BPC Chapter 182

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Chapter 182 – Kong Yu’s Feeling

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Since they were young, Kong Yu always called Jing Rong, Ah-Rong, and he always called her, Yu’er. It was an habit that didn’t change until a year ago. Confronted by Kong Yu about it, Jing Rong answered, “That was in the past. You will married soon one day and calling you Yu’er is inappropriate.”

“If I get married, I will naturally marry you. So, what is not appropriate about calling me Yu’er?”

Those words had always been held inside of her. She loves Jing Rong. It was fact that didn’t need to be concealed.

Jing Rong wasn’t surprise by her words since he heard them countless of time since he was a child to the point his ears were worn out. He has always treated Kong Yu as his big sister and nothing more! While he grabbed his clothes on the partition screen, he told her, “Kong Yu, I understand your thoughts, but we are no longer children, and some jokes must not be said!”

“I am not joking with you. Last year, I already told you clearly my feelings. I am not young anymore and mother often urged me to get married. This time, I left the Emerald Retreat to return to the capital because my mother is determined to settle my marriage. I also agree with her. Mother said that in two days, she will enter the palace and seek the emperor for a decree of marriage.”

“What?” Jing Rong froze and almost dropped the clothes in his hands. He hurriedly warned her. “Kong Yu, I only consider you as a big sister, and I clearly told you before.”

“We grew up together. Since childhood, you always loved sticking around me. As we gradually grow up, there seems to be a layer of cotton between us that always felt it will be punctured. That’s why I confess to you. In order to be with you, I argue with my mother countless of time and delaying any talk of marriage until now because there is only you in my heart long ago. Yet, you say this to me which it makes me feel ashamed and embarrassed.”

If it was someone else, Jing Rong would have departed long ago. However, this was Kong Yu. He bowed with his hands upfront and said, “I didn’t to shame you. I only…” His words were interrupted.

“If I might overthink, as to stop me from letting my imagination runs wild, can you tell me why you’re avoiding?” Kong Yu was still serene as before.

Jing Rong was very helpless. He retreated to the side. He lightly sighed before earnestly answering her. “It’s not like I was avoiding you. We grew up together like a family.”

Kong Yu lowered her brows and took the cloth in his hands. “I didn’t come here today to talk about this with you. Let’s discuss about it again when your injuries are better.” She spoke frankly and shirked. Then, she brushed his cloth while carefully watching him putting it on. Suddenly, something fell out from his gown.


She lowered her head and didn’t expected to see a bead.

Kong Yu was about to pick it up, but she was one step slower than Jing Rong who took it back and put it inside his sleeve.

“What is it? This doesn’t look like an expensive bead, so what are you getting so nervous for?”

“It’s only a bead. That’s all.”

“Oh!” Kong Yu didn’t question him further.

That bead was the silvery accessory that button Ji Yunshu’s hat that he took before. Although it was of mediocre quality, it was something he cherished. Soon their conversation became quite one sided with mostly Kong Yu speaking since most of the conversation was about her stay in Emerald Retreat.

“Although the hills are verdant and the water are limpid, which nurtured people’s character, it becomes quite boring after a year. Everyday, mother would devout herself in prayers and burning incense, and she didn’t speak much with me. There was also not many people living in the mountain. It makes me recalled our days together when young. It was so merry and joyous. Finally, I come back to the capital. On the road, I met with Mo Ruo and we spoke about you sometimes. I heard that you have left the capital to investigate the Lin capital case for half a year. It was only recently that you return. You must have suffered a lot, right? After seeing you, I can say that you are thinner than before.” As she spoke she went and touched the side of Jing Rong’s handsome face.

Her smooth and soft fingers trailed along his face. Jing Rong remained vigilant and observed her melancholic expression. Then, he pushed away her hand, silently got up and walked toward the door. He urged Lang Po. “Send Miss Kong back.”

“Yes, your Highness!”

Then, Jing Rong left.

Inside the room, Kong Yu watched his silhouette gradually disappearing from her sight. The wall surrounding her heart immediately collapsed, and she let go of her serene appearance. Great sadness showed on her face and the tears she held in flowed freely.

Her innately cold hands tightly clenched into fist, so tight that her fingers, painted with nail polish, deeply embedded into her palm.

Lang Po came in and clasped his hands to greet her. “Miss Kong, I will send you back.”

“There’s no need.” Her tone became cold with a hint of uneasiness. She left without looking as she didn’t like people to see her state of mind. In small steps, she departed.

Behind her, Lang Po shook his head. “Your Highness, ah, your Highness! I am afraid that this time you have created a great calamity for yourself.”


Within East courtyard, Wei Yi and several maidservant were chatting. When Ji Yunshu came back, she went straight to her room, but as she tried to close the door, Wei Yi stretched his hands to block it.

“Shu’er, where did you go in the morning?”

“I didn’t go anywhere!” She didn’t go anywhere because she never return to her room.

Wei Yi approached his face to her and blinked. “Shu’er, are you not happy?”

Her voice couldn’t come out. She shook her head and sat in front of her mirror and appeared lost in thought. Unknowingly, she started to fiddle with the things on the table. She felt quite flustered inside.

Wei Yi crouched next to her; His eyebrows were tightly knitted into a frown. After watching her for a moment, he suddenly grabbed her frenetic hands. The warmth of his palm was felt on the back of her hand. It caused her to immediately recovered her spirit and the panic that was submerging her partly receded. She glanced to her side and saw the worry in his beautiful eyes.

“What is it, Wei Yi?”

“Although there is many things I don’t understand, I will try to understand them if you tell me. If you are not feeling well, why don’t you tell me? I am worry when I see you like this.”

The deep concern in his eyes was unconcealed. Ji Yunshu caressed his head and gave him a faint smile. “I am fine. Really! So, you don’t need to worry about me.”

“But you are not happy.”

“I am not happy?”

Wei Yi nodded and pointed at the hairpin in front of a box before saying, “Shu’er, you’ve been taking this thing in and out for a dozen times. You’re like that when you are not happy.”

‘Indeed! Wei Yi is very observant.’ Ji Yunshu felt that if Wei Yi didn’t have his problem, he would be very intelligent. Suddenly, a bulb lighted up inside her mind.

“Wei yi!” She shouted.


Right after, she shook her head. “Never mind.”

Wei Yi pouted. He tightly held her hands and lied his head on her laps while saying, “Shu’er, can you promise me that when you are not happy you will tell me?”

“Hmmm! Sure!” She promised him. Thus, the feeling of panic in her heart vanished. As expected, when Wei Yi is by her side, her heart would feel at peace.

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