This scene was something that he would not forget for a long time. He could only cut the discussion short with the client. His eyes followed the client out before he calmly walked near Zhou Linlin. From one glance, he could tell she was wearing skintight jeans and he was so mad he almost beat someone up. His fists clenched many times before he calmed down. Right now she was a pregnant woman, and there was always the possibility of a miscarriage. For Fang Lei’s sake, he would first endure it.

He took two steps forward and patted Zhou Linlin’s shoulder, deliberately using heavier tones to remind her that, until she gave birth to the child, she shouldn’t run around everywhere. If she really wanted to meet up with old classmates, she should wait for another day when he was at home, then she could invite them over to the apartment. As he said this, Wen Tao’s eyebrows cocked. Zhou Linlin looked at Fang Yuke like she had seen a ghost. Her heart grumbled, ‘he appears and disappears unpredictably, and scaring pregnant women isn’t good.’

Under Fang Yuke’s watch, she falsely laughed and invited him to visit their apartment. Wen Tao could only be compelled to visit their little home.

In the apartment, Fang Yuke first shoved Zhou Linlin into a room to change into a skirt for pregnant women, and he even took this opportunity to bite her ear a few times, as punishment.

When they walked into the kitchen, Fang Yuke pettily gave Wen Tao a cup of unboiled water, and he even brought him to look at their marriage certificates.

In the past, when Zhou Linlin looked at the marriage photos by herself and clasped her hands, Fang Yuke would always secretly laugh at her. Right now, he had finally understood the beautiful meaning of a marriage certificate — there was no better way to provoke a love rival. Zhou Linlin changed into new clothes and wanted to interrupt, but Fang Yuke forced her to go into the kitchen to boil some water. The heavens pitied classmate Zhou Linlin as she stared at the electrical water dispenser’s electrical outlet in the living room area She didn’t quite understand how to boil water in the 21st century. There weren’t any traditional boiling pots. Fang Yuke fiercely glared at her and pouted towards the kitchen. Zhou Linlin could only enter the kitchen and secretly wander towards the bathroom. She opened the water faucet up to its highest heat and then she filled up a full pot. In the bathroom, she hesitated for a long time before slowly walking out and handing the water pot to Fang Yuke. Fang Yuke warmly added water for him and Wen Tao. Zhou Linlin wanted to say something but she was incited by Fang Yuke to go downstairs and buy milk. Wen Tao could not stay and got up to say good bye. Fang Yuke neutrally told him that when he had time, he should come over more often.

Wen Tao had just left when Fang Yuke especially happily sat down and drank a cup of water, his legs crossed, extremely proud with himself.

Zhou Linlin at the other side, could only tell him that the water he was drinking was actually bath water. Fang Yuke sprayed Zhou Linlin’s face with water.

When Zhou Linlin gave birth to the baby, the whole hospital shook. Her yelling was rather mournful as she wailed like ghosts and howled like wolves. Among these yells, one was “Fang Yuke, you bastard.” The other half was shouting “Fang Lei, get out for your mother’s sake and don’t lose face for this old woman!”

The handsome Fang Yuke was leaning by the bed, his hand about to bleed from the strength Linlin was biting him with.  He even docilely said, “ Yep, I’m a bastard. Fang Lei, be obedient and don’t let your mother be in pain, otherwise all the nurses in the hospital will cry.” He even bought lunch for her. In the end, the doctor came out from the labor room and actually said, “The fetus position is incorrect. I reckon that it will be a difficult birth.”

The Fang Yuke waiting outside the door actually went blank, as he subconsciously said, “You must save the adult, you definitely have to save the adult.”

The doctor looked at Fang Yuke with disdain. He had watched too many dramas right? Was it up to you whether we can save the mother or the child? It’ll depend on the circumstances at the scene.

Fang Yuke stared even more blankly, his tears falling as he leaned against the surgery room door, really just like a 8 star rated drama.

The people in the hospital heard the female wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves, but now they also heard a male wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves. In the end, they were almost about to go crazy. When the surgery door opened, Fang Yuke had already sat on the floor, not getting up for quite a while. The doctor could only lean over and tell him that both the mother and child were safe. After that, Fang Yuke weakly lay against Zhou Linlin’s body for most of the day. He barely even glanced at their weak Fang Lei. This father was really not doing this duty properly.

The month Zhou Linlin stayed in the hospital, Fang Yuke gave his whole company to his partner to run, as he acted like a guardian to a patient. When Zhou Linlin woke, she was vexed when she saw Fang Yuke. She wanted to see Fang Lei. Fang Lei was still in the NICU room, and Zhou Linlin couldn’t move at all so Fang Yuke was in a difficult situation. Zhou Linlin thought that Fang Lei didn’t survive, and that Fang Yuke was hiding it from her, so colorless tears ran down her face.

Fang Yuke hugged her for a long time, before he discovered her thoughts. The next day, he let someone get a video recorder, as he crazily ran to the NICU room for a video recording. Zhou Linlin grabbed his hand, emotional, as she said, “It must have been difficult for you to make this up. Really, you are also emotional about it, right? You even have to fake a smile in front of me. Look at your chin of stubble. How does it look like arriving home to a happy occasion?” Fang Yuke suffered from pent-up frustrations, so he could only run crazily back to the doctor and ask for the birth certificate early. Only then was the subject dropped.

As he waited for Fang Lei and Zhou Linlin to come back from the hospital it was already the beginning of April in the year ‘08. Zhou Linlin’s maternity confinement month had been passed completely in the hospital. The first day she came back, she immediately bathed and touched the scar on her stomach. She felt a bit depressed, but what made her more depressed was that Fang Lei had an even more unbridled disposition than she had. As long as Zhou Linlin fell asleep, that rascal would definitely start crying. When Zhou Linlin couldn’t bear it, she wanted to kick this bundle of cloth to her mother. But Fang Yuke wouldn’t allow it. As long as Fang Lei got mad, he would obediently go bring him to the kitchen to allow Zhou Linlin lie on the bed alone and fall back to sleep.

Gradually, Fang Lei got closer with his father. When he saw Fang Yuke, he would laugh. His pair of eyes shone just like Fang Yuke.

Zhou Linlin began to feel a sense of crisis. Thus, she secretly bought some toys to bribe her son. But even if the toys were great, it couldn’t beat the stimulation his dad provided when he spun him around in the air. Thus, Zhou Linlin decided that she would sleep separately from Fang Yuke. He had the small room while she and Fang Lei slept in the big room. This was the most poisonous woman’s heart. She, Zhou Linlin had a plan to sow dissension. But in the middle of the night, Fang Lei wouldn’t stop crying, so she could only open Fang Yuke’s door and let Fang Yuke decide if he would change his diaper, and wipe his butt, etc. Fang Yuke laughed, his face full of treachery as he said, “Look at you guys. Both of you are completely incapable of living without me.”

[1] a poet called Gu Cheng said this when he went out to see the world

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