EEWC Chapter 112

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Evil Emperors Wild Consort
Chapter 112: The Man’s Desire for Revenge (2)
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“I’ve never seen someone so shameless. I’ve really experienced something new today,” Wei Yiyi covered her lips and smiled lovably. Her face held contempt as she said, “She’s already said that the position of your wife isn’t worthy of her. What she means is, she doesn’t like you. Why do you have to be so brazen and assume that she actually wants your love? Is your love worth any money?”

Wei Yiyi couldn’t help but want to roll her eyes. She had met so many people, but she really had not seen anyone this shameless. Especially since this shameless fellow was the crown prince of a country.

She really didn’t know how he had become the crown prince, since he was this bad at reading people.

Why would Gu Ruoyun covet the position of a crown prince’s consort? A genius like her who could refine Beauty Rejuvenation Pills would be fawned over in any organisation. Especially since she had a mysterious shifu behind her.

Thus, where did this guy’s ego come from?

Although Leng Yanfeng was an inner disciple of the Weapon Refining Sect, he didn’t have Zuo Shangchen’s experience and was naturally unable to recognise that Wei Yiyi was the Ghost Doctor. He only thought that she was a female servant.

“It looks like you’re being treated rather well in Hundred Herb Hall, otherwise you wouldn’t have a servant girl, and you wouldn’t be able to buy such a large residence. However, Gu Ruoyun, Hundred Herb Hall still doesn’t belong to you in the end. If you become the crown prince’s consort, you’ll be able to be the mother of a nation. Furthermore, you used to appear in front of me quite often. Now that I want to marry you, you’re playing hard to get with me?”

Gu Ruoyun’s expression cooled down while the faces of Qianbei Ye and Zuo Shangchen were starting to turn ugly.

Especially Qianbei Ye, but he didn’t do anything. With his bloodthirsty red pupils, he seemed to be thinking of something…

“It looks like the crown prince doesn’t understand human speech,” Gu Ruoyun sneered as she stood up and looked at him. She spoke word by word, “I don’t like you. I have no interest in being the crown prince’s consort! Since you like that Junior Shiyun of yours so much, then just go marry her. As for me… honestly speaking, Leng Yanfeng, in my eyes, you’re no different from some Bystander A! If you want to mention our relationships, there’s only one. That is, you’re someone from the Weapon Refining Sect, and I’m fated to be enemies with the Weapon Refining Sect!”

There was no other reason. Towards those who wanted to kill her, she didn’t have a favourable impression.

Furthermore, if it hadn’t been for the Weapon Refining Sect that day, Luo Yin wouldn’t have ended up in the hands of Ling Yi…

Leng Yanfeng didn’t say anything. His black pupils were affixed on that girl’s pretty face from start to finish.

She had changed.

That’s right, she had indeed changed…

The timid and weak girl from before had become this strong, this brilliant, at some point…

Unconsciously, Leng Yanfeng thought of Gu Ruoyun’s battle with Ling Xi that day. The battle that was destined to remove her title of good-for-nothing.

“Xunfeng, send our guest out! The imperial family isn’t welcome here!”

Gu Ruoyun tossed her sleeves and sat down, before speaking with an indifferent expression.

Seeing the dismissal in her eyes, Leng Yanfeng felt discomfort in his heart. Although he didn’t like Gu Ruoyun, but to him, having a loving admirer boosted his vanity.

However, right now, he was no longer in her eyes…

Don’t tell me she really didn’t want to marry him?

No! He had to marry Gu Ruoyun. Firstly, because of the promise to Junior Shiyun, secondly, for revenge! To take revenge on her for everything she had said to him today!

Thinking up to here, Leng Yanfeng had nothing more to say, so he said directly: “This crown prince is leaving now. I’ll continue visiting in the future.”

Having said so, he didn’t tarry any longer. He tossed his sleeves and left, disappearing from the eyes of those present in the blink of an eye…

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