EEWC Chapter 117

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Evil Emperors Wild Consort
Chapter 117: The Shocking Four Nations’ Auction (3)
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Everyone’s eyes were on Hundred Herb Hall, and the Gu family wasn’t an exception. At this moment, within the main hall of the Gu household, Second Master Gu glanced at the old man sitting on the chair above and said: “Father, although this Beauty Rejuvenation Pill isn’t very important to cultivators, many people are already eyeing it right now. Even the Plum Faction isn’t an exception. Yesterday, an elder from the Plum Faction came looking for me after hearing that Gu Ruoyun was working in Hundred Herb Hall. We only have to help her ask for some news, and she’ll give me a low grade spirit stone.”

On the mainland, there were a few grades for spirit stones: low, medium, high, and premium.

The veins of spirit stones had mostly been divided between the few large organisations on the mainland and used to raise their disciples. The spiritual power contained within one low grade spirit stone could instantly raise a martial warrior from early stage to mid stage. Thus, those large organisations could raise plenty of talents.

The Plum Faction only had twenty or thirty low grade spirit stones in their possession, yet they were actually willing to hand over one in exchange for information. It was clear that they were setting down a heavy investment…

“The Plum Faction?” The old man was deep in thought for a moment before saying, “Although the Plum Faction isn’t as large as the Weapon Refining Sect, they aren’t weak either. In particular, the disciples and elders of the Plum Faction are all women. However, I’ve heard that the faction leader of the Plum Faction is extremely ugly. No wonder she wants to get the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill to the point of investing such heavy capital into it. What a pity that Gu Ruoyun no longer recognises our Gu family. How am I to get the information we need from her?”

The eyes of Second Master Gu darkened for a moment before he smiled and said: “Father, Yun’er is too young; it can’t be helped that she’s a little stubborn. Her temper should have run out by now. If you personally visit her, she definitely won’t be able to bear seeing her grandfather labour without reward. Furthermore, Yun’er has always placed family highly. We can use Gu Tian and his wife to influence her and guide her back to the right path. I’m sure that she’ll definitely understand our painstaking efforts.”


The old man decisively rose and said: “This general will personally visit her then. Surely she’ll at least give some respect to her grandfather?”

When all was said and done, the allure of that low grade spirit stone was too much. It was so tempting that he couldn’t resist it; the only thing to be done was to get off his high horse and plead with her…

At this moment, within Hundred Herb Hall, Gu Ruoyun was currently discussing some important matters related to the auction with Elder Yu when an announcement sounded from outside the door.

“Elder Yu, the Gu family requests an audience.”

“The Gu family?” Elder Yu frowned and said impatiently, “I’ve already ordered that we are not to entertain anyone from the Gu family! There’s no good to be had by coming here at this time.”

“But, General Gu said that he has an important matter and needs to meet Miss Ruoyun. He said that it’s regarding Gu Tian and his wife…”

Immediately, Gu Ruoyun’s eyes narrowed and cold flashed across her face. She sneered and said: “Let him come in. I’d like to see what he’ll say.”

In her heart, Gu Tian and his wife were her weak spots. She absolutely wouldn’t let anyone speak any nonsense about that. It was clear that Old Man Gu had baited the tiger in its den this time, and had completely enraged Gu Ruoyun.

“Ah,” Elder Yu helplessly shook his head and forced a smile, “I really don’t know if all these people from the Gu family have grown any brains. Even after all that’s happened, they’re still trying to come and claim family relations with you. They really shouldn’t have dragged Gu Tian and his wife into this. Eldest Miss, what do you plan to do?”

Gu Ruoyun smiled, and that smile contained an eerily cold air.

“I’ll give them hope, then send them crashing to the depths of despair!”

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