FM Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Get out, Get out

Holding on to the rice paddle, I felt that it was completely unreal. Just now, when I was in the supermarket, I was like someone who had nothing bothering them. Just casually picking my groceries off the shelves. When I was being pulled along by him in my delirious state of mind, aside from the fact that he would occasionally turn his head with a strange grin on his face, giving me a bit of reaction, my eyes were still lifeless. Someone, take me away please. Have I not been living on this earth for many years? Why would he, for no reason, go and take the 35cm long Sophie menstrual pad, even picking up some Jisspal tampons as well!!!!!

After taking all that, why would he flash them in front of me. And, after flashing them, he still wanted to say sinisterly, “Do you have the feeling of security now?” Fang YuKe, for a dignified person like yourself, your beastly heart is one hundred percent in heat! In front of this big group of people, the fact that I could still calmly make the scrambled eggs with fresh tomatoes, forced me to praise myself. When all was said and done, in the face of my strong determination, for some unknown reason, Fang YuKe still managed to bewitch me. This evildoer leisurely lingered around the entrance of the kitchen, watching me. I was already too lazy to draw a distinct line. When did he become so annoying…… After awhile, Fang YuKe walked into the kitchen and put the bowls of Ajisen Ramen on the table. He said softly into my ear, “We’ll eat the scrambled eggs with fresh tomatoes tonight, okay?” Big brother, can you get further away from me? Why do you have to use such a deep and low, magnetic voice to whisper in my ear for this kind of domestic conversation?

I wiped my face, sighing heavily. I looked directly at Fang YuKe, “You should go sit outside. You should know my cooking abilities. I should prepare some delicious wheat noodles.” That’s good, my tone was normal, I was speaking steadily, nothing was out of the ordinary. However, Fang YuKe said something extremely sweet, “No problem, I love to eat anything that you make.” My heart was going to beat out of my chest. God, could it be that he’s been possessed? This is clearly not him, okay? Where is that sharp-tongued Fang YuKe, the one who finds joy in making fun of me? My dish of scrambled eggs with tomatoes was just as disgusting as it always was. Seeing that Fang YuKe was so honestly expressing his love for my cooking, I specially put all the  scrambled eggs into his bowl. I wasn’t hungry so drinking soup was enough. Fang YuKe did not reject it at all, he just obediently sat opposite me wordlessly, eating noodles with his head down.

I secretly looked him over. Nothing had changed. When holding chopsticks, he only used his thumb and forefinger. He still had his calm and leisurely way of eating noodles, using a fork to twirl the noodles as if they were spaghetti. It was just that his face looked like he had lost some weight, his chin had sharpened by quite a bit, when we hugged, it was easy for it to rest on my shoulder……Thinking on this point, I couldn’t help but blush, hiding my face inside the bowl, drinking the soup with large gulps. Fang YuKe raised his head, smiling as he watched me drink the soup. This was already the N+1 time that Fang YuKe had smiled at me. What was really  draining my lifeforce was this smile that was both smug and perverted. It caused me to panic, and I acted like I didn’t see it, continuing to drink my soup. However, if I were to drink anymore, I would turn into a ball…… In the end, I couldn’t take it anymore, I looked up only to come face to face with his burning hot gaze, causing me to look away with a fluster. It was just like the storyline in my romance novel that I read for years, these eyes were both seductive and licentious. I wasn’t a woman who had big breasts and no brain. I had no breasts, and I also had no brain…… So… my brain experienced chaos once again, and I bit down on the edge of my chopsticks and stared at the corner of the walls. Fang YuKe laughed, “Idiot, are there mice running along the wall? You’ve already stared at it for five whole minutes, even if there were mice, they would already find it embarrassing under your stare.” I pulled the chopsticks out from my mouth and glared at him, “Then you’ve stared at me for so long, why haven’t you considered the fact that I would also feel embarrassed?”

