EEWC Glossary

Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort Glossary

Updated up to Chapter 198

Cultivation System

聚气 – quqi, Qi collection levels 1-8
武者 – wuzhe, martial warrior
武士 – wushi, martial knight
武将 – wujiang, martial general
武王 – wuwang, martial king
武皇 – wuhuang, martial emperor
武尊 – wuzun, martial honour
武帝 – wudi, martial supreme
武圣 – wusheng, martial saint
武神 – wushen, martial god

Spiritual Ocean vs Spiritual Force

This is a clarification for these two terms from Chapter 32, since they might be easily confused!

Gu Ruoyun has a vast spiritual ocean, which acts like a reservoir for her Qi energy. She has to fill up this ocean to break through to the next rank, so it takes her a longer time to rank up. This gives her extra ‘stats boosts’ so that she can fight someone from a higher rank on the same level.

To the lower ranked Xiling mainland, they think that this makes her a good-for-nothing. However, she has a strong spiritual force, which is something like her mental strength. This is what Shiyun, the eldest Miss of Lianqi Sect, consumes for her cultivation method, and it turns all the people she consumes into idiots.

Thus, considering that she is a good-for-nothing because of her spiritual ocean, Hun Fei proposes that she serve the Lianqi Sect by offering up her great spiritual force to Shiyun.

Phew, what a long explanation~ Have a cute cat~ ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Relationship Diagram by Sith Kazar

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People (in order of appearance)

Gu Ruoyun (顾若云) / Xia Ruoyun (夏若云)

The main protagonist, holder of the Ancient Divine Pagoda. She was born as Xia Ruoyun in East Peak Mainland. Killed by her father Xia Ming for the Ancient Divine Pagoda, she was reincarnated into Gu Ruoyun’s body. Gu Ruoyun was previously a good-for-nothing who was beaten to death by her own grandfather. Xia Ruoyun took over her body after she died.

Current owner of Hundred Herb Hall and leader of Devil Sect.


Xia Ming (夏明)

Xia Ruoyun’s father.

His surname means ‘summer’.


Xia Ruoyun’s Paternal Grandfather

Gave the Ancient Divine Pagoda to Xia Ruoyun.


Yun family in East Peak Mainland (云家)

Xia Ruoyun’s mother’s family. Killed by Xia Ming.

Their surname means ‘cloud’.


Lu Chen (陆沉)

Xia Ruoyun’s ex-lover. Betrayed Xia Ruoyun for the sake of power.

His surname means ‘land’, his name means ‘heavy’.


Xia Chuxue (夏初雪)

Xia Ruoyun’s younger sister from a different mother. Prophesied as the reincarnation of the Ancient Phoenix Zixie and the real owner of the Ancient Divine Pagoda.

Her name means ‘first snow’.


Xia Linyu (夏霖钰)

Xia Ruoyun’s younger brother from the same mother. Weak from birth, unable to cultivate. Killed by Lu Chen. Xia Ruoyun calls him ‘Yu-er’ (钰儿).


— After reincarnation —


Gu Panpan (顾盼盼)

Gu Ruoyun’s cousin, daughter of her second uncle. Younger than Gu Xianglin.


Gu Xianglin (顾向林)

Gu Ruoyun’s cousin, son of her second uncle.


Gu Shengxiao (顾笙箫)

Gu Ruoyun’s older brother. A genius, left home to be a disciple to a very strong power. Pampered Gu Ruoyun while he was around.


Old General Gu (顾老将军)

Gu Ruoyun’s paternal grandfather. Beat the original to death after listening to the accusations of an outsider. The left general. At odds with the right general, General Luo.


Ling Yi (凌毅)

The Ling family head.


Young master Ling / Ling Xi (凌小少爷 / 凌熙)

Grandson of the Ling family head. Accused Gu Ruoyun of beating him up, causing her to be beaten to death by her grandfather.


Zixie (紫邪)

The companion beast of the Ancient Divine Pagoda, called the Ancient Phoenix. An extremely handsome man wearing purple, with a purple flame burning on his forehead.

