FM Chapter 29

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Disfigured (2)

Note before you begin chapter: All words in italics were originally in English

In the night time I was thinking through whether I should put on a facial mask and try it, when Wen Tao called.

“Springboard, come downstairs. I have to speak to you.”

I hadn’t replied yes or no, before he hung up.

F**k, I was still a patient in any case. Don’t you know how to take care of a patient’s state of mind?!

I wore my mask and immediately went downstairs. I was afraid that he would wait too long in front of our dorm , and meet some roommate.

Wen Tao had already changed into a loose T-shirt, as well as loose fitting pants. He appeared very indolent, and laid-back.

I complained to him: “Why did you hang up on my phone? What if I didn’t come downstairs?”

Wen Tao pretended he had been treated unjustly and yelled: “When did I hang up on you? It was you who became so happy that I called you that you couldn’t stop smiling and repeatedly pressed on the hang up button.”
My head wasn’t dumb. This kind of a person who immediately turned to scold other people boldly made me most mad! My head was only a little bloated at the most, okay?

Wen Tao smiled mischievously: “Springboard, let’s go on a date.”

In my impressions, besides this afternoon’s chance encounter,the last time I had met him was at the birthday party. After a whole month, how could I still have these types of thoughts?

I took off my mask: “Has anyone told you that you have a masochistic tendency? Look at this face full of chafing. Do you have an urge to kiss it?”

Wen Tao said, “Why did your thoughts get so far away? I only mentioned a date. Who wants to kiss you now?”

“Then why would you say such a sensitive word like date? Dates are only limited to boyfriends and girlfriends.” I fumed, feeling that I had been trolled again.

Wen Tao took a mask and put it on and said, “Leave.”

I hastily asked: “Why are you wearing a mask? Do you have aphthous fever? Where should I go at this time of night? I’m not going anywhere.”

“One person wearing a mask is so lonely. I am gathering more people for you and accompanying you.” Wen Tao lazily replied, “I’ll bring you somewhere to dispel your cares. Aren’t you afraid you’ll mold from staying in the house all day? Right now, even if you stripped naked and stood in front of me, I wouldn’t be interested. What are you afraid of? If there’s someone that should be afraid, it should be me.”
Unable to restrain my anger, I said, “Who is about to strip naked in front of you? Don’t think that your love is reciprocated.”

Wen Tao laughed and gestured with his hand: “Don’t give me any jaw” (translation: Don’t chatter away anymore)” I was dragged away by Wen Tao when we stopped at a place not far from the dorm. I was still resentful that he had given me English. The main point was that I had not yet understood it: “Why are you so unpatriotic? If you don’t have anything to do, why would you speak in English?”

Wen Tao said, “If you speak German, are you loving your country? Plus, when have you been patriotic?”

I looked down: “When domestic goods are discounted…..”

The outside air was definitely fresher than the dorm. I spread my arms, and breathed in deeply..

Wen Tao said at the other side: “Springboard, why don’t you like me?”

Here we go again. Wen Tao was best at saying vague words related to love and feelings over and over again at any time. If he didn’t say it, it would be as like the atmosphere was suffering.

I answered his question with a question: “What is most important to you?”

Wen Tao replied: “Affection, love, schoolwork, and my future job.”

“Why do you not think the air is the most important? Every moment you live on this planet, you have never left it.”

Wen Tao seemed a little unclear on the circumstances.

I continued: “Wen Tao, many people have many affairs. To us, they are all very important. But not everyone will be engraved in our memories. If you think that I am a very important figure in your life, I hope that I can be like air, and that I may be occasionally mentioned, but it is unnecessary to be constantly remembering me or hanging me [from a thread].”

Wen Tao sadly looked at my eyes: “Which novel is this from? You’re not suited to say such profound words.”