Fang YuKe leaned against the back of the chair, murmuring, “Because I already thought that there would no longer be a time when we would be able to eat together like this. I’m afraid that it would be like the previous time, where you said you were full and didn’t want to eat, turning your head around and running off, never to return.” I looked at him, waiting for him to finish speaking. The man that I loved was telling me right now that he was afraid that I would leave, just like how I was afraid that he would leave. Fang YuKe continued on to say, “Idiot, for what reason would me not telling you that I was leaving the country cause you to think that I wanted to slip away? If the heart would follow the body when one slipped away, I would have left long ago. Brat, you really cause me no end of troubles. You give me more difficulty than any problem. You always come up with something that doesn’t follow natural reasoning, you love to make things difficult, you always follow your heart and do as you please. I can’t restrict you but I don’t want you to run too far. If I’m too good to you, I’m afraid that you will get fidgety, but if I’m not good to you, I’m afraid that you will fall in love with somebody else. You still dare to tell me that you lack a sense of security? Brat, you yourself are someone who’s like a tiny rocket, but you flip it around and blame me, saying that you’re not.” He brushed his hands against my hair, Fang YuKe packed up the dishes and entered the kitchen. I trailed behind him because I loved listening to him speak, listen to him contemplate his problems, listen to him contemplate about how much of himself to exert or hold back, listen to him grumble about me.

It appeared, wow, that this man loved me so much more than I loved him. It was like a tap had been opened. The tiny drops of water were overflowing the bowl. Fang YuKe gently said, “I didn’t want to tell you about the emigration because I didn’t want you to overthink it. My parents have been thinking about migrating for many years. This year, when they mentioned to me about migrating, the first thing I thought about was you. I thought that if I wanted to migrate, I wanted to bring you with me. But you wouldn’t learn English properly and it really caused me to worry. I wanted you to learn English properly but you kept making a fuss. From the very beginning, you didn’t like doing this kind of things. Me forcing you to do it caused you to hate me. I thought that when you met up with that internet friend, it was possible that you were planning to leave me and so sent me that breakup text. You even earnestly asked me to break up face to face. At first I wanted to talk to you about the issue of leaving the country, but you rudely and unreasonably demanded for a breakup. Did you know that it really hurt my feelings?” I muttered apprehensively, “It’s already a breakup, what’s the point of thinking about whether or not feelings will get hurt? If there were feelings, then what’s the point of breaking up?” Fang YuKe suddenly looked really fierce, saying, “Then why did you want to break up?” Hey, the wheel had already rolled to your side but you want to roll it back to me. I passed a towel over to him, watching him clean his long fingers, “Didn’t you, two hours ago, run over to tell me that you wanted to leave the country?”

“You didn’t care about me so why couldn’t I go help my parents decide a date on which to migrate? Don’t tell me that I couldn’t go ease my heart, to ignore a cruel and unscrupulous little thing like you? Good for you, you happily went to sing karaoke with others. You still want me to touch my heart and speak, but what about your own heart, what about your conscience?”

Hey, this government official had set a fire but the commoner was not allowed to light a lantern? I retorted, “Didn’t you also go and sing karaoke?”

“Did I eyecandy like you did at your place? My place was only filled with guys, but what about you? When I entered your room, you were holding that Wang YiMo’s face in your hands.  What were you doing?”

“Uh……. kissing……. I’d lost while playing a game.” I hurriedly explained. This explanation appeared to upset Fang Yu Ke  quite a bit. His face turned completely black, as if a thunderous rainstorm was about to start, “Zhou Linlin, I’m warning you, if you play these kinds of games in the future, don’t blame me for being impolite and throwing you directly in detention!”

“I’m so afraid, afraid……” I patted my chest, and put on an expression of fear, provoking him with my eyes. This was good, I had thoroughly enraged Fang YuKe, who was glaring daggers at me. Snickering, I put my hands to my forehead, imitating the horns of a bull and stuck out my tongue at him. It was childish, but it was also really fun.

