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The journey we’ve undergone with Fleeting Midsummer seems like a short one as it wraps itself up quickly~ This bonus content that we have compiled for you gives you secret insight about each of our cute and adorbs characters~《3


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Today, we’ll uncover some of the secrets from all of our ladies~~ More secret know-hows from our guys will come tomorrow! Don’t miss it!

Linlin’s Manual of Secret Know-Hows
How to Deal with Strange Situations:

Step 1: Keep saying “Huh?”. This will help you adapt to the situation. As I keep saying, my adaptation level is great~ on par with that of a dog’s.

Step 2: Talk about the weather casually. For eg: “It’s so weird that it would rain in the summer, I don’t think there would be thunderstorms right……”. This will help direct attention away from you and towards the weather….Mention especially obvious things and make them sound like they’re a super life changing discovery! …That is, except when you talk about it with someone as poison tongued as Fang Yuke T_T

Step 3: Talk about food. For eg: “The peanuts back at the food stalls were really salty, I feel so thirsty.” Well, if the first two don’t work, this will definitely work. Well…I mean, it definitely won’t work if there aren’t any peanut stalls nearby hehe! If there are no peanuts nearby, you can also try, cashews, almonds- any type of nut! It totally works!

Step 4: Repeat this, in case your counterpart did not hear you. “I really am thirsty……”

Linlin: *covers blushing face* Let’s cut to the next secret know-how. I can’t stop thinking about it! >_<

FYK: You’ve done more shameless things than just saying-

Linlin: *blushes harder*

FYK: “I like you.” *smiles* My idiot~~

How to Get Away with Something:

Step 1: Feign innocence

Step 2: Feign innocence

Step 3: Feign innocence

Step 4: Feign innocence

Linlin: Looks up at the four steps and thinks to herself, Did I manage to repeat myself?

Tranzgeek: Step 5: Keep trying until you can’t hold on any longer. T__T Linlin, does that actually work? orz

Linlin: It only works for cute, adorable, awesome—

Tranzgeek: Okkkk moving on~

How to Get into a Very Prestigious University While Maintaining Your Lazyness

Linlin: So, first-

FYK: What is there for you to explain?

Linlin: …

Ru Ting’s Guide
How to be an annoying 2nd lead

Step 1: Pine after the main guy for at least 12 years. Pining after a guy for 10+ years will give you the best result and create the most desire.

Step 2: Make sure you watch the female lead and wreck havoc whenever possible. Take advantage of your position with the male lead to make the first female lead confused and jealous.

Step 3: Dismiss the female lead to her face: “I’ve gotten to used to laughing for him, crying for him, and wasting time for him, and squandering my youth for him. As long as no girl has appeared beside him, I have hope. Right now, besides him being more familiar with you, I haven’t seen him getting close to other girls.” (FM Chapter 39)

Step 4: Initiate the final showdown, and make sure to remind her of the guy she loved before.

Step 5: Deliver the final death blow when you know the main guy is in the room.   “Did you use this method to forget bro? If so, then I must congratulate you. Unfortunately, I cannot do so. This lifetime, I only want to love once.” Silently proclaim victory.

Step 6: Death blow K.O. Except it’s directed at you.  From the main guy.

Step 7: Hope for a 2nd guy to come and break them up.  Eventually.  One day.

Step 8: The first two steps will already make you an annoying human being. Buttt you gotta live up to your bitchy potential somehow~ *wink wink*

Linlin’s Mother’s Guide
How to help your daughter latch onto the hot guys *wink wink*. All of you mothers with no hope left, HERE is where I shall proceed to tell you about my secrets on how to get your daughter with a hot, smart, and cool guy

Step 1: In the very beginning hint at the OTP between your daughter and your own dream guy for her. Make it super obvious like asking the guy to accompany your daughter to the college and make sure your daughter knows that you want them to be together.

Step 2: Don’t worry about the whole situation between them. Let your daughter figure it out herself. After all, you’ve already asked the guy to take care of her and you know he’s in love even if she might not be in love yet.

Step 3: Whenever she has an argument with her boyfriend aka the guy you knew would end up with her, make sure you hack into her chat system with him and flirt. FLIRT IT UP MAN. It’s okay if he knows it’s not your daughter because the main point is getting them to resolve the situation. No one cares if they know you’re a flirt because let’s admit it YOU ARE. Use the cheesiest words you possibly can~ They always stir up my heartstrings OMG.

Step 4: Now, you gotta dress your daughter up for that final meeting. Make it count!

