Announcing the Winners of Miss volare 2018!

Hear ye hear ye, fair volarians of volare! After many grueling days of backstage backstabbing, supersonic screeching, ruinous rumors, horrendous hair pulling and a lovely suite of ‘wardrobe malfunctions’, the die has been cast and a queen has risen from the ashes of all the other contestants after 1,500+ votes!

Rejoice, for her royal fluffness herself shall bestow the title of Miss volare 2018 upon the victorious maiden!

But first, we shall name the other two maidens who *almost* won the crown.

Coming in at 3rd place is…

Maiden no.17: ruyi

While the next maiden who managed to claw her way up to 2nd place is…

Maiden no. 1: chiyomira

and finally, first place and the title of Miss volare 2018 goes to…


(no it wasn’t etvo XD)

Maiden no. 8: thealt
She’s also the new translator for split zone 13, so click HERE to check it out if you haven’t already!
When Li Shen’s split personality disorder spirals out of control, she finds herself with no memory of the moment she murdered her beloved Senior Gao Qi. Instead, stuck in a comatose state, her consciousness arrives at an alternate dimension—Split Zone No. 13. As chaos and betrayal ensue amidst deeper conspiracy within Split Zone 13, Li Shen finds herself on a quest to unravel the truth to escape this alternate dimension.]



And now on to our honorable mentions! These maidens didn’t win the crown, but they did win our attention in other ways. However, only time will tell whether it’s a blessing or a curse…

Image result for clap now

And here are the rest of the maidens whose names have now been revealed. They may not have won this time, but they’re certainly not down for the count. There’s always next year, and they’ll certainly try again! We hope you enjoyed our delightful interlude this year!

By the decree of her royal fluffness, these heretics and blasphemers who have refused to conform to the approved ‘fluff lob’, or well-meaning agents from other powers who snuck in to participate in our beauty pageant! (Thank you ensj of WW for being a good sport!)

We also had some entrants in other styles, and the birth of a new supermodel at volare!

  < GZ

[Diz be etvo nao] We hope this event was as much fun for you as it was for us! We had a lot of giggles internally when putting this together, and more than a few of our guy translators were dragged into participating. Some of them were actually top 3 during the first two days of voting. XD Cheers to April Fool’s 2018! Thank you for participating and loving volare~ See you next year!