Fang YuKe suddenly and craftily pulled my hand, “You don’t believe me, do you? After I execute it once, you’ll believe me.” After saying this, he pulled me into the room. Damn, don’t tell me he’ll really lock me in detention? We had laws that we abide by in this country, this kind of action was called unlawful detainment……

Fang YuKe threw me onto the bed, smiling as he unbuttoned the buttons on his clothes. I only began to react as I watched him. This was clearly the vulgar smile of the son of an official who was going to take liberties with an innocent woman. I bit onto my tongue and said, “Huang Yu Kou, don’t go too far, or else I will commit suicide by biting off my tongue.” Fang YuKe leisurely said, “If you want to bite your own tongue, why don’t you bite mine instead?”

“Sss……” I sucked in a breath, this guy wasn’t vulgar, he was exceptionally vulgar. Fang YuKe’s shirt was already undone, revealing his sexy collarbone. Wow, there was also his pectoral muscles, and his six pack……

No problem, no problem, I’ll just pretend that he’s going for a swim. Definitely, definitely, cannot have a nosebleed. I continued to negotiate with him, “Fang YuKe, you have to calm down. Impulse is the devil……” Fang YuKe smiled as he said, “I’ve always been the devil. You can just treat yourself as a angel, that will be enough.” I could only raise my little white flag in surrender, “I was wrong, I was wrong. In the future I will never kiss anybody okay?” But Fang YuKe shook his head, “Not okay, you still have to kiss me……” In bed, Fang Yu Ke was really 100% a pervert. I heavily suspected that in the past when I had tried to seduce him, he was just pretending to be a gentleman. Now that he was horny to this extent, it had really caused me to have an accident. He lay down on my body, treating me as some kind of soft cushion, looked down at my low grin. I saw my reflection in his eyes. I was bewitched and my face got really hot. I used my finger to poke his clean and bright skin, laughing drily, “Your skin is so good, what kind of soap do you use? Let me use it too.” Fang Yu Ke looked at me extremely seriously, “I use plain water, these few days I’ve also used some aftershave. What do you want it for?”

Hehe, this was really funny…… I looked at him embarrassedly, and over ten thousand schemes formulated in my head: God of purity, God of purity, quickly give me something to talk about or else a major event is going to take place.

Fang YuKe magnanimously continued to lie on me, burying his head beside my ear. I felt that this kind of action would catch fire very easily, and I leaned my head to the side, increasing my distance from him. However, he clung on and moved even closer. He hadn’t moved much but he only put his head near my own. I could smell his lemon scent; it was fresh, clean and tranquil, very much unlike my heart. This silence carried on for almost 10 minutes and I wondered whether or not I would get squashed flat. Especially my tiny chest, which had no ability to stand up. It was quickly going to be squashed into nonexistence. I curled my body, wanting to turn to the side to shift a little bit in order to get some breath, but Fang YuKe’s voice unexpectedly came from beside my ear, “Idiot, don’t move.”

Am I not supposed to move just because you tell me not to move? I insisted on moving. Fang YuKe’s porcelain white face suddenly turned a little red, exerting all his strength to massage my head. He sighed, “Really an idiot. If it catches fire, you have to take responsibility.” After saying this, he used place my hand on his lower body. Wow, I couldn’t not say it, this was really a magnificent feat, wow, really magnificent. My face grew really hot, like it had gone a few rounds in a microwave oven. Fang YuKe said softly beside my ear, “That day when I’d drank too much and did this to you, were you afraid, were you flustered?”

Big brother, right now I’m also feeling very afraid, very flustered, there’s no need for you to talk about that time when you were drunk. I looked at the orange lights on the ceiling, secretly looking sideways at the him who was beside me. Under the orange glow, his supple skin, the texture of his skin was evidently manly, super sexy. Big brother, I’m really very flustered. Fang YuKe continued to say, “On that day when I was drunk, when I saw you come over I was extremely, extremely happy. Although I didn’t know why you had come, I was still extremely ecstatic. I wanted you to become a part of me, I wanted you to steadfastly follow after me, I wanted to kiss you, I wanted to hug you, and I was unable to control myself. But you said that we’d broken up, what was thepoint of doing this, this made me……”

Fang YuKe paused for awhile, as if he was relieving some bad memories, “You were always so foolish but how come you had to become so smart at that time? You clearly knew what would provoke me, and you just had to come and challenge it. It was like you had cruelly doused me with cold water, catching me completely off guard, if your family’s Fang Lei could never come out in the future would you be able to take responsibility?”