I forced a laugh: “Why is it that every time I want to laugh heartily, the grandfather’s sister role in a comedy will appear? Plays that are staged always make these characters supporting characters. The moment I was born, I suffered from all the “motherland’s flowers” education system. After I grew up, I want to learn how to be an actor who plays supporting roles, on the contrary. Only when I am depressed for a moment, can I break away from the female who always has to try to fit in.”

Wen Tao laughed and said, “The example you just used shows that you’re very greedy. You compared yourself to air, to make it so that without you, I can’t live on. If you think like this, then just say it. I won’t refuse anyone.”

I wanted to protest coquettishly, but I really wasn’t that type of person. I could only coarsely and angrily say: “Love yourself, all right~~”

Wen Tao earnestly said, “Zhou Lin Lin, I hope that one day you can still see your thoughts so clearly. Otherwise, I will take advantage of this void and enter.”

I laughed: “Because I have never had any notions. Of course, it is easy to see through it all. Whoever is the same as you, a belly full of evil tricks, and who always spoils me (TL: In a bad way) until I don’t even know what I want.”

Wen Tao wanted to argue when Fang Yuke brought out a bag of medicine in front of us. Enemies inevitably clash on a narrow road. The gunpowder scent from the two of them hadn’t been scattered yet.
Right now, they were once about to meet again. This time, Yuke was extremely quiet. After he gave the medicine to me, he quietly persuaded me: “Remember to apply medicine” when he walked back to his dorm.

Wen Tao wasn’t afraid of inconveniences when he sought him, but he was only afraid of annoying insufficient great people. He sneered: “Complaining woman.”

Fang Yuke turned, and blue veins that popped out on his forehead could clearly be seen due to his resentfulness from under the street light.

Wen Tao poured oil onto the fire: “To what woman is this man flinging an expression of a blamed woman? If you have the skill, then come fight for it yourself. Don’t pretend that everyone owes you something. If you’re weak, then just admit it. Why do you even have to pretend that you’ve been wronged?”

I thought that Wen Tao was a bit excessive. Originally, we were perfectly all right and nothing had happened but he just had to pull some things over to quarrel about. Fang Yuke looked a little delicate and pretty but how could he sink down into the state of a blamed woman? Plus, when the two of them had just gotten acquainted, didn’t Wen Tao have a lot of poise?

Fang Yuke’s voice was very soft, but they were powerful and resonating: “Many things cannot rely on recklessness and thus be completed. The passion in a moment can only descend into ashes earlier. Also, please do not assess other people carelessly, especially people you’ve only known for two months. Based on what are you allowed to judge the feelings I’ve had for 15 years? Do you think that if you have a little specialized knowledge, you can observe other people’s capabilities, and thus understand her completely? You are absolutely only divulging your feelings, hardly not taking into consideration the feeling of the audience. Will you bring about more complications for her? In the end, you are only a selfish person.”

Wen Tao applauded: “You finally said it.Haven’t you been stifled to the utmost? You say that I’m selfish, and I won’t deny it. However, for the feelings route, how are you selfless? You said your feelings for fifteen years are deep and warm, but the way you’ve sucked them back into your stomach just makes them equivalent to nothing.”
Fang Yuke coldly laughed: “I have made you worry about my matters.”
I took advantage of this silent moment to ask: “These two debaters, may I take the liberty of interrupting for a moment. Does what you’re talking about have anything to do with me?”
At this, Fang Yuke and Wen Tao spoke in unison: “It doesn’t concern you!”

When I returned to the dorm, I began to remember their conversation. The two of them had quarrelled, as it continued intensifying, and as a veteran and staff member of gossip, I had actually not understood it. I could only wring my hands and sigh at my high skill that was not as good as the past. The so called curious heart had killed cats. I slowly sat down on top of a bed, meditating and analyzing: When a dispute had arisen between the two men, if it wasn’t economic benefits, it was probably interpersonal relationships. The former was impossible which meant that it was the latter. From my intuition, this matter seemed to have something to do with me. Fang Yuke couldn’t have been talking about knowing Wen Tao when he said that he hadn’t known “her” for two months, right? I had known Wen Tao for exactly a month. But, then what did this “15 years” mean? I analyzed it, and deduced two possibilities.

