Fleeting Midsummer Chapter 12

The title of this chapter doesn’t bring you the happiness/fluffiness our chapters usually bring to you. At the same time, we all knew this moment was coming, whether we liked it or nawt. After this chapter though, Fang Yu Ke will officially begin making his own imprint on Lin Lin’s heart which is exactly what I’m looking for- sizzling chemistry between two mismatched leads in both IQ and EQ-LOL

The upcoming drama that will ensue in five lines:

Lin Lin: Oppa, return to me!

Xiao Xi: Sorry you’re already taken *cough cough*

Lin Lin: *innocent big eyes* Wah—t?

Fang Yu Ke: *cough cough* Idiot

Ru Ting: *cough cough* Helloooo, don’t forget about me because I’m the star of the show.

Here’s Chapter 12!

Translated by Tranzgeek

Edited by socksrocker