Wow…… I continued to maintain my silence…… Wasn’t this called my last heroic attempt…… Fang Yu Ke nodded his head slightly and gave me a peck on the cheek, “In the future, you’re not allowed to say ‘break up’, do you understand? In the future, it’s okay if we fight, it’s okay if we have a cold war, but you’re never allowed to raise the idea of a break up. If you leave me, who else would be able to handle your temper?” I looked at Fang Yu Ke, his eyes held traces of resentment, heartache and tenderness. I shook my head, “No way.” Fang YuKe pulled my cheek, “Why?” I said angrily, “Ah, don’t pull my face. My face is already nice and round, if you pull anymore it will turn flat.”

Fang YuKe slapped my head, “Then you need to tell me why. Do you still want to break up with me? Where will you go to look for a guy as handsome as me, you have the heart to throw Fang Lei away?”

I said unsatisfactorily, “You still haven’t even properly explained the situation of you leaving the country. You still haven’t told me who that evil female spirit is, why should I agree to this? When I came to your place that day, why did that evil female spirit open the door?”

Fang YuKe stared blankly, his eyes filled with warmth, “You dare to call her an evil female spirit?” I angrily snorted, “This is me being polite, I haven’t even called her a vixen.” “Then do I dare to ask what kind of adulterous acts she has done?”

I’d thought about her actions in my heart countless times, but I’d yet to come up with a proper conclusion. I could only say with a bit of embarrassment, “Because she wore a red colored leather overcoat that looked like it was made of wolf skin[1].” Beside me came the sounds of Fang YuKe’s deep laughter. I glared at him, “You should quickly explain……”

Fang YuKe sat up, saying as he looked at me “I actually wanted to tell you about this later on, but you really won’t let me catch a break. She’s my cousin. I’m fluent in English because I’d stayed over at her family’s place for a period of time when I was in primary school. Because of work, my parents also speak fluent English. They have been helping my family migrate. My dad has been letting me handle my school transfer procedures, and I’ve really been hesitating over whether or not to tell you. I wanted to bring you over but I was afraid that you would not be able to stand the loneliness over there. After all, their culture is different and it would not be easy to find close friends. Furthermore, your family is here. We haven’t graduated, and the situation was not yet ripe. It wouldn’t be right that the first time I entered your house to greet your parents  I would be telling them that I wanted to bring their daughter out of the country. As a result, I discussed with my dad about whether or not it was possible for me not to migrate. After this, I would ask for your opinion before continuing to plan. However, I was worried that it would be difficult to convince my dad so I prepared a two-fold operation. First, I would help you properly learn English, as well as call in for backup. If those old folks understood me, there was no need for me to tell you about these things. If they didn’t agree, I would use my cousin’s strength to advise my dad. My dad treats my cousin as if she were his child, her words are far more effective than mine.”

I was deeply enthralled in what he said. That evil female spirit, no, that woman was actually his cousin…… furthermore, she was a person who Fang YuKe’s dad loved even more than Fang YuKe. I was still suspicious, “Then why did you not explain it to me at that time? If you’d just said it plainly, that would be that.” “Because I was afraid that my cousin would think that you were Ru Ting. If she had asked Ru Ting or had said anything about Ru Ting at that time, it would be hard for me to fix the situation.”

In my heart, I really thought that Fang YuKe had overestimated my English comprehension abilities. Basically, in front of your cousin, I was a deaf person.

