Chinese New Year Trivia Results

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay! Here’s the official announcement of the quiz results. We’re going to give this event the final closure officially.

We got 12,379 number of votes in total (not number of participants) which unlocks one chapter of SOTR and one chapter of Return of the Swallow (ROS) (to be launched this Friday). The rewards had to be altered because we discovered a rather large plot hole in Phoenix Ascending (PA) and sent the novel back to the author for fixing.

The top 3 most answered questions were:
1. Bone Painting Coroner with 1884 unique votes.
2. My Wife is a Beautiful CEO with 1387 votes.
3. Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality with 1257 votes.

Here is some fun facts. The poll app we used also let us know in which country you vote from. It’s a flaw function though. So, the top 3 countries with the most participation are:
1. United States with 3608 votes (29.1%) [not unique participant] 2. Canada with 793 votes (6.4%)
3. Philippines with 669 (5.4%)
4. Unknown with 664 (5.4%) of votes that came from who knows where.


Novels  # of Correct Answers Notes
Reign of the Hunters 1  1 incorrect answer (Q1)
Sundering Nature 0  1 incorrect answer (Q1)
Bone Painting Coroner 5  0 incorrect answer
Talisman Emperor 1 + 2  0 incorrect answer
The Eunuch is Pregnant 1  0 incorrect answer
Supernatural Girlfriend 1  0 incorrect answer
RMJI 2  1 incorrect answer (Q1)
Red Storm 1 + 2  0 incorrect answer
Short Stories – Meraki 2  3 incorrect answers (Q1, Q2 & Q4)
Pristine Darkness 3  0 incorrect answer
Daily Record of Loving a Male Idol 2  0 incorrect answer
The Sword and The Shadow 1 + ??? 2 incorrect answers (Q1 & Q2) + Q4 has a tie with an incorrect answer.
CEO 2  2 incorrect answers (Q1 & Q4)
PGC & UPX 2  2 incorrect answers (Q2 & Q4)
Wife is Outrageous 2  0 incorrect answer
Cry of the Phoenix 1  2 incorrect answers (Q2 & Q3)
PAH 2  3 incorrect answers (Q1, Q2 & Q4)
Congratulations to everyone who participated! You unlocked 30 chapters + 2 chapters from milestones.
We hope that you enjoyed the game and have fun reading!
See you next time for another game. We have more fun games in store for your enjoyment and it’s not just quizzes. Look forward to them!