EEWC Chapter 199

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 199: Evil Gets Its Just Deserts (2)
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“I’ll tell you once more: scram!”

Gu Ruoyun’s cold gaze alighted on every single person in front of her as she spoke , expressionless.

“Good, very good!” Leng Wujing was agitated and indignant that he was put in such a state. He sharply ordered, “Men, capture this woman!”

Upon hearing the emperor’s order, all the bodyguards began to move. However, before they could reach Gu Ruoyun, the aura on her body burst out without warning, forming a hurricane barrier around her. With a loud rumble, all the guards rushing at her were thrown back.

Her black tresses danced under the influence of the wild winds.

Everyone fell back, leaving that green-clad figure standing loftily in their center. In that moment, Leng Wujing felt that the person standing before him was the real monarch! That superior aura was something that even Shiyun of the Weapon Refining Sect hadn’t shown.

However, this woman who was acting acting like a sovereign king now had been a good-for-nothing trampled by others just three years ago!

“Gu Ruoyun, what are you doing?”

It was at this moment that a voice full of disbelief rang out from behind Gu Ruoyun.

General Luo could never have imagined that it was Gu Ruoyun who was trying to murder their emperor. His puzzlement was interlocked with the complex feelings arising in his heart…

He didn’t want to go against Gu Ruoyun. However, as the general of a nation, he had to protect his emperor’s safety. However, he believed that Gu Ruoyun was someone who would always return favor for favor. Why would she charge into the imperial palace for the sake of murder?

What exactly had happened?

“Very well, Gu Ruoyun. You’ve become even bolder. Even His Majesty isn’t off-limits to you now! You’re seeking your death!”

Old Man Gu reacted very differently from General Luo: he abruptly flew into a flurry of rage and waved his hand. With grinding teeth, he bit out: “Soldiers, listen to me! Capture this treasonous woman for this general!”

Gu Ruoyun, I didn’t know how I was going to deal with you at first, but now that you’ve given me this chance, let’s see who’s going to help you this time…

Gu Ruoyun hadn’t even spared a glance at Old Man Gu. Her gaze was instead directed towards General Luo, who had a complicated look on his face. She said, “Three years ago, I promised you that I wouldn’t touch the imperial family no matter how strong I get. However, that’s only if they didn’t provoke me first!”

Actually, Gu Ruoyun didn’t want to be at heads with General Luo.

It wasn’t just because he was Luo Yin’s father, but also because General Luo was the only one who spoke up for her when she was in dire straits.

However, if General Luo tried to stop her, she would have no other choice. She wasn’t going to let Imperial Concubine Ling off, no matter what!

General Luo sighed and said: “Ruoyun, could you tell me what happened? I believe you’re a reasonable girl. I’ve always treated you like a niece. If you’re not the one in the wrong in this matter, uncle will honour the agreement we made and won’t participate in this matter!”

“General Luo, you’re a general of this country! There’s a scoundrel threatening His Highness’s life right now, and you’re just going to stand by and watch?”

Old Man Gu sneered. It was a rare chance to drag General Luo down; how could he just let it pass?

However, upon hearing his words, it would be hard for anyone to believe that he was Gu Ruoyun’s very own grandfather. It was as if Gu Ruoyun was a sworn enemy of his, and every night before bed he would wish an early death upon her.

General Luo simply ignored him and looked at Gu Ruoyun. He asked: “Ruoyun, tell me everything. Even if I have to abandon this post as a general, I can’t let my niece be wronged like this!”

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