His name means ‘purple evil’.


Jin Di (金帝)

Gu Ruoyun’s friend from Dongyue. His beauty can be compared to Zixie’s.

His name means ‘golden emperor’.


Luo Yin (罗音)

Gu Ruoyun’s best friend, about fifteen or sixteen. Has a perfect figure, with a face full of freckles (considered ugly in China). Daughter of General Luo.

Her name means ‘sound’.


General Luo / Luo Hongtian (罗将军 / 罗洪天)

Luo Yin’s father. The right general. At odds with the left general, Old General Gu.


Gu Tian (顾天)

Gu Ruoyun’s father, missing, presumed dead. Previously the number one talent in Azure Dragon Country.


Elder Yu (余老)

An in-house physician in Hundred Herb Hall. The servant of Dongfang Shaoze.


Shopkeeper Zhao (赵掌柜)

Shopkeeper in Hundred Herb Hall.


Ling Yu (凌玉)

Ling Xi’s younger sister. Niece of the Imperial Concubine Ling. Killed by Zuo Shangchen after she tried to kill Gu Ruoyun.


Dongfang Shaoze / Young Master Dongfang (东方少泽 / 东方少主)

Gu Ruoyun’s mother’s younger brother. Young master of the Dongfang family.


Dongfang Yu / Liu Yu (东方玉 / 柳玉)

Gu Ruoyun’s mother, missing, presumed dead. Hid her identity and higher status to marry into the Gu family as Liu Yu.


Crown Prince / Leng Yanfeng (太子 / 冷言风)

The crown prince of Azure Dragon Country. Disciple of Weapon Refining Sect. Personal disciple of Hun Fei. Thinks that Gu Ruoyun is in love with him. Is in love with Shiyun.


Imperial Concubine Ling (凌贵妃)

Most favoured concubine of the emperor. Aunt of Ling Xi and Ling Yu. As a concubine with her family name in her title, she is just two ranks below the empress.


Shi Yun (诗云)

Daughter of the Weapon Refining Sect’s sect master. Practises a long-lost art that mesmerises people, but needs to absorb mental strength from people to survive. Has dreams of Qianbei Ye.

Her name means ‘poetic clouds’.


Elder Hun Fei (魂飞长老)

Elder of Weapon Refining Sect. Expert of Weapon Refining Sect. The crown prince’s master.


Elder Tian Lin (田林长老)

Elder of Weapon Refining Sect. Expert of Weapon Refining Sect.


Lin Xi (林西)

Ling Xi’s follower. Son of the assistant minister of the Department of Revenue. Beaten by Gu Ruoyun within the Heavenly Spirit formation.

Although it looks similar when romanised, his name is written with entirely different characters from Ling Xi.


Qianbei Ye (千北夜)

The male lead. King of spiritual beasts. Has amnesia. Shiyun has dreams of him. Called ‘Xiao Ye’ by Gu Ruoyun.

His surname means ‘thousand north’ and his name means ‘night’.


Second Master Gu (顾二爷)

Second son of General Gu, Gu Ruoyun’s uncle.


Second Madam (二夫人)

Wife of Second Master Gu. Was in love with Gu Tian, married into the Gu family to be near him. Hated Dongfang Yu for marrying the man she loved.


Xunfeng (寻风)

Left Protector of the Devil Sect.


Moyu (莫羽)

Right Protector of the Devil Sect.


Ghost Doctor (鬼医)

A mysterious doctor who can cure any illness and is very temperamental.


Zuo Shangchen (佐尚辰)

Fourth prince of Zhuque and friend of Gu Shengxiao. Hates when people compare him to a girl. Has mysophobia, and Gu Shengxiao is the only one he lets near him. (Secret) Lord of Dark Yin Palace.


Qingyi (青衣)

A servant of Zuo Shangchen. Investigated Gu Ruoyun for him.