Step 5: Let life settle down and continue on its course again~ Of course, whenever things get tough again, make sure you step in because your daughter can’t charm him by herself.

My Prime Example of How to Secure the Man Your Daughter WILL Marry

The below is in Linlin’s POV…

My mom: I have finished reflecting. I was so wrong that I became a total mess.

Fang Yuke: As long as you know you’ve been wrong, it’s okay.

My mom: I was wrong about everything, but I have never been wrong about one thing.

Fang Yuke: ?

My mom: That is loving you. All of these mistakes have arose because of this reason. (Sure enough, my ma didn’t watch all those Chiung Yao dramas for nothing.)

Fang Yuke: Who are you?

My mom: I am your Zhou Linlin who always loves you. (My goose pimples fell all over the floor. Did she really just say such a thing that made me drop all my dignity now and in the future? I tried to refuse, but  was pitilessly suppressed by my mother)

Fang Yuke: What do I usually call you?

I laughed. This rascal was super smart. He began to use secret signals. But my mother’s hands flew over like fried dumplings, as she took the initiative and helped me type: Idiot.

My mom: What is that scent of burning? Oh, it turns out that it is my heart that is burning for you. (I was speechless! My mom was totally terrifying and intimidating.)

Stay tuned for Fang Yuke, Xiao Xi, and Wen Tao’s Secret Know-Hows tomorrow! 🙂 You’re in for a real treat!

Best Romantic Pickup Lines

I lowered my head, “Don’t you always say that I don’t seem like a girl? Why would you suddenly say that I am a lady?”

Fang Yuke looked towards the heavy rain, as if he could dig out some unknown items from the end of its blackness,” Because a long long time ago, you also did not treat me as a boy.”


The rhythm of the rain slowed down, gently pulling at our heartstrings.

Fang Yuke turned his body towards me, “We were once classmates for a month at this kindergarten. Inside this kindergarten you hugged me and on that day you also let me marry you.” (FM Chapter 36)

But what really happened that day (and not so romantic in true Linlin fashion):

She pouted and told me that in fact, she was not here to accompany me. She was also afraid, especially of typhoons that could cause power outages and water shortages. With someone that would let her hug her, she was no longer afraid too.

She even secretly thanked me, and said that in the future, if she could change into a man, she would marry me. I did not know if the “change into” meant in her next lifetime, or if she had mistaken my gender. Could my eyelashes that were a little long and my eyes that seemed big really confuse people into being unable to distinguish myself between a girl and boy? (FM Chapter 37)

True romance, right? I will change my gender for you.  Something every guy wants to hear from the girl he likes.  Though the question still remains- why did Linlin offer to become a man??? Did she really think Fang Yuke was a girl???

The romantic lines continue…

“Fang Yuke, in general, you aren’t ungenerous to me. If we don’t become sworn brothers, I’ll feel like I’ve let you down. Before you want to put me side, men can take three wives and four concubines. So I’ll reluctantly marry you, and really become a concubine. In any case we’ll just be passing our days and getting along, right?”

Fang Yuke lifted his head and fixed his attention on my eyes: “Zhou Linlin, how come your habits haven’t changed even now? Everytime when you’re so thankful that you want to marry yourself off, are you always like this to other people? You’ve already married me two times, and I haven’t seen any activity from you…”

“Two times? How could I marry the same person two times? When I was little, and I accidentally ruined Shan Shan’s gun, I said it once. When I was borrowing Xiao Yin’s final exam to copy off of, I said it another time, but I hadn’t seemed to say it any other times.” (FM Chapter 24)

Practically speaking, what’s love got to do with it.  Cook Linlin some food, let her borrow something, or even let her cheat off your exam.  No matter what, you get a wife as compensation…

“… Sometimes I can’t help myself and I want to tell her, that the blossoming-star shapes in the sky signify how I love her so much I go dizzy. When they blossom into umbrella shapes, it signifies how much I want to protect her. When it blossoms into rocket cannons, it signifies how I get so mad but I can’t change her at all. But, I am afraid I still don’t have time to tell her about the implied meaning in my words because she will be scared away by me before I finish. Because she just pretends to be a very valiant paper tiger, but escapes when she meets problems… believing that since she can’t see anything she doesn’t need to worry about it. (FM Chapter 20)

Ahh I am sure she’ll be happy to be called a paper tiger when she looks back at this moment in retrospect…nice going.

Fang Yuke: Except she won’t even remember anything about this.

Linlin: Excuse me?

Fang Yuke: Who’s the one that forgot that you married me twice?

Linlin: …

Linlin: I was just playing around back then.

