EEWC Chapter 194

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 194: The Azure Dragon, Tianqiong (4)
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Gu Ruoyun had been watching the two of them expressionlessly since the start of the astonishing turn of events. Many thoughts turned around in her head. No matter how she looked at it, the relationship between these two didn’t seem as simple as comrades… they seemed more like a couple.

If she could take in the Azure Dragon, then she would be able to trample roughshod over the four countries from now on!

As for his blinded eyes, perhaps Zixie had some way to help him recover them…

While the two beasts were in the midst of their joyful and tearful reunion, a sudden burst of killing intent coming from behind Yunyao made her body stiffen.

“Yunyao, watch out!” Tianqiong hurriedly pulled Yunyao behind him, his face full of caution. No matter what, he couldn’t let anyone hurt her again.

“Tianqiong,” Yunyao shook her head and said, “I’m fine, but you might be in trouble! When we went our separate ways back then, I was also heavily injured. Luckily, I met Master, and now I have the possibility of fully recovering from my injuries.”

“Master?” Tianqiong stared blankly for a moment, “Yunyao, you’re the one who had the most pride amongst the four of us, why would you willing serve a human? Did they use some method to force you? Tell me, I won’t let anyone hurt you!”

“Tianqiong, you’re mistaken. Master treats me very well. She’s helping me recover from my injuries, and she won’t force me to do anything I’m not willing to do. Furthermore, you just tried to kill my master…”

While speaking, Yunyao carefully glanced at the silver-haired man next to Gu Ruoyun. Her heart trembled.

She could feel the killing intent exuding off of that guy. If Tianqiong tried to do anything else, he would probably be turned into ashes on the spot by the hand of that man…

“Xiao Yun’er, shall we eat dragon meat tonight?”

Qianbei Ye’s eyes landed on Tianqiong, and he added on in a ruthless tone, “If you eat this dragon, your strength will grow by leaps and bounds.”

Everyone knew that dragon meat was a top-grade supplement! However, not many people on this mainland dared to hunt dragons! Although there were extremely few dragons around, every one of them had the power to decimate the earth!



Yunyao instantly knelt in front of Gu Ruoyun, without a trace of her original elegance and pride.

“Tianqiong doesn’t recognise Master, so someone must have bewitched him into killing Master. Could Master let him off on behalf of how I saved Master just now? I will be endlessly grateful, and will vow loyalty and devotion to Master for the rest of my life.”

Honestly speaking, Gu Ruoyun hadn’t intended on slaughtering this dragon at all. A powerful, living dragon was of more use to her than some nourishing dragon meat. Furthermore, this was the legendary Azure Dragon Tianqiong they were talking about!

However, she wasn’t going to let him off that easily.

If Qianbei Ye hadn’t reached her in time, she would have been lying dead on the ground!

“Yunyao, you’re my contract beast, so helping me is one of your responsibilities. However, you tried to use this point to talk terms with me.”

The young woman’s tone was as calm as the wind, but it made Yunyao’s heart twist fiercely. She bit her lower lip gently and didn’t speak; only her eyes begged Gu Ruoyun for mercy.

“Yunyao, what are you doing?” Tianqiong was astonished, “You don’t have to beg this human for my sake! Humans are too cunning. If they want to kill me, then let them! I, Tianqiong, will never bend my knee!”

“You shut up!”

In her anxiety, Yunyao roared angrily at him, frightening Tianqiong so much that he hurriedly closed his mouth. His handsome face was full of aggrievement.

His heart had simply ached for Yunyao upon hearing her beg this woman for mercy for him, yet she had acted so fiercely towards him. He would rather die than bend and scrape for favour like Yunyao was doing. How could someone as proud as her act so humbly towards a human…

Furthermore, it was all for his sake!

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