EEWC Chapter 77

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 77: My Lord (2)
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“Tsk tsk, I’m indeed very shameless, but that’s better than being some saintly white lotus flower! However, Gu Panpan, with an IQ like yours, you’re not even that.”

Luo Yin sneered at Shiyun, her freckled face conveying nothing but disdain and ridicule. She was looking down upon Shiyun as if Shiyun, who was dressed in snow white clothes, was the dirty one.

Shiyun’s pupils darkened. To her, Luo Yin was only a little clown; killing her would only dirty her blade…

Furthermore, it appeared that there would be someone who would come and deal with it for her.

It was obvious that Gu Panpan was that kind of person. She was thoroughly angered by Luo Yin, and like a maddened little lion, she charged threateningly towards the cause of her anger.


Luo Yin just raised her leg and kicked Gu Panpan’s body away with a single move. She then took out a handkerchief to wipe the bottom of her shoes, and then she said in an extremely regretful tone: “I actually used my foot to kick her just now; looks like I can’t wear these shoes anymore! For the sake of this one kick, I have to throw away one whole pair of shoes. What a waste! What a freaking waste!”


Gu Panpan nearly passed out from indignation. She gritted her teeth, and then she used the rest of her strength to choke out two more words: “You’re shameless!”

Seeing Luo Yin’s sorry expression, Gu Ruoyun couldn’t restrain herself and laughed: “With your family’s wealth, isn’t buying another pair of shoes as simple as eating another spoonful of rice?”

“That is true, but this bitch isn’t even worth a single copper coin. Even if I sold her, I still wouldn’t be able to recoup the loss of this one pair of shoes.” Luo Yin shook her head and sighed, eyes full of regret.

With this blow, no matter how thick-skinned Gu Panpan was, she could no longer stand such humiliation and chose to faint straight away.

“Hold it!”

Seeing that Gu Ruoyun was trying to leave once again, Shiyun’s pupils darkened and she said: “You’re going to leave just like that?”

Her steps paused, and with her back facing Shiyun, Gu Ruoyun spoke with a light, indifferent tone that was as sharp as a sword.

“You’re going to stop me?”

Having said so, she didn’t stop any longer and slowly strode into Hundred Herb Hall, disappearing from the sight of Shiyun’s frigid stare…

Shiyun clenched her lily-white fists before slowly relaxing them. Her beautiful gaze turned towards Qianbei Ye, who was about to leave with Gu Ruoyun. Her eyes were filled with distress.

“You’ve really forgotten about me?”

She didn’t believe it, that this man would forget about her.

If they hadn’t been married in their previous life, then she wouldn’t have seen him so frequently in her dreams. They didn’t interact much, but within those dreams, his sword-wielding figure had long touched her heart. She believed from the start that this man was the one she had been waiting for her whole life.

This was why she hadn’t been moved, no matter how outstanding her suitors had been.

She had persisted up till now for the sake of waiting for him.

Unfortunately, although he had finally appeared, it seemed like he didn’t recognise her…

If there was nothing between them, then why would this extremely handsome man appear in her dreams?

Furthermore, Shiyun had always believed that whatever was done in one’s previous lifetimes would be carried forward to the current one!

“Your expression is disgusting!” Revulsion flashed across Qianbei Ye’s pupils, “Like you’re trying to strip me naked! You’re not Xiao Yun. Other than Xiao Yun, I don’t want anyone else to stare at me like that.”

For some reason, since the first time he had seen Shiyun, Qianbei Ye’s heart had felt uncomfortable. As long as she was in his vicinity, he felt like his appetite had been spoiled.

It was extremely irritating!

“Xiao Ye…”

Hearing Qianbei Ye’s words, Shiyun’s heart twinged in pain. She wanted to say something more, but a strong killing intent surrounded her. In that single instant, she felt as if she had descended straight into hell; her whole body was freezing cold.

Death’s aura had enveloped Shiyun. She paled, and shaken as she was, Shiyun could do nothing but stare at that beautiful, demonic face.

“You’re not fit to call me by that name!”


Shiyun felt cold all over, and although she opened her mouth, she was unable to say anything.

TL Note:

tl;dr Pinyin names for non-living things changed to English

Xiling mainland -> West Spirit Mainland

Dongyue mainland -> East Peak Mainland

Qinglong country -> Azure Dragon Country

Baishen Hall -> Hundred Herb Hall

Lianqi Sect -> Weapon Refining Sect

Ling Sect -> Spirit Sect

Mo Sect -> Devil Sect

All these are also listed in the glossary, so you can check it if you get confused!


For more explanation for the name change:

After more names of countries, places, etc. were revealed as the story went on, I realised that I’m missing out a lot of context by leaving names in Pinyin, and not everyone reads the glossary to find out what the names mean. I changed all the names that were left in Pinyin to English names instead, so that it’s clearer to you readers.

For example, the mainlands revealed so far were: Xiling, Dongyue. Their names actually contain cardinal directions in them that reveal their relative locations to each other. Xiling -> West Spirit Mainland, Dongyue -> East Peak Mainland.

For others, the names practically declare what the sect/place does, such as Lianqi Sect -> Weapon Refining Sect and Baishen Hall -> Hundred Herb Hall.

People’s names are not going to be changed! For pretty self-explanatory reasons.

I’ve changed the names in previous chapters, and all the new English names will be used going forward. Do let me know if I’ve missed out on catching any Pinyin names in previous chapters!

Sorry for springing this sudden change on you, but I believe the story will make much more sense going forward with proper English names for things. c:

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