FM Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Ru Ting’s Birthday Party (4)

Let us be in love!

Only when Fang Yuke arrived did I remember that I hadn’t sent my gun yet.

I cleared my throat and shoved the gun into Ru Ting’s hands: “You aren’t lacking anything so I can only send you some valuable information.Fang Yuke likes guns the most, so I’m going to send you one. You can find your own matching lover’s gun and send it to him, and play with it like it’s a sex toy.”

Ru Ting didn’t have time to say thanks before she became alarmed at where she would have to put the birthday present.

At the other side, Wen Tao became overjoyed. I didn’t know if it was the phrase “sex toy” or the shocking image of graceful Ru Ting holding the gun, which had provoked his laughter. By comparison, Fang Yuke’s expression was solemn as he looked at my new hairstyle as if he could not endure it.

Alas, why did he become the cold faced killer when looking at a stranger? I pulled Wen Tao over for an introduction: “Fang Yuke, this is senior classmate Wen Tao. He’s pretty eye catching right?”

Fang Yuke coldly said, “Not as eye-catching as you.”

Wen Tao did not regard himself as an outsider “Fang Yuke, Ru Ting has talked about you so many times, it’s an honor to finally meet you.” He was indeed like a newscaster; he really knew how to put on airs.

Fang Yuke politely nodded his head at him and turned his body, with a calm and collected face, he lightly asked me “how did you get to know him?”

Two days ago, ever since I had contracted him as my concubine, we no longer had to speak politely to each other. With a ‘hehe’, I brightly explained “Didn’t you say I would be ignored by everyone even if I went on the Magpie bridge[1]? Look, I randomly fished up a handsome guy, it’s clear that I have an excellent aura.

Fang Yuke continued to maintain his calm and collected face and he was stiffly silent. A bull-like person was not easy to beat up, and seeing how he had been proved wrong, he could only hang his head dejectedly.

Wen Tao came to join in the fun “What’s up with this tension? Little Springboard’s straightforward character is cute. Even if she’s a little cunning, she can still be controlled. She looks more valiant and formidable, especially after she cut her hair short. She has a mature and capable flavor; she’s a woman yet still a girl. After being around her for awhile, you’ll be drawn in by her.”

I was shocked at what he said. In my heart, I wondered how he could even spout these lies without his face reddening and without his heart beating any faster. He was really suitable as a newscaster. As a person implicated in this affair, I still had a bit of a guilty conscience. Even if he wanted to console me, he had no need to exaggerate so much, it was too fake, too fake!

At the (n+1)th time of emphasis, the male’s gossip craziness level was much more acute than women. Fang Yuke listened to a person talk but he didn’t listen to the important parts, choosing to nitpick on a particular gossipy point, “ Little Springboard?”

Wen Tao intimately played with my short hair “The pet name I gave her [2].”

This was too big of a joke. I took a big step backwards “ Big brother Wen Tao, are you feeling okay? It’s clear that you just want to ignore my real name. Who knows, maybe you don’t even remember my whole name.”

“Look, Little Springboard wants to test me now right? Pretending to be clever?”

I could take it no longer, savagely stepping on his real leather high cut boots. After listening to his blood curdling scream, I pointed at Fang Yuke, who was on my right, turned my head towards him and said “he is Fang Yuke, a good brother of mine. Stop acting. Acting in such an overt manner, it makes me want to puke. Haven’t you seen that my brother’s face is turning so pale? Luckily you are only studying in the news department. Forget it since you only read a little bit of the fake news, but if you continue this act, wouldn’t you be lying to these common and innocent people?”

“Who is a common and innocent person?” Fang Yuke interrupted me unsatisfactorily.

Hey, why did he always ignore the important points when speaking…….

I didn’t want to care about them anymore. If I continued to deal with this, I would end up with a nervous breakdown.

The me, whose stomach rumbled with hunger, searched for food at the buffet table in the hall. The feast at this birthday really set up very late, if it was the previous year, I would have swept the food clean off the plates without thinking twice. It was just that my stomach shrunk a lot this year and I was full after eating only a bit of snacks.

I stuffed a piece of cookie into my mouth, turned my body and bumped into Xiao Xi.

My brain went completely blank. It was as if someone had suddenly prodded a sensitive place in my heart, I kind of was at a complete loss, and could only stupidly bite my biscuit and reply unclearly “hey, long time no see~~”

Xiao Xi smiled warmly “Long time no see”.

I did not know what to say next, and could only exchange a few sentences to exchange greetings in a bashful manner, invariably taciturn. The me who was always expressive and cheerful also had to pray for heaven to bring all the people who were talking to gather in the places around me.

Wen Tao saw my weird appearance, he immediately sniffed out some newsworthy material, carrying his wine glass over, he asked “what’s up?”

As if grasping on to a life saver, I quickly told Xiao Xi “his name is Wen Tao, my male partner.”

Wen Tao specially acted accordingly, raising his head and saying unexpectedly “ Springboard and I met only yesterday”

Xiao Xi’s face went completely blank.

Wen Tao added on “you also feel as if the name Springboard is very weird? Springboard isn’t the pet name that I gave her, it’s because I didn’t properly remember her full name. Furthermore, she used a pretty picture as bait to con me into coming here. This is why I call her a springboard that is played around by a pretty woman, shortened to become Springboard.

