Dedicated to Etvo

I have a picture of Vegeta because Vegeta is a fighter! (And he’s also my favourite Dragon Ball Z character! Hehe)

Please watch the video before proceeding to my post. It’s 3 minutes long. I could not find the original on youtube but this one has the same content.

At the beginning (about a minute into the video), I already knew it was going to be a “sad motivating” type of video.

Or I thought I knew.

I was wrong. I had no idea that the video would impact me so much. By the time I was half way through, I was no longer able to contain my emotions and the streams of tears from pouring down my face. I have never seen a video that has hit me so hard (no pun intended).

At first, when Derek fell down in agony, I felt sorry for him. In my mind, I was thinking, “Poor dude. He must be devastated. He probably trained for years to get this far. He might never have this opportunity again.”

I was sad, but I wasn’t moved.

But then, he got up.

He started hobbling towards the finish line. I was in shock. Derek already knew he was going to be last place. Any hope for a medal surely must have vanished. Yet, he was still determined to finish the race?!

As the audience, we could definitely see how broken and torn Derek was. Derek could have waited for the paramedics to attend him. That was what everyone expected, including me. Yet, he continued on despite the pain. He refused to be defeated. Most people would have stopped/given up.

My pity for him turned into admiration.

Derek may have lost out on a medal, but he gave it his all and finished the race.

Derek’s determination to reach the finish line reminds me of Etvo.

Etvo works very hard. She always aims to become stronger, better, and faster. Each day, she translates 2-3 chapters in addition to doing a bunch of stuff for Volare.

Etvo does not settle for average. She pushes her limits. She strives for the top. She tries her best.

Etvo does not give up. She will keep going no matter what. She never gives herself excuses. She will sleep at 2:30am if that is what it takes for her to finish the chapter.

What I’ve learnt from her:

  1. Make each day count. Do something today that will get you closer to your goals.
  2. You only have one chance at the introduction (when introducing a novel). So make a good impression.
  3. Nothing worthwhile comes easily. But if you’re willing to put in the work, you will eventually get somewhere.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the mindset, developing good habits, and taking massive action. Thank you for leading by example, Etvo. I’m honoured and happy to be part of Volare. <3

Do you have the mindset of Etvo? Are you willing to be like Etvo?

It’s definitely not easy. But I know it’s worth it. Let’s try our best, everyone! 😀