First possibility: Fighting and scheming, two faced version of Wen Tao: Fang Yuke has known a first love that has spanned for fifteen years, and it was also the Ru Ting that Wen Tao set his eyes on. Maybe, before the birthday party, he had just known Ru Ting, and drooled at her good looks. When he saw my invitation, evilness was born, and he made use of my male companion identity to sneak into the party, and merge as he created a diversion and said he liked me, to make Ru Ting relax her vigilance, and to approach her more easily. Fang Yuke could not convey his pleasure, and had never confessed up to now. He had only used his proximity to obtain favor, and up to now, he had not made her and him an item, which made Wen Tao look down on him on the spot. Ultimately, the two people drew their daggers, as the male wanderer lifted his head towards a reign of terror.

Second possibility: BL dominant strong sufferer version. Ru Ting and I were reduced to their provoking tools. They only sounded out the other person’s bottom line, while betraying and hating each other, when emotions were really the things that were fighting. The male wanderers of the Jianghu [1] still lifted their heads to a battle that would incur a reign of terror. Ultimately, the conclusion was whoever OOXX [2] the other person by force. As for who was really who’s XX, and who was who’s OO, that would be worthy of research.

After considering the probability of both sides, I decided to send a text to both Fang Yuke and Wen Tao.

To Fang Yuke: S.H.E. has a song called 《Not Yet Lovers》. Inside, there are some lyrics that say “Be braver, and I will walk with you”, even though Wen Tao spoke anxiously, he is still very reasonable: Feelings cannot be suppressed in the heart. After you say them, maybe the ending will be extremely different. Fighting! I support you, brother! No, concubine!

To Wen Tao: That…..I’ve seen 《Unidentified Punishment by the Lakeside》, and I know that in this society, homosexuality assumes many unbearable responsibilities. They don’t bird you but I will. You have to love each other~~~

When I finished sending these two short texts, I felt that my virtuous achievements came to their successful conclusions. After moral standing was saved up, you could exchange it for conversation and world shaking love from me! Hehe.

Julie returned to the dorm to see me hugging my phone, foolishly laughing. She disdainfully said, “By all means, you must not laugh like this on the street. Your laugh right now looks like deep-fried doughcake in the pot, refried many times. If you see me on the street, pretend you don’t know me. I can’t afford to lose my face.”

I pouted: “What’s wrong with my face? Doesn’t it just have a few more pimples on it than before?”

Julie said, “In a biochemistry crisis, faces that have been dosed with pimples have all grown to become like your face. Even when shooting a film or taking a photoshoot, they don’t need to put on makeup.”
I covered myself with the blanket, humiliated. Julie was still clamoring: “Can your sickness be touched by water again? Then, don’t hide in the blankets. You’ll sweat. When the time comes, you won’t be able to bathe, and it won’t be a question of whether you resemble a deep fried doughcake because you will be a deep fried doughcake.”

I dug through my head: “Are you done yet?”

Julie laughed: “If you reveal your hair, it also looks great too. At least you won’t get as filthy as the hair of a pig.”

I got off the bed with a whoosh, as I clutched Julie’s neck and prepared to murder her to prevent her from divulging a secret: “Tell me what 1+1 equals?”
Julie rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue: “2–”

I sinsterly laughed: “You know too many things—” After I followed this with a “kacha” sound, I rolled back into bed happily.

[1] Wanderer of the Jianghu: Someone who wanders the Jianghu (duh). LOL. Anyways, it’s typically a warrior in the ancient times who would wander around, in search of people to fight or just things to witness. Not much to do, back in the day 😛

[2] OOXX refers to sex. Either OO or XX is the dominant, and the other is the submissive in terms of a BL relationship. I forget what those are called… T_T

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