Apartment from Hell

Written by: Black Tinder (????)

Synopsis: To become the actors of a real life horror movie. To struggle for survival in this world straight from a scary film.

Entering this apartment is equivalent to stepping on a road of no return.

Only the ones that the apartment choose will be able to see it. Only they will be able to enter it. But all those who are chosen to become residents have their freedom of choice taken away. If they try to escape the apartment, they will be killed by its curse.

In this apartment, once bloody words appear on room walls, the residents must follow the instructions of these words. They must travel to the appointed location and stay there for the appointed period of time. Failure results in death. But once they reach their destination, they will face endless supernatural and scary scenarios. Those countless phantoms and ghosts that exist deep down in your nightmares will be everywhere, waiting to take over your lives.

Even if they stay alive and return to the apartment, they must face the next time. The next time that the bloody words appear.

To leave this apartment, there is only one way…

Translated by: Lem0nPEEL (Volume One), ayszhang (Volume Two onwards)

Edited by: Premonition (Volume One)

Apartment from Hell is released once a week.


Volume One – The Village of Tranquil Water
Chapter 1 – The Sinister Apartment
Chapter 2 – Entrance
Chapter 3 – The Rule of The Bloody Words
Chapter 4 – Water
Chapter 5 – Ah Xiu
Chapter 6: The Feast of Blood (I)
Chapter 7: The Feast of Blood (II)
Chapter 8: The Feast of Blood (III)
Chapter 9: The Feast of Blood (IV)
Chapter 10: The Specter of the Water
Chapter 11: The Shore That Cannot Be Reached
Chapter 12: The Truth
Chapter 13: The Malicious Spirit in the Water
Chapter 14: A Missed Chance

Volume Two – Pupils
Chapter 15 – Ying Ziye
Chapter 16 – The Evil Stare
Chapter 17 – Where Is ‘It’? (I)
Chapter 18 – Where Is ‘It’? (II)
Chapter 19 – Where Is ‘It’? (III)
Chapter 20 – Where Is ‘It’? (IV)
Chapter 21 – The Way to Life