DCF Chapter 240

I have a song recommendation for everyone today!

Translated: mycyan

TLC: etvolare

Edited: Deyna

Would folks be interested if I occasionally share songs that’ve caught my eye? I listen to a huge variety of music and would love to share with y’all. 😀 Listening to music and a good playlist is how I power through translating marathons and my work days. I’ll do translations of the verses and chorus. 😀 Here’s song number one, but it’s a sad one~

This is “That Person Should Be Me” by Lily Lu, from the label Robokatz, and I’m honestly quite mind boggled why it hasn’t found greater traction. Less than a mil views in three months! Warning, it’s quite a tear jerker. This is quite a perfect song to translate to for me, it’s got a fast beat to keep things interesting, but it’s not so busy as to distract me from my work. It’s also not a super cheery song that makes me want to go outside and revel in the sunshine. XD

You’re still here,
but with her.
You’re just as gentle as always,
I can only ask you with a smile,
“How have you been lately?”
You respond with empty pleasantries,
seeming to want to rush elsewhere.
And yet, you pick up her hand carefully.

Oh that person should be me,
the one hitting the same alarm clock as you,
the one in the passenger seat.
I can’t hold back the regrets,
on all those lonely nights,
If I didn’t like to complain so much,
If I was more understanding of you,
If I knew to think a bit more.
Listen to me.
No, that person should be me,
sharing in your joys and sorrow,
with every changing of the seasons.
I feel that if I could set aside my pride,
if I could walk one more time with you,
perhaps you’ll think that we’re meant to be together.

Friends just told me about,
some stories about how happy you two are now,
your wedding pictures,
putting rings on each other,
and the vows you exchanged.
That should’ve been us.
Those paths we’ve once trod can no longer be visited,
time cannot be halted.
You and her match so well,
but it should’ve been us?
I pretend to laugh and don’t say that,

Chorus x2


What do you guys think?

<3 etvo