EEWC Chapter 223

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 223: The Good-for-Nothing Prince (7)
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“It’s been three months. That damn fatty has gone missing for three whole months. Did he run away from home because I was too harsh with him? Or could it be that he’s hiding in fear because he caused some trouble?” Pang Zihuang sighed lightly and pinched the space between his brows. Feeling a headache coming on, he said, “Didn’t I do all that for his own good? Why can’t he understand the efforts I’m making for him?”

While speaking, Pang Zihuang looked up slightly. It was at that moment that he noticed a figure sneakily approaching him, and rage abruptly welled up within him.

“Who are you? You actually dare to intrude into the imperial study? Are you trying to assassinate me! Guards! Where are the guards! How could you let an intruder in?!”

In his rage, Pang Zihuang simply leapt up from behind his desk and grabbed the sneaky young man. Without saying anything more, he slapped him.

“What daring! You’re only a Qi level 2 and you still dared to come and assassinate me?! Are you looking down that far on me? Alright, I haven’t been in a good mood lately, and I haven’t had any outlets. You’ll be my practice dummy!”

Pang Zihuang usually didn’t like to read the imperial edicts with company around him, so he was alone in the imperial study at the moment. Without caring too much for his image as the emperor, he simply said everything out loud.

Pang Ran had knocked the Imperial Adviser out and disappeared three months ago. Since then, the Imperial Adviser had come to him everyday, demanding that Pang Ran should be found. He didn’t dare to offend the Imperial Adviser since he had extraordinary powers, so he had suppressed his frustrations. Now, someone had simply offered their body up as a sacrifice for him to vent his anger, how could he reject such a convenient offer?

However, just as Pang Zihuang started to enjoy beating up his new ‘dummy’, the young man he had caught let out an anguished howl.

“Aiyah, daddy, stop beating me! It’s me, your son!”

“Mofo, you’re just an assassin, how dare you try to impersonate my son. How could I not know that I had a son like you!?”

Pang Zihuang was even more enraged now. This assassin’s daring simply knew no bounds. After getting caught, he actually tried to claim kinship with him. Impersonating an imperial relative was a capital offense!

However, after he had replied, the young man’s crying grew even more miserable.

“Father, it’s me, your son! It’s Pang Ran!!”

“Pang Ran?”

Pang Zihuang stopped and stared blankly for a moment before carefully assessing the young man caught in his hands.

Although this young man couldn’t be called slender, he had a well-proportioned figure. Although his features weren’t exceptional, they couldn’t be called common either. Most importantly, his skin was extremely fair, and his aggrieved eyes were staring straight at Pang Zihuang.

He had to admit that the young man before him did look quite similar to Pang Ran, even his voice was exactly the same…

“You’re Pang Ran?” Pang Zihuang eyed him suspiciously.

It wasn’t that he was refusing to acknowledge his son, but this change… was too damn scary!

In three months, that 250kg fatty had actually changed this much; no one would dare to acknowledge him without proof…

“Father, have you forgotten? I peeked at the palace maids while they were bathing when I was five. I still demanded to have my wet nurse feed me until I was seven, and I was still wetting my bed even at the age of 12. I’m really your son, Pang Ran!”

After hearing this, the disbelieving Pang Zihuang was finally convinced that the person before him was his son.

Those were things that only he, the empress, and Pang Ran knew about!

The empress had even personally incinerated the wet blankets herself, in order to preserve Pang Ran’s dignity. Even Pang Ran’s personal palace maids had no knowledge of that incident…

TL Note: What a great mum XD

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