EEWC Chapter 126

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Evil Emperors Wild Consort
Chapter 126: Heaven City and the Xia Family (1)
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Luo Yin froze in shock. She cast a disbelieving gaze towards Gu Ruoyun, her eyes filled with amazement.

No wonder Shopkeeper Zhao had called her Eldest Miss: she was actually the boss behind Hundred Herb Hall. However, Luo Yin wondered, why was it that she didn’t know about this? Furthermore, when Hundred Herb Hall was founded, Gu Ruoyun wasn’t even born yet…

Gu Ruoyun frowned. It was clear that she was unhappy about Zuo Shangchen exposing her identity. Her indifferent gaze swept across that man’s devilishly charming face.

“If it weren’t for the fact that you’re my brother’s friend, based on what you said just now, I would have gotten Elder Yu to chase you out.”

Zuo Shangchen rubbed his nose, his smile bitter.

Wasn’t he just worried that Susu would do something to Gu Ruoyun after underestimating her? However, no matter what the reason behind it was, he had exposed her identity without her permission. He was indeed in the wrong.

Susu opened her mouth and looked like she wanted to say something, but she was too embarrassed to spit it out.

At this moment, within the auction hall, Elder Yu’s voice resounded again.

“Everyone, if there aren’t any questions, let’s proceed with our auction! This time, we have a total of five Beauty Rejuvenation Pills available. Each person can get at most one pill. The first pill starts bidding at 10,000 gold coins.”

Following Elder Yu’s words, the entire hall turned silent. Then, the noise of a frantic bidding war exploded in the hall like a crash of thunder.

“100,000 gold coins!”


Everyone was shocked by this confident bid. 100,000 gold coins was enough for a middle-sized family to live for two years. However, it was the starting bid for this pill right now.

“Ba Zhentian, your wife is already old and wrinkled; what are you wasting so much money on her for? Why don’t you just get a new wife and leave this pill to us, haha!”

A middle-aged man dressed in green burst out into loud laughter, completely ignoring the angry glare tossed his way by Ba Zhentian.

“Hmph!” Ba Zhentian harrumphed, “I must get this pill!”

“Then I’m sorry, but I’m also interested in this pill. Thus, I’m bidding 200,000 gold coins!”


Within the private box, Zuo Shangchen was smiling as he leaned against his seat. That face that was more beautiful than a woman’s wore a languid and contented smile. He appeared to know that Gu Ruoyun wasn’t very knowledgeable on the mainland powers, so beside her, he lightly explained the following: “That man with a scar on his face is the underground leader of Black Turtle Country’s Heaven City, Ba Zhentian. In Black Turtle Country, Heaven City is even stronger than the country itself. You can imagine how powerful Ba Zhentian is. However, this Ba Zhentian is a famous henpecked husband!”

Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow. Her gaze landed on Zuo Shangchen.

Zuo Shangchen flipped open his fan and smiled as he continued to speak: “I’m guessing that Ba Zhentian is here to buy the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill for his wife. As for the person fighting him for it, that’s the shopkeeper for Heaven City’s largest medicine hall. He’s probably aiming to bring the pill back and display it as a treasure in his hall in order to drum up trade for himself.”

Heaven City?

Gu Ruoyun sunk into silence for a while before she asked: “What kind of power is this Heaven City? How come I’ve never heard of it before?”

“In Black Turtle Country, Heaven City is the organisation with the most authority. If the royal family of Black Turtle Country wants to change dynasties, it’s impossible with just the support of their courtiers; rather, they have to get the approval of Heaven City. Even when choosing the crown prince, the royal family needs Heaven City’s approval. Thus, Heaven City is the greatest existence in Black Turtle Country.”

TL Note: Ba Zhentian (霸震天) has a really intimidating name. His surname Ba means ‘tyrant’, while his name Zhentian means ‘shaking the heavens’. What an amazing name~

Remember that the countries carry the names of four mythical beasts? We had Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and now we have Black Turtle appearing! Black Turtle represents the North, so Black Turtle Country is presumably to the north~

You can read up more about the Four Symbols here:

Also, I finally updated the glossary up to the latest translated chapters, so you can go look up any characters you’ve forgotten about over here.

Edit: Changed ‘wife-con’ to ‘hen-pecked husband’ so it makes more sense XD

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