Fleeting Midsummer Bonus Content Part 2!

Hey all! In this issue, finally find out what character from Fleeting Midsummer you are and discover more funny moments! Hope you enjoy!

Don’t worry, this won’t be the last you’ll be hearing from me about Fleeting Midsummer~~ When more information on the drama adaptation of Fleeting Midsummer comes out, I will definitely keep you guys updated! ^-^

Advice from Linlin

I smashed his pot and asked him to the end: “Wen Tao was very reasonable. Many things will create internal injuries if you stifle them. Moreover, I really can’t think of any reasons why you wouldn’t. The whole world knows that Ru Ting likes you. It’s only that you’re not brave enough. How can you be so bad?”

Fang Yuke said, “Because I’m afraid of failure. Maybe if I fail, she won’t want to see me again.

Ahh this was the operation of a dwarf. I sighed: “If you don’t say it, then find a tree hole to practice to, and at least your heart can be happier.”

~FM Chapter 30

The first principle for lazy people is: Do not let things that have not happened disturb you…The second principle of a lazy person is: Do not worry about questions that you can answer with instinct.

~ FM Chapter 35

I would say: “Time is like cleavage. Even if you squeeze, you will still have a lot.”

~ FM Chapter 35

After thinking, I said, “Love is like a religion. Some have a religion and some don’t.” I thought of Xiao Xi, Yi Lian, Ru Ting and Fang Yuke’s first love. In order to love, we must be devout believers.

~FM Chapter 19

“Do you know? My first love hadn’t even begun but it already ended like this….. So can’t I drink some alcohol after my love fizzled out and emotions left…I also understand that feelings cannot be forced. Therefore, I had cautiously maintained the relationship between me and him. I was afraid that my confession would scare him. In this way, I didn’t even get a chance to speak to him.”

~FM Chapter 13

“… many people have many affairs. To us, they are all very important. But not everyone will be engraved in our memories. If you think that I am a very important figure in your life, I hope that I can be like air, and that I may be occasionally mentioned, but it is unnecessary to be constantly remembering me or hanging me [from a thread].”

~FM Chapter 29

Now for our secret know-hows from the guys *snickers*~

Fang Yuke’s Manual of Secret Know-Hows
How to Chase a Girl~ As far as I know, these only work if you know the girl from a very young age. Otherwise, where else do you get the 14+ years of unrequited love?

Step 1: Observe the vicinity and stay absolutely quiet.

Step 2: Play some tricks on her. Eg: Put bugs into her rice or meal.

Step 3: Cry your heart out so she’ll promise herself to you. Eg: Cry about never seeing your grandmother again while a typhoon is on the rise.

Step 4: Find a way onto her bed unknowingly. This is where the girl will take initiative to hug you like a teddy bear 😛

Step 5: Follow her around for the next few days.

Step 6: Even after you move away, make sure you stalk her and watch her when she sleeps.

Step 7: Prepare to go to the same university as her, no matter what!

Step 8: Once you’re in the same university, become friends with her. If you would like to shorten the process, absolutely make sure she does not meet your cool friend with dimples.

Step 9:  Provoke her as much as possible in order to make yourself unforgettable.  Even if you put her down repeatedly, she’s not going anywhere.

Step 10: Continue to make your relationship stronger. Eg: Tutor her, teach her how to swim. However, definitely don’t confess to her and don’t try to give her the wrong idea. Whenever she starts getting the wrong idea, call her an “idiot”. Wait for the right time and keep waiting for 14+ years~

Step 10: Finally, something must trigger you to make the first move. Make sure you are ready at any time to take her back to her kindergarten on a day right before your birthday. Then, hug her and wait for her to say it.

Step 11: Exploit her weaknesses: torture her by hanging around obviously smarter girls.  And speak English.  Oh oh, and tell the girl to wear red!

Step 12: Push her to the brink of a break up before being nice, kissing, and revealing your plans.  Seriously she’s an idiot, and everything is on a need to know basis, so why does she need to concern herself with details.

Fang Yuke: This only works with my special little idiot.

Tranzgeek: The title clearly says Fang Yuke’s Secret Know-Hows. You’re supposed to write something that can apply to everyone! Not just Linlin and you~ *facepalm*

Fang Yuke: I only care about Linlin. She is my heart, my lungs, my everything.