Ling Yihui (凌一辉)

Ling Yi’s brother. Ling Yu and Ling Xi’s second granduncle.


Mr Liu (刘先生)

A man who sold his house to Gu Ruoyun to get money to treat his sick wife. Introduced Gu Ruoyun to the Ghost Doctor.


Leng Wujing (冷无景)

Emperor of Azure Dragon Country. Father of Leng Yanfeng.


Mr Sai (赛先生)

A martial king expert from the Spirit Sect. Sent to kill Gu Ruoyun.


Xiao Tong (小瞳)

Only daughter of the Medicine Order’s previous Order Master. Saved Wei Yiyi from Tianyin. Rumoured to be mentally retarded.


Tianyin (天音)

Current Order Master of the Medicine Order. Was taken in by the Medicine Order’s previous Order Master. Killed the Order Master and poisoned Wei Yiyi for the Treasure Encyclopaedia of Medicine.


Qin Luo (秦洛)

The young master of Qin Order.


Susu (苏苏)

Childhood friend of Zuo Shangchen.


Ba Zhentian (霸震天)

Leader of the underground of Heaven City in Black Turtle Country. A henpecked husband.


Lord Xia (夏城主)

Lord of Heaven City.


Xia Linyu (夏霖钰)

Son of the lord of Heaven City. Sickly since birth, it was assumed that he wouldn’t live past 15 years old. However, he suddenly recovered and his cultivation improved by leaps and bounds. He has the same name as Gu Ruoyun’s younger brother.


Sheji (蛇姬)

Appeared at Hundred Herb Hall’s auction. Her name means ‘snake princess’.


Elder Mei (梅长老)

An elder in Plum Faction. Her name means ‘plum’ and uses the same character as the ‘Plum’ in Plum Faction.


Heavenly Wolf / Baobao (天狼 / 包包)

Gu Ruoyun’s contracted spiritual beast. A snow white wolf. Gu Ruoyun gave her the nickname ‘Baobao’, which literally means ‘bunbun’. Obtained from the Ancient Divine Pagoda.


Elder Lei (雷长老)

An elder of the Heavenly Thunder Faction. He practices the Heavenly Eye technique.


Feng Lei

The second young master of the Wind Hall.


Prime Minister Cheng

A guest at Gu Xianglin’s welcome feast. Wanted to buy pills from Hundred Herb Hall.


Li Cheng

An assassin from the Cool Breeze Faction sent to kill Gu Ruoyun, but is now under her control instead. Spies on Second Master Gu for her. Practices the Hidden Presence technique.


Imperial Tutor

A well respected person, despite not being a cultivator. In his late nineties. Had his life extended by a Longevity Pill.


Bai Chuan

A follower of Gu Ruoyun. Former host of the White Tiger, Yunyao. Only successor of his family. Learning how to refine pills under Moyu.



The White Tiger of the four Divine Beasts. Deathly afraid of Zixie and Qianbei Ye. Contracted to Gu Ruoyun. Currently at mid stage martial king rank.


Elder Liu

An elder from Dark Yin Palace. Took a mission to kill Gu Ruoyun on commission of Imperial Concubine Ling. Currently at mid stage martial king rank.



The Azure Dragon, Leader of the four Divine Beasts. Blinded, he lost the source of his power.



Weapon Refining Sect (炼器宗)

[formerly translated as Lianqi Sect]

A powerful sect in the West Spirit Mainland.

Known members:

  • Crown Prince Leng Yanfeng
  • Shiyun
  • Elder Hun Fei
  • Elder Tian Lin


Three Great Authorities (三大裁决地)

Some powers that govern how people of stronger countries behave in weaker countries.


Spirit Sect (灵宗)

[formerly translated as Ling Sect]

A powerful sect in the West Spirit Mainland. Ranked above the Weapon Refining Sect.

Gu Shengxiao rejected the invitation of the Weapon Refining Sect to become an inner disciple of the Spirit Sect.

