EEWC Chapter 86

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 86: Subduing the Ghost Doctor (1)
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“Qi level 7.”


Within the courtyard, Gu Ruoyun breathed out a mouthful of impure air and slowly opened her eyes. At this moment, Elder Yu’s voice sounded from in front: “Eldest Miss, there’s someone looking for you outside the door.”

“Looking for me?” Gu Ruoyun’s brows raised slightly, “Who?”

“He said that his surname is Liu, and he previously sold his ancestral home to Eldest Miss.”

Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun immediately stood up. Her delicate face held a trace of a smile: “It looks like the Ghost Doctor is here. Elder Yu, let’s go. Take me to see him.”

To be honest, Gu Ruoyun was very interested in this Ghost Doctor’s medical skills. If she could bring him into her Devil Sect, then they wouldn’t need to worry about finding ways to earn money any longer.

If the Ghost Doctor knew the directions of Gu Ruoyun’s thoughts, he would most likely rush right over and destroy her. She wanted to turn the Ghost Doctor, whose very name struck terror into the hearts of people, into a money-making tool?

This was an utter insult to him!

Outside the door, Mr Liu was already waiting anxiously. When he spotted Gu Ruoyun walking over, his eyes lit up and he said respectfully: “Miss Gu, the Ghost Doctor is already here. However, I can’t say if she’s willing to let Miss watch her work.”

“Don’t worry, even if she doesn’t let me near, I won’t blame you. Let’s go now.”

Gu Ruoyun smiled and said.

However, after Elder Yu heard their exchange, he hurriedly spoke up: “You’re going to see the Ghost Doctor? Then I’ll go with you. I’ve heard that the Ghost Doctor is rather unreasonable and has an eccentric personality. The Ghost Doctor is skilled at medicine, but is also doubly skilled with poisons. It’s not too safe for you to go alone.”

Gu Ruoyun waved her hands: “Don’t worry, Elder Yu. I know my limits. Mr Liu, I’ll trouble you to bring me over.”

“Okay, Miss Gu, please follow me.”

Mr Liu deferentially made a gesture of invitation…


In the Liu home.

Within the main hall, a girl was gently tasting the tea. Her movements were slow and graceful, extremely elegant.

She was dressed in an extremely seductive red robe, her alluring figure would make any man’s blood start pumping. However, upon seeing that face, their rushing blood would come to a stop instantly…

The girl’s face wasn’t extremely ugly, but there were countless scars on half of that face. You could even see the flesh that had been turned out. Those scars ran from her chin up to the corner of her eyes, utterly destroying her beauty.

Hearing footsteps from in front, the girl’s elegant brows knitted together slightly. She raised her sharp chin and looked over. Upon seeing the late Mr Liu, her tone carried obvious impatience. Even so, no matter how much impatience she showed, it couldn’t cover her natural charm.

“You really took your time there. I, the Ghost Doctor, am treating this patient out of goodwill, and you actually made me wait here for you?”

Mr Liu wiped away his cold sweat and smiled; he said in a flattering manner: “O Honorable Ghost Doctor, please forgive this servant for arriving late. Right, I’d like to introduce someone to Your Honour. This is Gu Ruoyun from Hundred Herb Hall. She wants to observe out of great respect for Your Honour’s medical skills.”

The Ghost Doctor’s gaze swept over Gu Ruoyun’s pretty face, and a trace of mocking hung on her fresh red lips: “No one is allowed to come near while I’m treating patients, especially someone who’s trying to steal my skills on the sly! Little girl, on account of your young age, I’ll let you leave with your life. Hurry up and go! You’re not qualified to become my disciple, based on your aptitude.”

Although the Ghost Doctor wasn’t very strong, she was brilliant with medicine. She could even bring back someone who was already at death’s door. Thus, even organisations such as the Dongfang family and Weapon Refining Sect would need to show her some respect.

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