Fang YuKe continued on to say, “You have always felt this weird sense of inferiority towards Ru Ting. Although you never said it, I could tell. You always had this unnecessary sense of inferiority when you were in her presence. It was just that she had interacted with me when she was younger but you were always so timid. I was afraid that if I let you know that my cousin and Ru Ting were acquaintances, you would go on a rampage again. Ru Ting has a special kind of relationship with my family so she’s knows my cousins’ family quite well. Although my cousin has never met Ru Ting, but she has always treated Ru Ting as if she were her cousin-in-law. Of course the problem also lies with me because when I’d spoken to her about my love life, I’d never mentioned your name. You should know that foreigners also won’t pry into other’s love life. Since she didn’t ask, I also didn’t volunteer any information. That day, I’d asked her out to the restaurant because I wanted to talk to her a bit about your situation, wanting her to think of a way to talk to my dad. I wanted to wait until my cousin had helped me fix this situation so that I could peacefully stay in this country for at least a few more years without needing to let you know about the issue with Ru Ting. Who could have known  that I would accidentally run into you meeting your internet friend over there, and the outcome of the situation exceeded my expectations.”

“What is the special relationship that Ru Ting has with your family?”

“A kind of gratitude from the past. Her family had saved my family’s life, so they are our saviors.” As Fang YuKe said each sentence, I became increasingly uncomfortable, “So won’t your parents really hate me? I didn’t let you marry your savior family’s princess, letting you devote your heart to her, neither did I let you smoothly migrate.  Wouldn’t I be the rumored femme fatale?”

Fang YuKe looked at me warmly. He broke out into a charming smile, “You think you are a femme fatale? You’re just the soul of a vixen.”  I decided to put the problem of my parents-in-law into the hands of Fang YuKe. Thus I solemnly said to him “Fang YuKe, you’re in charge of settling the issue with your parents while I strive to settle the issue with my parents!”

My parents would probably hug onto your thigh, begging you with tears in their eyes to marry me…… Fang Yu Ke suddenly looked at me mischievously, smiling extremely smugly, “Before settling the issue with your parents, I need to first settle you.”

On the second day, when the sunshine shone through the curtains, I opened my eyes and saw Fang YuKe’s serene face.

I closed my eyes and opened my eyes but it was still Fang YuKe. I felt that there was a reason behind the ache that I felt all over my body. Ah….. I’d finally….. With him…… That thing……. Fang YuKe suddenly opened his eyes, looking at me drowsily. His voice carried a trace of exhaustion as he greeted me, “Morning~”

I scratched my head, huddling into the quilt. Yup, I really wasn’t wearing any clothes. Resentfully, I stuck my head out from underneath. Half a day had gone by, and I stuck my head back underneath again. Yup, Fang YuKe was also not wearing any clothes……  However, right now, I really didn’t feel like getting out……. Fang YuKe’s voice came from outside of the quilt, “It’s time to wake up and brush your teeth.” I was currently lamenting my step into the adult world. Last night, I didn’t get the opportunity to properly examine, so I wanted to compensate for it.

If I managed to experience the so-called daily naked man, I would have a nosebleed every night~~. This model was right in front of my eyes, it was a waste not to look at it! Fang YuKe’s hand grabbed onto my arm, pulling me out from under the quilt. He pinched my nose, “Still shy? Don’t hide under the quilt anymore.”

Fang YuKe, you really don’t understand me well. I wanted it to be exactly like a soap opera. If I pulled the quilt right to the pit of my stomach in a flurry, my name would no longer be called Zhou Linlin. I laughed with a hehe, “Just now in the dark, I was appreciating your body. Compared to the bright light, it was more dusky. I suggest that you stand up to do a catwalk in front of me and let this young lady broaden her horizons.” A hand slapped my butt. Fang Yu Ke narrowed his eyes and looked at me, “It seems that you’ve got a bit of energy. If you have energy then you should settle that birds’ nest on your head. Also, the gum in your eyes, oh, and you should wash the saliva by the side of your mouth.” He really knew how to ruin the mood. And so, I got up with that birds’ nest on my head, magnanimously walking like a model for Fang YuKe in order to let him broaden his horizons.

[1] Vixen in chinese is directly translated to Wolf spirit.

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