Tranzgeek: T_T *coughs up blood*

Xiao Xi’s Guide
How to get rid of unwanted romantic advances, or how I was almost the main guy

Step 1: Be nice, but not nice enough that anyone can accuse you of playing with their feelings.

Step 2: Offer no encouragement or acknowledgement of her feelings, even if you have a continuing lunch date- a man has to eat, right?

Step 3. Ignore the rice on her face.  Must. Ignore. So. Dirty.

Step 4: Give all of your affection to the girl you really care about.  Side bonus: the girl who likes you will observe you whispering into the ear of the girl you like, and kneading her temples.

Step 5: Pretend like nothing has changed, or that you have crushed her feelings.

Xiao Xi:  I’m not a dog, but I already liked someone else.  Is it my fault that I have so many attractive qualities?  I had to be nice, right?  And, didn’t I help those two get together?  Come on- I’m the nicest guy in this story!

Wen Tao’s Guide
A playboy’s pursuit of love, or the 2nd lead syndrome

Step 1:  Be a heartbroken, lonely and empty playboy.  But make sure everyone only knows about the playboy part, and not the part about being heartbroken, lonely and empty.

Step 2: Answer a random internet ad that reads, “ Looking for: Handsome guys with a good personality, willing to engage in a special event.” (FM Chapter 48)

Step 3: Be unconcerned about what a “special event” could mean ‘cause I’m a guy and I have nothing else to do.

Step 4: Start to fall for the naive and foolish brat that posted the ad.  Try to meddle in her relationship affairs as the buds of love come to life in my heart.

Step 5: Ugh. Buds of love.

Step 6:  She’s not into me at all but I’ve decided to ignore this minor detail and continue in my efforts to break up her “relationship” with him.  Don’t they know relationships are doomed to fail?  Hence, why she should be with me.

Step 7:  Ok, that doesn’t make any sense but I am in love again people!!

Step 8: Concede defeat.  Quarreling is their love language.  She plays with me, but kisses him.

Step 9: “I would rather believe that love had never come back to me.” (FM Chapter 48) Therefore, I shall pretend that none of this ever happened.

Step 10: Sink even lower into depression: “Love was a spirit, one could only commit to it like a disciple.  If one believed in it, one would have it.  But if one didn’t, they would never have it.”

Wen Tao: In the future don’t answer random internet ads.

End scene…  until she’s married, I take her out on a date which my enemy interrupts, then later he proceeds to shove their stupid marriage certificate in my face.  #bitter

Linlin’s Final “Thoughts” as We Say Goodbye to Peking University’s Weakest Student 

Let’s see. To recap, my mother’s instructions before I left home were:

  1. Don’t get kicked out!  Check
  2. Lose weight.  Eh
  3. Find a university boyfriend.  Boyfriend?? He put a ring on it! I won this story.  Who said you need brains, beauty, and need to know how to speak E-N-G-L-I-S-H to win.  Take it from me ladies, the good ones like the plain looking idiots!  


Feelings on my love rival:  Who? Oh yeah, Ru Ting.  Poor thing couldn’t move on even though Yuke so obviously kept her in the friend zone.  Did he ever quarrel with her?  Call her names?  Remind her of her stupidness at every chance?  No, no, and no.  All she could do was like him and be clingy.  So what if I liked someone else first, and didn’t see Fang Yuke romantically.  Since Xiao Xi never looked at me, I had to cast my net somewhere else, right?  Ru Ting was just too smart and good looking.  Remember ladies, the good ones like the plain looking idiots!


Feelings about Fang Yuke:  Where to start? Hmmm… his cooking or his gun? Umm, how about we talk about his gun?? *nosebleed*  Would you like to hear my thoughts about that?


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 Behind the Scenes of FM

(What you didn’t know about)~~

The phrase we were talking about below was:


shǎ guā

Figuratively means idiot fool

We were talking about translating it somewhat in between LOL

Literally it means: Dumb melon head

Trolling socksrocker~

Keke socksrocker is in Malay now…so…TROLL

XD just kidding socksrocker~ but really, you’re in for a treat!

Who knew people could be so cruel! *gasp* XD

When we ran into hard translation problems~


Adaptations of Fleeting Midsummer:

Did you know that Fleeting Midsummer has been adapted into a cartoon/anime? It has also been adapted into an audiodrama. I have included art from it at the very end of this post.