Known members:

  • Gu Shengxiao
  • Mr Sai


Devil Sect (魔宗)

[formerly translated as Mo Sect]

A rising power on the West Spirit Mainland. Formed by Gu Ruoyun to be her army and power.

Will eventually rise to become the most powerful sect on the mainland, filled with elites.

Known members:

  • Gu Ruoyun
  • Xunfeng
  • Moyu
  • Bai Chuan


Dark Yin Palace (玄阴殿)

A mysterious organisation of assassins. They are able to kill anyone and will send a Declaration of Death to their targets, announcing their intent to pursue them to their deaths.

Known members:

  • Qingyi


Medicine Order (医门)

An organisation that studies and applies medicine.

Former members:

  • Wei Yiyi

Known members:

  • Tianyin (current Order Master)
  • Xiao Tong


Qin Order (秦门)

Appeared at Hundred Herb Hall’s auction. Aimed to get the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill but failed.

Known members:

  • Qin Luo


Plum Faction (梅派)

Had ties to the Gu family. The Gu family attempted to create enmity between Plum Faction and Gu Ruoyun but failed. The faction now has a kill-on-sight order for any Gu family member.

Known members:

  • Elder Mei


Cool Breeze Faction (清风派)

A faction with two martial king experts. After the Faction Master’s son died, he named Gu Xianglin, his foster son, as the new young master of the faction.

Known members:

  • Gu Xianglin (young master)


Heavenly Thunder Faction (天雷派)

A faction that appeared at Gu Xianglin’s welcome feast. The Ghost Doctor saved their Faction Master once.

Known members:

  • Elder Lei


Heavenly Dragon Order

A faction that appeared at Gu Xianglin’s welcome feast.

Known members:

  • Mysterious man


Hundred Flower Palace

A faction that appeared at Gu Xianglin’s welcome feast. Promised by a mysterious man that, in exchange for securing Gu Ruoyun’s safety, he would give them a spot on ‘the’ list to enter ‘that’ place and cultivate.

Known members:

  • Mysterious woman


Wind Hall

A faction that appeared at Gu Xianglin’s welcome feast. Far away from Azure Dragon Country.

Known members:

  • Feng Lei (second young master)




East Peak Mainland (东岳大陆) [formerly translated as East Peak Mainland]

Where Xia Ruoyun was born in her previous life. Much stronger than West Spirit Mainland.


West Spirit Mainland (西灵大陆) [formerly translated as Xiling Mainland]

Where Gu Ruoyun was reborn.


Azure Dragon Country (青龙国) [formerly translated as Qinglong Country]

A country in West Spirit Mainland, to the East. Coincidentally (or not), ‘Qinglong’ means ‘azure dragon’, one of the set of four mythological creatures in Chinese culture… and the dragon represents the East. The full set of creatures are: Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger and Black Turtle. You might also have heard of them in Japanese culture as: Seiryu, Suzaku, Byakko and Genbu.


Hundred Herb Hall (百神堂 / 百草堂) [formerly translated as Baishen Hall]

Azure Dragon Country’s biggest medicinal hall. Previously in the hands of young master Dongfang. Currently owned by Gu Ruoyun.

The author used ‘Baishen’ up to chapter 38 and switched to ‘Baicao’, which means ‘hundred herbs’ midway.


Heavenly Spirit Formation (天灵阵)

A formation from the Weapon Refining Sect. Found to be from ancient times. Where Gu Ruoyun found Qianbei Ye.


Vermillion Bird Country (朱雀国)

A country in West Spirit Mainland, to the South. Not on friendly terms with Qinglong. Its Chinese name means ‘vermillion bird’. One of the four mythological creatures in Chinese culture, representing the South.


Black Turtle Country (玄武国)

A country in West Spirit Mainland, to the North. Its Chinese name means ‘black turtle’. One of the four mythological creatures in Chinese culture, representing the North.


Heaven City (天城)

A city in Black Turtle Country. Contains an underground organisation led by Ba Zhentian, that has great power over the royalty of Black Turtle Country.