Fleeting Midsummer Chapter 14

Welcome socksrocker to the translating aspect of Fleeting Midsummer! *claps* It’s been wonderful to have her around and she does a lot of the essential things behind the scenes.

We might be able to ramp up the schedule for the future too! Although that will be announced lateeeeer.

By the way, I’ve edited a lot of the earlier chapters especially because they are oh so bad. Hopefully they look tons better 🙂

More scandals! Lol. Lin Lin in Fang Yu Ke’s house to spend the night? Not something many of us consider…spending some quality time together especially when over at somewhat of a stranger’s house. But y’know, life is good, and Lin Lin can finally squeeze some of her time in to spend it with Fang Yu Ke which I wholeheartedly give a thumbs up to!

Here’s Chapter 14.

Translated and edited by Socksrocker and Tranzgeek