EEWC Chapter 4

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 4: Good-for-Nothing (1)

Xia Ruoyun slowly stood up, black tresses dancing in the wind. As she lifted her head, her face was full of madness that had never been there before.

“I want all of you to accompany Yu-er in death!”


In that moment, the sky lost colour. Thunder boomed and lightning struck fiercely, lighting up that dark stretch of sky.

“Even after such a severe injury, she still has the strength to explode!” Xia Ming’s expression changed, and his face fell.

He had to admit, this daughter had great talent, but unfortunately, she was not born from his most beloved woman, so if he let her continue to grow, Chuxue and her mother would only feel aggrieved.

No matter what, he did not want to see that happen.

For the sake of the other daughter he favours, he could only give up on this rotten seed that should never have been born!


Xia Ruoyun laughed crazily; her laughter filled with intense hatred. She shouted angrily: “Xia Ming, Lu Chen, even if I die today, I’ll be able to avenge them! Unfortunately, Xia Chuxue isn’t here, otherwise, wouldn’t it be so nice to go to hell together?”


The powerful force scattered out from her body, causing the rocks in the valley to fall, accompanying the woman’s mad laughter and causing Xia Ming’s heart to tremble.

However, nothing happened…

The whole valley fell silent once again.


Xia Ruoyun sprayed out a mouthful of blood. Kneeling heavily on one knee with a steady stream of blood spraying out from her mouth, she glared with unwillingness and hatred at the people before her.

“Why? Why did you stop me from exploding?”

She looked down, her fists clenched tightly and her feeble voice tinged with anger.

At that moment, she had felt the Ancient Divine Pagoda stopping her self-combustion, and it was the first time she had felt any movement from the Ancient Divine Pagoda since receiving it…

“You don’t want my soul to disappear? But if I can’t even avenge them, then what do I need this soul for? Even if my soul scatters and disappears forever, I want to drag them down into hell with me!”

Xia Ruoyun’s voice shook; right now, she no longer had the strength to explode again.

“Yu-er, I’m sorry, your sister is useless, I couldn’t even avenge you.”

Tears trickled endlessly from her cheeks, falling and seeping into the ground.

Suddenly, she laughed loudly again: “I, Xia Ruoyun, hereby swear, that one day I’ll let these people who once hurt us, pay it back… Blood. For. Blood! I’ll let them fall into the point beyond redemption! Even if I have to pay with my eternal life in hell!”

The woman’s voice, like a curse, lingered in Lu Chen’s ears. It gave rise to a sudden panic in his heart, to the point that he did not dare to look into those eyes full of bone-deep hatred…


Xia Ruoyun spat out another mouthful of blood as her gaze passed steadily over the faces of each person before her, as if trying to remember them, as if carving their appearance deep into her mind…

“Her organs are already failing, she won’t live for long.”

Xia Ming looked callously upon the woman on the ground, as if that woman were not his daughter, but instead his mortal enemy…

“Xia Ruoyun, bring out the Ancient Divine Pagoda!”


Xia Ruoyun sneered; her arms tightly holding onto the young man’s limbless body, she slowly stood up. Without any hesitation, holding Xia Linyu’s body, she turned and jumped off the cliff.

“Not good!”

Xia Ming’s face paled, and darkened in an instant: “Men, go search, and find her body! I don’t believe that we won’t be able to find the Ancient Divine Pagoda!”

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