Fang Yuke: Well, you sure got what you wanted.

Linlin: *blinks*

“If your first love doesn’t like you, will you give up?”

Fang Yuke silently looked at the river water under his feet.

I anxiously said, “I’m only saying if, so it’s only a hypothesis.”

Fang Yuke lifted his head to look at me. The fireworks sprinkled brightly colored shadows upon his face. He steadily looked into my eyes, almost as if he was making a serious and solemn commitment, “No. I will always be close to her. I will always be by her side, until she is inseparable from me.” (Ch. 20)

Linlin: *snickers*

Fang Yuke: What’s up?

Linlin: You’re so cute when you’re serious like that <3

Fang Yuke: *leans closer*

Linlin: *closes her eyes, preparing for the KISS*

Fang Yuke: *smiles*

Fang Yuke: You’re so cute when you get serious like that <3

Linlin: T_T

And one more for the road!

“Fang Yuke, even if you’re unwilling to marry me, you must marry my stomach. This year, my stomach has suffered too many wrongs, and it hasn’t eaten meat again in such a long time.” (FM Chapter 24)

FYK: My favorite pickup line is “Idiot”

FYK: Repetition is key~ *evil laugh* And, it totally works~ Look at Linlin now~ Fulfilling her true potential *smirks*

Linlin: Gee thanks. I heard that…

Fang Yuke: It’s all in the context:

Just now, the nose of the spinning bottle pointed towards a girl with slight freckles and she asked Fang Yuke, “When was your first love?” At the time, I really felt like beating her up because I felt that asking direct questions about his first sexual encounter and such, were more meaningful. Not to mention, I estimated that this comrade didn’t even remember when her first love was.

As expected, Fang Yuke said, “I was still small at the time. I don’t remember specifically when it happened.” Tsk tsk, I admired him to death, this handsome guy really had confidence answering in this way.

“What did your first love look like?” The others were infected by the gossiping energy of the girl with freckles. Everyone shamelessly ignored the fact that this was the second question. She violated the rules.

Fang Yuke smiled and kept silent. Everyone was a little disheartened. I was also a little disappointed. My gossip senses were already stupidly restless so I even more shamelessly asked the third question, “Was your first love a guy or a girl?” When I asked this question, it was purely just to force him to answer more than one question.

Put in an awkward position, Fang Yuke drank a mouthful of water and said, “I can’t really say. Her personality was a bit wild.

I fainted. Could it be that he had a crush on someone who was not yet clear on whether they were male or female? How could he answer in such a cool manner towards this type of an indiscriminate love. A handsome guy was definitely a target for both males and females.

I gave him a thumbs up, but actually, I wanted to point my middle finger at him instead. (Ch. 19)

Linlin: T_T. Gee thanks for pulling me under the bus. I can’t believe I even helped make myself lose face *covers face*.

Fang Yuke: I’ll do anything for you, anytime *snicker*. Oh, you know you have a face? That’s new.

Linlin: Why do I put up with you?

FYK: When I compare my dear Linlin to fireworks (FM Chapter 20), and she still doesn’t understand…

Fang Yuke: …I feel like that girl…

Tranzgeek: …except Linlin didn’t know it. She could definitely use more brain cells.

Fang Yuke: I am the only one allowed to say those kinds of things to Linlin.

Tranzgeek: …

Tranzgeek: *thinks* Erm sorry for crossing the line?

Tranzgeek: Well, even without brain cells, Linlin still conquered her one true love…!

Fang Yuke: I won’t repeat myself.

Tranzgeek: …

Tranzgeek: Okay..so we’ve established that the line is nonexistent by now.

Tranzgeek: Linlin is such a-

Fang Yuke: *ignores and pulls Linlin to the other side of the room*

Tranzgeek: T_T

Tranzgeek: Let the record go that I was going to say cute, not dumbass.

Linlin: What’s going on now?

Fang Yuke: *jabs Linlin* Remember back when you renamed the ‘My Angel’ folder to ‘My Idiot’?

Linlin: *blinks*

Linlin: So…

Fang Yuke: What if my angel was never Ru Ting?

Linlin: Are you trying to make me jealous again?

*after a pause*

Linlin: OH MY GAWSH! You have another girl you were hiding from me?!

Fang Yuke: T_T

Fang Yuke: Why do you keep ruining the moment?

Linlin: What moment?


Linlin: *blinks*

Linlin: This is a little hard to take in all at once. What did you say? I didn’t quite catch it the first time.

Fang Yuke: …

Fang Yuke: This drama with your counterpart not understanding your true intentions must happen to everyone.

