Celebrating Volareversary~

This is the start of the Volareversary event! Long story short, comment something you like about volare down below and get up to 12 bonus chapters this event! Also, the awesome banner you see below was made by Yuuko!

For more information about the event:
What to submit:

  1. Just share something you love about volare in the comments, whether it’s your favorite series, your favorite couple, tmk’s new cover, or one of grace’s latest posts!

Message from Chiyo~

  1. Since this is just a simple event to spread some fuzzies, I’ll only be counting the number of comments rather than the number of people, so if you have a lot that you love about volare, you’re welcome to make multiple comments.
  2. Also, wonder why this event is so simple?
    Because I want to hear from invisible readers (and attract other readers), so pop up and comment in order to contribute to the cause! (of making Chiyo more motivated to tl)

Why participate in this event?

  1. For every 5 comments, 1/4 of a bonus chapter will be given out until 10 chapters are given out. Then if the goal of 500 comments is reached (setting it a bit high cause I’m saving some chps for possibly another Dec event), another 2 bonus chapters will be given out!

When does the event end?

  1. Event closes on 12/15, day of volareversary~

When will bonus chapter parts be posted?

  1. Every sun I’ll tally up the total and decide the release schedule for the following week. The release schedule will be posted on the first release post of the week.


Without further ado, event start!