EEWC Chapter 63

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 63: Competition and Reversal (5)
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Gu Ruoyun paused for a moment before continuing: “I’m interested in medicine, I hope that I can observe when the Ghost Doctor comes to treat your wife.”

“This…” The middle-aged man hesitated for a while, “I can’t decide on this, I need to seek the Ghost Doctor’s opinion. Although the Ghost Doctor has great medical skills, his temper is rather strange. If he takes a liking to someone, he would treat that person for free. However, if he doesn’t like a person, even giving him an entire nation wouldn’t be enough to convince him to treat that person.”

“It’s fine, just let me know when the time comes.”

Gu Ruoyun stroked her chin and smiled sinisterly.

She had heard of this Ghost Doctor’s reputation after she had come to West Spirit. If she could convince him to join the Devil Sect, then she wouldn’t have to worry about not having a medic around…

“Master, your smile is somewhat scary.”

Moyu couldn’t help but shiver, why did she feel that Master was about to do something shady to someone?

“Xunfeng, Moyu, let’s go!”

Gu Ruoyun seemed not to have heard Moyu’s words. She shrugged, threw out that sentence, and then turned to leave the courtyard.

Ling Yu watched that slender figure gradually leave, and her lily-white hands unconsciously drew into tight fists. Speaking word by word, she said: “Gu Ruoyun, I’ll let you run unbridled just one more time. Wait till Older Brother comes out of closed-door cultivation! That will be the day of your death!”

In the Ling household.

Within a secret room, a young man was sitting cross-legged while cultivating. He suddenly opened his eyes wide, and a dismal light flashed across the depths of his eyes.

“I’ve finally finished training in the secret technique Miss Shiyun gave to me, and it’s finally time for me to take revenge. Gu Ruoyun, just you wait. In two days, I’m going to defeat you in front of everyone and end my grudge!”


Gu Ruoyun had no idea about the movements of the Ling family. She had been very busy lately, so busy that she had no time to bother about the Ling family.

“That’s right, Elder Yu, did Young Master Dongfang leave?”

Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun seemed to have thought of something, and she turned to look at Elder Yu.

Elder Yu nodded, his anxiety could be seen through his eyes: “Something happened with the Dongfang family. Young Master was summoned back by the Elder Family Head.”

“Something’s happened?” Gu Ruoyun’s brows knitted together, “What happened to the Dongfang family? Also, are the Weapon Refining Sect’s men still in Azure Dragon Country?”

Gu Ruoyun somehow felt a sense of kin whenever she was around Dongfang Shaoze, and she didn’t want anything bad to happen to him.

“Yes, they are.”

Elder Yu sneered: “Not only that, the Weapon Refining Sect’s spies regularly come sniffing around our Hundred Herb Hall’s entrance. It looks like they haven’t given up on their goal. It’s a pity that something’s happened with the Dongfang family, or we could have caused some trouble for the Weapon Refining Sect.”

Gu Ruoyun shook her head: “There’s no need for Dongfang Shaoze’s men to act. I don’t like relying on others.”

Elder Yu opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but ended up staying silent.

A few days later.

The whole of Azure Dragon Country was shaken up by a single piece of news.

“Have you heard? The Ling family’s little young master Ling Xi is going to have a match with the good-for-nothing who was kicked out of the Gu family! And an expert from the Weapon Refining Sect is going to act as the referee!”

“I heard that they already had the promised match a few months ago. However, for some reason, they couldn’t decide on the outcome of the match, most likely because Gu Ruoyun was too cowardly. She even has the guts to accept the challenge again!”

“This news came out from the Ling family. The two of them even made a deal. If Gu Ruoyun loses, then Hundred Herb Hall will henceforth belong to the Ling family! I wonder why Hundred Herb Hall’s shopkeeper agreed to this condition. It’s clearly giving away Hundred Herb Hall for free. That Gu Ruoyun is only an errand worker in Hundred Herb Hall, is it worth to do this for her?”

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