EEWC Chapter 188

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Evil Emperors Wild Consort
Chapter 188: Zuo Shangchen’s Rage Awakens (9)
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“Shopkeeper Zhao, help me look after him.”

From the time she arrived till now, Gu Ruoyun didn’t take a single look at Bai Chuan. Her back stood straight and tall; it was the delicate back of a woman, but it looked like it could carry the weight of the world. Bai Chuan’s heart, which he had previously thought might leap out of his chest, settled down. It felt as if everything would be fine as long as she was around.


Shopkeeper Zhao nodded and pulled Bai Chuan off to the side. When he looked at the figure in front of him, a deep sense of anxiety began to gnaw at his heart.

Dressed in robes of green, her black hair fluttering in the wind, Gu Ruoyun’s face was like sculpted stone. When her gaze landed on the elder, that immovable image broke as she deliberately smiled at him. “You’re from Dark Yin Palace?”

“That’s right!” Elder Liu sneered and said, “I’m an elder of Dark Yin Palace. Someone has put a price on your life! Although our Dark Yin Palace holds no grudge with you, since we’ve accepted our employer’s mission, you have to die!”

On the mainland, most martial kings wouldn’t touch ordinary people, especially if they were from a sect or a faction, as such organizations were under the Three Great Authorities’ watch. However, the Dark Yin Palace was an exception. As long as someone gave them enough money, they would accept the mission! Furthermore, they weren’t within the jurisdiction of the Three Great Authorities.

Thus, the Dark Yin Palace didn’t have to act in the shadows like the Weapon Refining Sect. If they wanted to kill someone, they would do it in broad daylight! They even send a Declaration of Death beforehand to let their target prepare.

Gu Ruoyun sneered: “You don’t have any objections if I take Bai Chuan away, do you?”

“He’s just a tool. Since he has fulfilled his purpose, he’s useless now, but…” Elder Liu’s eyes narrowed slightly, “You, on the other hand, cannot go with him! If you leave, I can’t fulfill my mission!”

This time, Imperial Concubine Ling had offered a good reward for this commission. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have bothered to personally come and complete this mission.

“Rest assured, I have no intention of leaving!” Gu Ruoyun’s smile grew even more pronounced. However, those clear eyes of hers were full of killing intent as she said, “That’s because I’m not done clearing our debts!”

Gu Ruoyun stepped forward. The second her foot touched the ground, a powerful killing intent burst out from her small form. In contrast to the volcanic force of her rage, Gu Ruoyun’s face was like a layer of frost.

“Furthermore, you don’t have to explain anything. I know that this was all done by Imperial Concubine Ling, or you wouldn’t have been at the Ling household. In the entire Ling family, she’s the only one with enough power to hire an assassin from Dark Yin Palace… However, you made one fatal mistake: you didn’t come straight at me! Instead, you went after my people! Thus, you have to die here! I’ll send both you and Imperial Concubine Ling to an early grave!”

Bai Chuan’s eyes were caught by Gu Ruoyun’s murderous expression. His breath caught; his heart was beating so hard it felt like it was knocking against his rib cage.

For some reason, right then and there, he had a feeling that, just maybe, he wouldn’t regret following her…

It was only at this moment that Bai Chuan finally, fully pledged his allegiance to Gu Ruoyun.

“Hmph, what a wild boast!”


Elder Liu’s expression turned cold. He slammed the table, stood up, and with a single step, leapt towards Gu Ruoyun. The force of his movements kicked up a storm of wild winds inside the courtyard. In contrast to that show of strength, Gu Ruoyun’s clothes merely fluttered; before her, wind was simply wind.

Since the beginning, her expression hadn’t changed at all: Gu Ruoyun, calm as water, was still smiling.

That smile of hers seemed to be mocking Elder Liu for overestimating his capabilities…


Just as Elder Liu was about to kill Gu Ruoyun in rage, a white light abruptly shot out from in front of her. An enraged roar rang out, shocking Elder Liu into retreating a few steps.

“Yunyao, kill him!”

Gu Ruoyun’s eyes were cold as she commanded Elder Liu’s execution.

“Yes, Master.”

The White Tiger replied, turning to her prey at an unhurried pace. With a smile full of ridicule, she began to walk towards Elder Liu, one elegant step at a time…

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