DCF Chapter 201

Sigh, I can’t decide if I want to bash Song Jiaoyue over the head or hug the guy

Translated: mycyan

TLC: etvolare

Edited: Deyna

Any of you guys like to watch sci-fi? I just binged the first season of Westworld and of Star Trek: Discovery so far (I’m a Trekkie!). A friend recommended Westworld to me and I have to say, it’s amazing. although I could kind of see the finale, but I really like the degree of blackmailing that was going on, kept things fresh!

I’m a hardcore TNG fan and I’m still of two minds about Discovery. The spore drive can’t really continue for long because that hugely breaks with canon, and I don’t really like the reimagining of the Klingons… we shall see!

And a message from us all last time!

Hey everyone!! We officially have 93 chapters left of DCF, which means the novel will be over in three short months! Thank you so much for being along for the ride, and for your wonderful, amazing support! 

I’d (etvolare) like to take a moment to thank the team so far, which you might be unfamiliar with if you usually skip the announcement posts! 

Clocking in at ~30% of the novel, it’s our new translator mycyan! Please support his new novel when he starts it after DCF! A wave and holler from etvolare next for being in charge of ~26% of the novel. Dearest Ruyi has brought us a wonderful 20% of the novel, and Mehxistence ~10% of the novel. Special thanks to Timebun, Grace, Grenn, and GZ for also pitching in on the chapters!

Immense thank you to Deyna (my much abused editor for GDK, SOTR, aaaaand DCF) for editing all of the chapters, even when he was studying for the GMAT! Another wave from etvolare as master TLCer that checks each chapter for accuracy and consistency. *bows* Please leave us a review and rating on NUF if you feel inclined to share the love!

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