EEWC Chapter 193

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 193: The Azure Dragon, Tianqiong (3)
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This was the second time she had seen Qianbei Ye like this.

The first time was when she had been coerced by Ling Yi. The second time was right now, as if this man would appear whenever she was in danger. Gu Ruoyun couldn’t help but suspect whether he was always following her around!

However, for some reason, her heart would unconsciously feel safe around him.

As if there was nothing that couldn’t be resolved if he was around…


The blue light struck Qianbei Ye fiercely, then disappeared without a trace, shocking Elder Liu to the point that he couldn’t speak. He simply stared foolishly like an idiot.

How had such a strong attack ended up like a tiny needle before this man? It seemed like it hadn’t even tickled, he had blocked it just like that…

Furthermore, this man didn’t have any spiritual qi in his body, he couldn’t feel any qi fluctuations coming from him! Someone who could make him feel this way was either a good-for-nothing or so strong that he could conceal his power within his body…

Going by what had just occurred, it was clearly the latter!

This man was a martial emperor at the very least!

Yunyao relaxed, but she quickly got tense again. She turned to the clouds and said: “Tianqiong, what are you still hiding in there for? Come out right now!”

She hoped that Master wouldn’t hold the Azure Dragon’s mistake against him for her sake…

“Yunyao, is that really you?”

Joyful surprise was clear in his voice as he spoke. Following that, everyone watched as an enormous azure dragon burst out from behind the clouds. It was only when he appeared that they knew what the words ‘a domineering ruler above all’ were meant to describe!

Very quickly, the Azure Dragon’s body transformed while in the sky, and a tall body appeared shortly after in midair.

The dark clouds dissipated, revealing the clear blue sky.

A man dressed in azure clothing appeared before them, looking elegantly handsome with features pleasing to the eye, although he wasn’t as stunning as Qianbei Ye or Zixie. He was like bamboo, standing straight and proud above the world.

However, upon seeing the azure-dressed man’s eyes, Yunyao froze in shock: “Tianqiong… Your… Your eyes…”

The man startled for a moment before covering his dim, colourless pupils with a bitter smile. “My eyes were blinded back then, and I’ve been hiding here to recover all these years. Actually, with my eyes gone, I know that my strength will never reach its peak again, no matter how much I cultivate…”

Tianqiong was different from the other Divine Beasts. His eyes were his source of power. If his eyes were blinded, then he would never be able to reach his peak again. Back then, the person who had captured him had used cruel measures to force him to become his mount. He had refused to obey even till death, so in extreme rage, that person had blinded him.

Although it seemed like he had great power just now, he actually didn’t have much strength. However, even that amount was more than enough to deal with one Gu Ruoyun.

Unfortunately, that move had used up all the power he had recovered over the years, and he was now a good-for-nothing! The Four Divine Beasts had never liked to owe favours to humans, so he had listened to Imperial Concubine’s request and used up all his energy…

Yunyao walked forward a few steps and transformed into an elegant woman in front of the stunned eyes of the crowd. She raised her hands and caressed the face she had been pining for night and day. She didn’t seem to realise that tears were raining down her cheeks.

“Tianqiong, rest assured. I’ll cure your eyes, I definitely will!”

From his position at the peak, he had fallen to such a state; how could Yunyao’s heart not ache for him?

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