Chinese New Year Special Event

Gong xi fa cai ladies and gentlemen!

For Chinese New Year, volare is proud to host yet another special event in collaboration with numerous translators from various groups: Wuxiaworld, Moonbunny Cafe, Liberspark, Meraki Translations and Grow With Me. We’re going to make this new lunar year more festive with more than 50 chapters to unlock for your reading pleasure!

Identical to the last special event on Labor Day, you will unlock those bonus chapters by answering various quiz questions concocted by your favorite translators. To make the game more exciting, the correct answer has to be selected by the majority. Please carefully read the rules below.

How do we unlock these bonus chapters?

  • Translators have brainstormed a variety of questions from all walks of life. Each question corresponds to a bonus chapter of their novel.
  • Each question is multiple choice. Please select your answer.
  • Only if the majority chooses the correct answer will the question be considered answered correctly.  If the majority chooses the wrong answer, the question will be considered answered incorrectly and the associated bonus chapter will not be released.
  • Please refer to the reward chart below.

Example : 
Question 1 has 4 choices.
Choices A, B, C, D.
Choice B is the correct answer.
3 people choose A. 2 people choose B. 10 choose C and none choose D. The majority has answered question 1 incorrectly, so the bonus chapter for that question is not unlocked.
If the majority chooses B, then the bonus chapter associated to question 1 will be unlocked and released after event ends.

Special Questions

Amongst the numerous quiz questions, there are some special questions that can unlock more bonus chapters if the correct answer is selected by the majority, and also some questions that all need to be answered correctly to unlock extra bonus chapters.

Milestone Rewards

There are also milestone rewards based on overall participation! No correct answers needed here, just grab all your friends to respond! As long as the total number of votes of all question polls combined breakthrough the milestone, the corresponding chapters will be released after the event ends.

Novels Websites # of Chapters Milestones
Phoenix Ascending volare 3 10k total responses (votes)
Sovereign of the Three Realms Wuxiaworld 2 20k


The event will end on February 16th at noon GMT+8. Good Luck and have fun!

It’s quiz time!

(click ^ for the questions!)

Reward Chart (excluding milestone rewards)

Novel website # of chapter(s)
Bone Painting Coroner volare 5
Eunuch is Pregnant Grow With Me 1
For The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven Moonbunny Cafe 3
My Wife Is a Beautiful CEO Liberspark 4
Pristine Darkness Meraki Translations 2
Poison Genius Consort volare 2
Prodigal Alliance Head (And Cook) volare 5
Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality (RMJI) Wuxiaworld 3
Red Storm Wuxiaworld (KR) 3
Reign of the Hunters volare 2
Short Stories Meraki translations 6
Supernatural Girlfriend volare 1
Sundering Nature volare 1
Talisman Emperor Wuxiaworld 3
The Daily Record of Loving the Male Idol Meraki translation 1
The Sword and The Shadow volare 4
Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao volare 2
Wife is Outrageous: His Evil Highness Comes Knocking Moonbunny Cafe 2