I was enraged, desiring strongly to step on his foot. How could this person be completely able to discern situations?

Xiao Xi pretty much understood the situation ( how much I wished that he didn’t fully understand the situation), and said to me while smiling “still as bizarre as ever?”

My face was a little bit red. I didn’t know whether this sentence was sarcastic, rebuking me or praising me.

Xiao Xi took some deserts and said to me “you look nice with short hair.” After saying this, he took his plate and went somewhere else.

My heart started to beat very fast and I could not move for a long time. I felt like I had to keep this hairstyle forever.

Wen Tao poked my head lightly “you like him?”

I was still not in the right state of mind so I ignored him.

Wen Tao continued to gossip “but, he doesn’t like you”

I continued to ignore him; I still bore a grudge towards his attitude just now.

Wen Tao clung to his analysis “ but you still like him”

I stared at him coldly “why were you so honest just now? When you speak you are able to pretend so well, didn’t I ask you to come to act? Why are you no longer acting?”

Wen Tao refused to concede “I thought you said I wasn’t suitable for acting? I only went back to my original self.”

I was unable to retort, huffily biting down on my biscuit. This asshole purposely wanted to take revenge, I had seen through it.

Wen Tao saw that I wasn’t speaking, and talked about the subject of Xiao Xi. “hey, to get stuck in love requires much dedication. According to Buddha, having a passion for love is similar to grasping a torch, you’re going against the wind and you need a heated hand to suffer. It’s better for you to withdraw early on.”

I was still angry “sorry, please speak plainly. I only understand one saying from Buddha.”

Wen Tao curiously asked “which one?”

I testily replied “ Amitabha, excellent excellent”

Wen Tao laughed with a Haha, “Little Springboard, you’re really cute. No wonder he likes you. Hehe, what a competitive character!”

The sound of Went Tao’s laughter drew Ru Ting and Fang Yuke over.

Ru Ting cutely and helplessly stood by Fang Yuke’s side; she blinked her big eyes and asked, “Wen Tao, what happened that has made you so happy?”

Wen Tao waved his hand and asked me “Springboard, how did you test into Beijing University? Too amusing……”

Actually, I also wanted to know the reason. I dejectedly said “it’s fine for you to just look at me as a joke. Hey, after studying for more than 10 years, I still feel that kindergarten is the best to be in.

Ru Ting smiled charmingly “Linlin, you really are our happy fruit [3]”

I sighed and said “Ru Ting, the phrase ‘happy fruit’ is for the raging Iron Ling Huang Ma to use, it’s not suitable for you to say. However, today the birthday girl is king, so I’ll just let you use it today”

Ru Ting agreeably said “ Wen Tao, see how cute Linlin is? How did you get to know each other? I advise you to move quickly or else you will regret it~~” After saying this, she winked charmingly.

I was extremely grateful to Ru Ting, she would eternally be more eager to marry me off than my mother. Speaking about it, pretty women normally felt it beneath them to play matchmaker, I had no idea why Ru Ting had this hobby, marketing me in such a blatant way, making me incomparably embarrassed. I couldn’t even hypocritically say “how am I cute, you’re exaggerating” (while secretly thinking that I am indeed very cute, keke). Otherwise, I could honestly and firmly say “you better not make a move, or else I’ll take issue with you” as if I was some chaste woman.

Wen Tao laughed as he asked me “ Springboard, why did you choose me? Did you fall in love at first sight when you saw my profile, failing to control yourself and ended up acting on impulse? What did you say in your email? I regret not meeting you earlier, I can’t sleep at night……”

I think that Wen Tao would have to give his shoes a thorough waxing when he got home that night. I said through clenched teeth “yes, if I don’t break it off with you, I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

Wen Tao did not take offense and said “writing a love letter was the beginning of our exchange. I like it.”

Who wrote you a love letter? Who had exchanges with you?

“ Big brother, I recently dieted and my diet was quite extreme, don’t make me puke okay?”

Wen Tao continued to shamelessly say, “then you should eat more tonight in order to have energy to lose weight.”

I suddenly exploded, “don’t think I’m easy to bully just because I don’t study Buddha’s scriptures. Confucius says, ‘use a brick to beat a person, apparently hitting his face, apparently throwing him into disarray; if it’s not enough then hit until it’s enough, hit until he’s close to death, if you hit him until he’s dead you don’t have to hit him anymore. Not dying makes you a hero.” Do you want to see how I’ll use a brick, in accordance with Confucius’ technique to test it out?

Comrade Wen Tao didn’t say anything anymore. He was probably intimidated by my expression of anger. It was better to reflect over the deep meaning in Confucius’ saying instead.

It was Fang Yuke’s turn to joke leisurely, “So how now? Love at first sight, secondly, experience it waning and, third, let it finally be exhausted. Take care of yourself, brother.”

I suspected that Wen Tao had too much to drink, because after his moment of silence, he said a sentence that make me want to vomit blood: “let’s date.”

[1] It is the bridge where the 2 lovers, 牛郎織女 Niulang Zhinu (From a previous footnote) are allowed an annual meeting

[2] More a term of endearment than a derogatory name

[3] The raws here is 开心果, which is a pistachio nut but directly translates to happy fruit

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