FM Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Returning Home (4)

Full of grandeur, I put my hand on my knee and asked: “Excuse me, may I ask if you are a virgin?”

When we reached the chess room, everyone began to group into threes as they began to play cards and play mahjong. At that time, my phone didn’t yet have the ability to take pictures, but if I had been able to, I would have taken a picture as a keepsake. Watching group of elites playing poker and mahjong was like watching my dad and mom. However this was better than my ideal Hong Kong TVB drama about the conflict between the rich and powerful.

As I watched everyone gambling enthusiastically, I definitely could not remain a spectator. Otherwise how would I endure the next few hours to come? I carried a chair and placed it near Yan Shou. I prepared to instruct Yan Shou using an amazing strategy. From Yao Zi’s influence, as well as the influence from a few other friends, my mahjong ability was higher than average even though I had depended mostly on luck these past 2 rounds.

However, I didn’t get any good tiles. There weren’t that many mahjong tiles yet, so I put on a very arrogant aura and started to advise about his cards. Every time it was Yan Shou’s turn, I would shout: “Wait” and only after pondering for a loong time, would I then allow Yan Shou to play his hand. In this way, Yan Shou became a mere puppet. The other 3 were not happy: “ Zhou Lin Lin, don’t be like this. A true gentleman watches others play chess without intervening. Yan Shou, you must have courage, how can you be so fickle?”

I mischievously laughed: “Hehe, you’re not even playing chess, and I’m also not a person of noble character. There’s no reason for me to be bound by these rules.” As I fished in these dangerous waters, the host, Fang Yuke, came over. He asked in a very host-like manner: “Who’s winning?”

Yan Shou said to the boy wearing a turtleneck sweater: “Alas. You should control them quickly. Ten minutes have already passed, but we’re only on the second round.”

Fang Yuke turned his head and said to me: “Why are you hanging around with these guys? The girls are all over there playing truth or dare.”

I frankly replied: “I better not. If I saw something wrong, then it’ll be hard to deal with. I better watch for a few more minutes. Besides, playing truth or dare in the Chess Room sounds really boring.”

The man wearing the turtleneck sweater’s eyes lit up: “Playing truth or dare does not necessarily have to be played in a place with red wine. Why don’t we play it as well? There’s no point in gambling since our intelligence only emerges when real money is involved.”

I felt that this bro had a relatively unique point of view since there were only 4 or 5 people playing truth or dare. Only he would think of something like this.
We might as well just go in a circle and say: “Today my underwear is xx (color)” instead, and just end it like that since it would eventually come to this anyways.

However, Yan Shou, the preceding player contributed more than the elite in the turtleneck sweater. He stood up and shouted to the group of girls: “ Let’s play together. With boys and girls together, this activity will have more meaning and usefulness!”

Hey, everyone was actually playing pretty happily. I wondered whether these College Entrance Exams had pressed everyone too hard into becoming abnormal. I didn’t expect that they would be ordinary folk like me, curious about other people’s secrets. I already had nothing to lose by playing this game since I was not even close to them.

Thus, our group of ten or so quickly crowded around the few mahjong tables rapidly.

However, I immediately lost hope in the female elites and regretted how I had changed my opinion of them prematurely. I don’t know if it was because Fang Yuke was within our group or whether their naivety was really cute. The questions that the female students asked among themselves were just: “May I ask if you have ever gone to bed without brushing your teeth?” I fainted. I often rushed to class without brushing my teeth. Who knew that this question would immediately be thrown out. I really had nothing to say. When it came to a few boys who had to answer the truth, I felt, once again, that I didn’t really know them. Even if it they were secrets, it just became like the forum “Secret Garden” [1]. There wasn’t anything exciting in it for me, so I almost fell asleep.

However, once it was Fang Yuke’s turn to answer a Truth from a drunk person, my energy recovered. Although there was a very harmonious air within the female elite community as they asked each other questions, it was possible that they would ask Fang Yuke more open questions. Just now, the nose of the spinning bottle pointed towards a girl with slight freckles and she asked: “When was your first love?” At the time, I really felt like beating her up because I felt that asking direct questions about his first sexual encounter and such, were more meaningful. Not to mention, I estimated that this comrade didn’t even remember when her first love was.

As expected, Fang Yuke said, “I was still small at the time. I don’t remember specifically when it happened.” Tsk tsk, I admired him to death, this handsome guy really had confidence answering in this way.

