Eternal Senia 2 is released on iOS and Android!

Congratulations to our translator, Zhao, for translating this game! Eternal Senia is a 2D-RPG which follows the story of Senia, a young who sets out to find her sister, Priest Magaleta. Magaleta vanished ever since entering a place called the Tower of Eternity.

Now, the much anticipated sequel has been released on iOS and Android!

Eternal Senia – Hydrangea After the Rain is a sequel to the very highly rated (10/10 after 10k votes, how is that even possible) and FREE RPG game on steam Eternal Senia. This time, the game is released on iOS and Android, so please have a look at the app store and the play store!”  -Zhao

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So what are you waiting for? Download now!

P.S. Zhao is the translator of Sundering Nature.

Translator’s Synopsis

On the lowest day of his life, Li Yiming receives a key that opens the door to another world. He joins the ranks of Guardians, blessed children of Heaven’s Laws whose task is to eradicate Secret Domains, bubbles within reality encapsulating fantasies from your wildest dreams. Mythical beasts, Dao techniques, superpowers… The possibilities are boundless.

However, Li Yiming differs from his colleagues. His very existence among them is a mistake. Is it a simple coincidence, or is he but a pawn in a much greater scheme?

A novel about the growth of an ordinary protagonist, an introspection about what it means to do the right thing, and a window offering a glimpse into the vastness of Chinese culture.

Give this novel a try. You won’t regret it! You can read it here

Once again, volare is incredibly proud and excited for you, Zhao! Keep slaying!