EEWC Chapter 114

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Evil Emperors Wild Consort
Chapter 114: The Man’s Desire for Revenge (4)
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“Shifu, shifu, great news, I have the best news in the world.”

At this moment, the door was pushed open with a bang, and Wei Yiyi charged in excitedly. However, at the moment, just when she was about to step inside, she unconsciously shivered…


So cold…

Wei Yiyi couldn’t help but rub her arms, as she looked at the two people standing inside the room with astonishment.

What was Qianbei Ye doing in shifu’s room at this hour? And why was there another devilishly handsome man…

“Girl, when did you accept a disciple?” Zixie raised his brows and smiled faintly at Gu Ruoyun.

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders: “She shamelessly signed herself up for it.”

Wei Yiyi had indeed brazenly signed herself up as a disciple. Gu Ruoyun had only wanted to take her in as a subordinate, but after finding out that Gu Ruoyun had refined that pill, she had ignored all protests and started calling her shifu. Finally, Gu Ruoyun had just let her do as she liked.

“Hehe,” Wei Yiyi chuckled, “Shifu, who’s this?”

“He’s the one who taught me how to refine pills.”

Her pill refining techniques had been taught by Zixie, so there weren’t any lies in that statement…

“Then isn’t he my grand-shifu?” Wei Yiyi’s eyes lit up as she cast a measuring gaze on Zixie.

Normally speaking, shouldn’t grand-shifu be a white-haired old man? Why was he so young? Unless he was one of the legendary old monsters who lived for thousands of years with an eternally youthful face?

Moreover, the man before her looked extremely mysterious, his power was like a whirling vortex, she couldn’t see through it no matter what…

It was obvious that Zixie had been given a high position in Wei Yiyi’s heart.

“I’m not this girl’s shifu, so you don’t have to call me grand-shifu.”

Having said so, Zixie turned to look at Gu Ruoyun and said: “Girl, I’m going to set up the formation for you now. I’ll be able to worry a little less when I enter hibernation.”

“Alright, then go ahead.”

Gu Ruoyun nodded her head slightly as she spoke.

Watching the man’s figure as he left, Wei Yiyi turned towards Gu Ruoyun: “Shifu, this…”

“Zixie doesn’t like to get close to humans, you don’t have to call him that. Right, what good news did you have for me?”

Upon mentioning this, Wei Yiyi started getting excited again. Her charming eyes were full of smiles as she spoke, taking full delight in someone else’s misfortune: “Shifu, did you know? Someone had set the imperial study on fire, and the crown prince Leng Yanfeng has been crippled.”

“He’s been crippled?” Gu Ruoyun was startled.

“That is… he can’t do it anymore.”

Gu Ruoyun coughed fiercely. Laughter gathered in her eyes bit by bit, “So what you mean is that, Leng Yanfeng can no longer… reproduce? What happened exactly?”

“I don’t know, I heard from outside that the imperial palace should have kept this under wraps; but somehow, everyone knows all about it. What’s even funnier is that, the crown prince didn’t even get a glimpse of the culprit. Don’t you think this is such pleasant news? I was already unhappy with that guy, I would have crippled him on the spot if I didn’t want to avoid causing trouble yesterday!”

Wei Yiyi spoke rather energetically, feeling as though she had gotten rid of any resentment from the day before.

“It probably isn’t a coincidence that Leng Yanfeng was crippled,” Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow, then subconsciously turned towards Qianbei Ye, “Xiao Ye, where did you go last night?”

Qianbei Ye’s face turned red and he lowered his head, not daring to look at Gu Ruoyun: “It… It wasn’t me.”

The way he was speaking showed that he had absolutely no confidence.

He had simply wanted to teach Leng Yanfeng a lesson last night. Coincidentally, he had caught Leng Yanfeng in the midst of pressing on a girl, so he… just cut that off. He hadn’t thought that Xiao Yun would find out about this matter.

How was Xiao Yun going to see him now?

If Xiao Yun found out that he had witnessed Leng Yanfeng in bed with a girl, would she be angry?

The more he thought, the more nervous he got. Qianbei Ye was deathly afraid that Gu Ruoyun would ignore him because he had seen something he shouldn’t have…

Author’s Note: I’m going to clarify this first. Xiao Ye has only lost his memory, he’s not mentally retarded or an idiot. Thus, he does know about that side of things, haha!

TL’s Note: Wei Yiyi is assuming that Zixie is Gu Ruoyun’s shifu. In the same way that your father’s father is your grandfather, your shifu’s shifu becomes your grand-shifu. 😛

I could also use grandmaster, but since we were already using shifu, I thought grand-shifu was clearer. Let me know if it isn’t!

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