“What did your first love look like?” The others were infected by the gossiping energy of the girl with freckles. Everyone shamelessly ignored the fact that this was the second question. She violated the rules.

Fang Yuke smiled and kept silent. Everyone was a little disheartened. I was also a little disappointed. My gossip senses were already stupidly restless so I even more shamelessly asked the third question: Was your first love a guy or a girl?” When I asked this question, it was purely just to force him to answer more than one question.

Put in an awkward position, Fang Yuke drank a mouthful of water and said : “I can’t really say. Her personality was a bit wild.”

I fainted. Could it be that he had a crush on someone who was not yet clear on whether they were male or female? How could he answer in such a cool manner towards this type of an indiscriminate love. A handsome guy was definitely a target for both males and females.

I gave him a thumbs up, but actually, I wanted to point my middle finger at him instead.

Because Fang Yuke had given me such an effective response to my question, the truth or dare session turned into an entertaining press conference. Entertainment Reporter A asked: “Did you get together in the end? Why would you say that you can’t say? You two didn’t contact each other after that?”

Fang Yuke smiled and answered in a way that was rather similar to an idol who was getting interviewed: “You should all not misunderstand. I just said that she was a girl who had a personality that was much like a boy.” Look at that, the truth was out. Most would strike the Absolute Ultimate truth with three questions, but he avoided the question content and said but one sentence.

Entertainment Reporter B immediately grabbed the mirror: “Have you confessed to her? Was your confession successful?”

Fang Yuke said, “In the beginning, I had not yet known that these kind of feelings were love. I worried that a confession would scare her away, so I could only watch her from the side. When I finally had an opportunity to get close to her and slowly nurture these feelings, she already liked someone else.” He was really a man with deep feelings. Wasn’t this the role of Won Bin from “Autumn in My Heart”? No wonder I thought he resembled Won Bin ever since he stopped wearing glasses. I never expected that his temperament would be so similar to Won Bin, from the inside out. It was over, this Entertainment Reporter was definitely going to become his fan.

The entertainers were not done with their questioning. I reached out my hand, stopping their indiscriminate bombardment. Up to now, the questions were mild. They hadn’t hit any main points at all. Full of grandeur, I put my hand flat on my knee and asked: “Excuse me, may I ask if you are a virgin?””

After I had asked, the three guys who were at the side began to become very active. The other questions had bored them to death, and they were almost ready to go back to playing mahjong. This question was dirty enough. They looked at me thankfully and began to applaud excitedly and even threatened Fang Yuke: “You have to answer this, you’re not allowed to drink alcohol in the place of answering the question!”

The female elites began to fidget, wanting to know the answer yet afraid of hearing an unfavorable answer. Some faces were also red. Damn, it wasn’t like they were the subjects of that wedding night ….”

Fang Yuke calmly said, “I hope that, when I am able to find her again, and I answer this question again, I won’t lose face.” The girls were still contemplating this answer while the boys had already turned on the fire: “Haha, Yuke ah, it’s still early. If this is still your answer one year later, we will begin to suspect you……”

These dirty boys caused the female elites to cover their faces. I really didn’t understand. How did they organize this truth or dare game if they couldn’t even handle these kinds of questions?

Fang Yuke picked up the wine bottle that was lying on the table, indicating that he was ready to start the bombardment of questions again.

Heaven’s revenge was really timely, the nose of the bottle stopped in front of me. The movie ‘Internal Affairs’ was right. If you became a jerk, one day you would be on the receiving end.

Fang Yuke smirked at me.

I thought that he would ask me whether or not I was a virgin. I didn’t expect that Fang Yuke would ask: “Please tell me what you think about love.”
The atmosphere instantly froze. This cold faced killer truly deserved to remain in the freezer forever. The question he asked was of the same standard as the female elites. The three boys who initially thought of watching a good show had disappointment written all over their faces.

This kind of question that could be found in an essay writing report could be answered in a moment. I already knew what I was going to say. After thinking, I said, “Love is like a religion. Some have a religion and some don’t.” I thought of Xiao Xi, Yi Lian, Ru Ting and Fang Yuke’s first love. In order to love, we must be devout believers.”

I seemed to hear Fang Yuke say in deep thought: “Whether or not you believe in it, it will always be present.”

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