  • No, I cannot find a link for it but thanks for asking. If you do happen to find a link of it, do share it though! The title of the cartoon is 《盛夏流年朝朝》~ share the love! <3

Filming for the movie of Fleeting Midsummer has finished. The movie will be entitled “Three Failing Students” (三好差生) and will star Song Weilong and Vivian Sung! They have not started promoting yet, but they have had their booting ceremony~

  • We will do a rant post on this that will come out shortly! 🙂

A drama version of Fleeting Midsummer will also be coming out soon~ According to the bare-thin Baidu page, it will be directed by the same people as “You are the Apple of My Eye” and “Meteor Garden”.

Fun Facts:

  • Fang Yuke calls Linlin an idiot 21 times while Linlin manages to call him a nutjob about…one time XD


  • Notice this quote: “My name is Ru Ting, everyone is used to calling me Ting’er.” from Chapter 3… did anyone notice no one called her that in the book? XDD nice try Ru Ting


  • Broken Brain has written four other books. You can visit her Baidu page

《从良吧,姑娘》 Be Free, Lady

My name is Zhang Yaohua, also known as Yao Zi. I like watching remarkably beautiful men. In the helplessness of life, I have seen the most—–. Thus, the moment there’s a hot guy, even if it’s a middle aged handsome brother supporting his family, as long as he appears within my radar, I will immediately use my filthy brain and scan him from head to toe unpolitely, without leaving anything out. But Zhou Linlin is right. I am someone with a perverted heart but no boldness in pursuing my sexual urges. Up till now, I am still single. The most frightening thing is that I am a “leftover woman” almost 30 years old. After that, one day, when I woke up, there was only a loincloth on my body as I lay on a strange big bed. On the bed, was a streak of red. In dramas, it is said that the person who draws the blood plum flower will marry. Zhou Linlin says, there is no couple that will not be broken apart. There is only a mistress that does not try her best. But, my dear, have I become a mistress?

With the most outrageous unwritten rules, how will an obscene little pretty girl dive into the life of a two-faced, infatuated male? This uproarious novel will make you die with laughter. At the same time, it will also see the purest love and the most emotional ending, when you will be reluctant to part with it in the glorious conclusion.

This is an “adult joke” book, so people who are not 18 yet, please do not read this.

*no image found*

《跪着爱,躺着爱》Kneel as You Love, Lie Down as You Love

My name is Ji Qingran. I’m 24 right now and I’m a senior in C University. Up till now, I have done two preposterous deeds. One was failing my Gaokao two years ago, so I travelled to a mountainous village to an undisciplined university. The other thing I did was in the mountainous village where the birds don’t shit, I forced a stutterer to marry me. Then, this stutterer disappeared in my life.

Ji Zeqing said, “The person who forced the marriage was you. The person who forced the divorce was also you. Ji Qingran, how can everything be based off of you?

If you tested your Gaokao successfully, read “Fleeting Midsummer (Peking Uni’s Weakest Student)”. If you failed your Gaokao, please read “Kneel as you Love, Lie Down as You Love”. It will tell you that when you think that God has closed the door and the window, you should not complain that God is being cold and emotionless. Maybe God is using a different way to love you. He wants you to wait, wait for an infatuated spouse who will come just for you.

*no image found*

《驯养》 Domestication

They say the world is separated into three kinds of people: Guys, girls and female doctors. I am the third type.

They say marriage is separated into three types of people, Husband, wife, and lover. I am the third type.

In this life, I made three mistakes: 1. Have a one night stand with Qin Shao, 2. Become Qin Shao’s mistress, 3. Fall in love with Qin Shao. It can clearly be seen that I have a special connection with the number 3, so inevitably, I’ll destroy the other person’s marriage.

*no image found*

《将爱》About to Fall in Love

Art from the Fleeting Midsummer Cartoon~

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the end of all our bonus content! We will definitely be keeping you guys updated on the drama and movie adaptations~ Our next post will be a rantpost about the movie and we will post again about the movie when a trailer and more stills come out. As for the drama, filming has not yet commenced, so we shall wait! 🙂

If you haven’t read Fleeting Midsummer yet, make sure you visit the Table of Contents for a great treat!

Make sure you keep an eye out for our next novel! It’s sure to be a great ride! 😉