EEWC Chapter 138

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Evil Emperors Wild Consort
Chapter 138: Gu Xianglin Returns (1)
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On a small, meandering forest road, a group of people spurred their horses and rushed towards Azure Dragon Country at full speed. The leader of that group was a young man who looked like he was in his twenties. He seemed like a scholarly, elegant man, not at all like someone who was experienced at battle.

“Left Protector, we’re almost at Azure Dragon Country, do we need to go faster?”

“Yes! This mission took us long enough. We can finally return.”

The young man who had been called Left Protector revealed a slight smile. He had been sent out by Master for a task, but it had ended up taking half a year. He wondered how his brothers in the Devil Sect were faring by now.

It was at this moment that a dust storm came whirling in from behind them, and following that, a loud shout cried: “All of you in front, get out of the way!”

The young man frowned, but whoever had shouted the warning did not wait for a reaction. A whip lashed out towards the young man, aiming to force him off his horse. However, before it could even touch his body, the young man grabbed the whip and pulled, dragging his attacker off his mount.


Instantly, everyone pulled on their reins and stopped.

They saw that the ones who had come speeding at them from behind were wearing similar colours and riding Storm Wolves. Each of them carried haughty and insufferably arrogant expressions.

“People from the Cool Breeze Faction?”

A peculiar glint flashed across Xunfeng’s eyes. He looked at the people before him with an icy gaze: “Why are you blocking me?”

Although the Cool Breeze Faction was a level below the Dongfang family in power, they were still a faction. As general knowledge, to establish a faction, the faction had to have a martial king expert. This Cool Breeze Faction even had two martial kings. In the secular world, this was enough to ride roughshod over most people.

“Stupid little boy, can’t you see that our young master is here? You even dare to block our way! If I don’t whip you, who else should I whip?”

The man who had been pulled to the ground by Xunfeng hurriedly climbed up. He looked mockingly at Xunfeng: “Look at how wretched your mounts are. You’re just some commoners from the secular world. I really don’t know where you got the balls to block our young master’s way!”

Having said so, the man turned his head towards the handsome young man who had stopped not far off.

That young man looked to be about the same age as Xunfeng. He had deep facial features, as if his face had been chiseled by a sculpting knife. However, those eyes carried a snobbish glint from time to time, completely ruining his rather handsome face.

“Gu Xianglin!”

Xunfeng’s eyes cooled slightly. By right, he shouldn’t be able to recognise the Cool Breeze Faction’s young master, but he didn’t have a choice. This Gu Xianglin was Gu Panpan’s elder brother! That is to say, he was Gu Ruoyun’s cousin! He couldn’t help but recognise him!

Furthermore, he hadn’t expected that Gu Xianglin would become the Cool Breeze Faction’s young master.

A few years ago, he had heard that the only son of the Cool Breeze Faction’s master had been killed, and the Cool Breeze Faction had lost their successor. Thus, the faction master had passed the Cool Breeze Faction on to his adopted son. He had not expected that the aforementioned adopted son would turn out to be Gu Xianglin!

It looked like a storm was about to rise in Azure Dragon Country…

Gu Xianglin cast an indifferent glance towards Xunfeng. Even though his expression was even, Xunfeng could see the disdain in his eyes.

“Forget it. There’ll be dogs who block the way everywhere. There’s no need to quibble with some vulgar people; we’d just be stooping to their level,” he waved his hand and said, “Let’s go, I haven’t been home in many years. I don’t know how my family has been doing lately, so speed is our priority.”

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