Tranzgeek: Ummm


Fang Yuke: Doing that is not my style. See, this made me so much cooler. Oh look, lemme look in my pockets for my marriage certificate again…

Wen Tao: T_T

Tranzgeek: *pats Wen Tao* Let’s not fight boyzz.

Behind the Scenes of FM

First of all, I have to pat Joebaker. Haha~ sorry about not replying but first, I didn’t even see your comment until much later, and second…just read below HAHA

Thank you so much, loving it so far. I am confused why is he mad and ignoring her?

~Joebaker (FM Chapter 39)

Read this Joebaker, and everyone else who was also confused:

Seee….I legit tried LOL


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“What she said” aka Some of the Most Crazy and Comical Things We Heard Linlin say…

“Say, do you think I should send her [Ru Ting] some losing weight medicine for her birthday? Will she admire my foresight in the future?” (FM Chapter 24)

I glared at the stud earring in his right ear that was shaped like an anus and laughed: “You won’t lose face, you won’t lose face. You definitely have the temperament of a queen. It matches well with my clothes today.”


“I’m saying that I praise of your soft and noble character. That’s the only thing I mean.” I explained. (FM Chapter 25)

“You aren’t a housefly who can watch for the narrow slits.” (FM Chapter 39)

People want to save face, and trees also want their bark. This was more than I could bear, and I could not endure it anymore. The tiger in me came out and I screamed: “Fang Yuke, in the future wear T-shirts for me. You aren’t allowed to have buttons on, okay?” (FM Chapter 33)

“Who did you say is acting demure? I, your older sister, was born a demure and beautiful Jeanne d’Arc!”

I was completely exasperated and placed my hands on my hips and roared, ‘Tan Yi, I curse you so that your future son will be born without an asshole.'” (FM Chapter 43)

“It’ll be so exciting to be an unmarried mother.” (FM Chapter 58)

Notable Comments:

Before we begin this section, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who commented as well as everyone who didn’t comment. I mainly just chose the cute, fuzzy, and fangirling/fanboying ones XD

Also, yes, I do tend to be blind so I probably missed some great ones! Nominate some in the comments if you have one and I may add it in! Hehe! HAHA all of you guys are great~~

Ahaha 🤣🤣🤣 proof of her wealthy marriage

~Dani Sheeran (FM Chapter 1)

Someone said: “I like Lin Lin, no I love her. I will tell her. Before then, you better conduct yourself with dignity.” I wanted to open my eyes but the sleeping god was more magical than the gossip god. I fell deeply asleep again. 😵🙆 yes its coming! Can’t wait poor Lin Lin … She’s so afraid right now of being refused…So Yu Ke its on your field… Please go forward and do what you’ve said! Declare yourself and please gift ys with a kiss… A proper kiss 💋

~Chipibela (FM Chapter 34)

awuuuuuuuuuuuu (∩˃o˂∩)♡ finally!

~Afufu Bing (FM Chapter 36)

ahhhhhhhh iam dying its soooo sweeet awwwww !! this is my fav chapter reALLY <3

~Kikou Mine (FM Chapter 36)

This is a great story. Thank you for carrying me along on their journey.

~Fan63 (FM Chapter 34)

Never change, Linlin. This is why you’re my favorite.

Thank you for the chapter!

~Marchesa (FM Chapter 43)

hahah Lin Lin has got to be one of my most favorite characters!! Her inner monologues are so well done – scathing and completely unforgiving. Love her to bits.

~Maiha (FM Chapter 45)

at first i was like ‘aww they’re kissing’ until Linlin inner monologue mentioned “making everyone recall their grandmother’s house when they were little” pfftt LMFAO i can’t focus anymore

~chensha (FM Chapter 47)

YuKe you are too efficient,

~merita (FM Chapter 58)

whoa Fang Lei rly bornnn xDD tsk tsk Fang Lei’s dad too formidable xD
This author writing style tho, the norm intense scene during giving birth and (s)he wrote it like some comedy xDD
Thank you so much for the chapter <3

~chensha (FM Chapter 58)

He just planted a seed and it bloomed? YuKe you sure have moisture lol

~chipibela (FM Chapter 58)

FYK reaaallly love ZLL.. And he couldn’t be more happy that both mother and child are dependent on him.. Leaving no chance of them to get rid of him LOL
Thanks for picking this novel to translate! It’s a breath of fresh air not having to read intricate plots and schemings (even tho I do enjoy them, sometimes u need something light)

~Lola (FM Chapter 58)

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